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ProMerchant Credit Card Processor Review



Flexible pricing options to choose from
Month-to-month payments option
Some plans offer free hardware
According to the company, there are no upfront fees, application fees, or hidden cost


The fixed monthly fees can be pricy for small businesses with low amount of transactions

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Customer Support
Fair and transparent rate structure
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Strong uptime record
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Transaction speed
2 Days

ProMerchant is a US-based payment processing provider that started its services in 201‪8, and now, the company has an A rating by the Better Business Bureau. Usually, users don't have the luxury of choosing between different fee rating options, but ProMerchant makes it possible to choose between flat monthly fees and fixed rates to serve a broader range of businesses.

The company has flexible payment processing options that work even for high-risk companies that usually don't get accepted by credit card processing services, such as debt consolidation services.

ProMerchant Credit Card Processor Top Perks

Let's wrap up all ProMerchant's features:
1. Flexible pricing options to choose from
2. Month-to-month payments option
3. Some plans offer free hardware
4. According to the company, there are no upfront fees, application fees, or hidden cost
5. Deposits are made within two days

ProMerchant offers all the bells and whistles needed. It doesn't require upfront fees, besides the free setup and PCI compliance hardware features. You can choose to pay flat monthly fees or fixed monthly fees based on your business transactions and size.

Solutions presented by ProMerchant are designed to bring the best value for a multitude of industries, including but not limited to restaurants, retail, phone/mail order, eCommerce, and high-risk enterprises, like debt consolidation firms.

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ProMerchant Credit Card Processor Features

Besides the previously mentioned features, ProMerchant has a lot of solutions that suit almost every business. Let's discuss them below:

Mobile app

Accept payments using a mobile device even if you don't have internet access with a Bluetooth card reader. In addition, ProMerchant uses the PayAnywhere app to accept mobile payments and helps you view your account activity and monthly statements.


ProMerchant integrates with POS software, such as Clover, Harbortouch, and Vend. It also integrates with multiple accounting software and payment gateway, including Intuit QuickBooks Online, Authorize.Net, and Verifone. You can also support your customers' experience with different online shopping carts.

Virtual terminal

ProMerchant offers telephone order/ mail order businesses a choice between the MX Quick Pay or Authorize.Net virtual terminal for keying in transactions. If you have a website and want to make use of a full-service payment gateway, Authorize.Net might be a better option. If your business doesn't really require an online presence, you'll find the MX Quick Pay very advantageous.

High-risk business types

For high-risk industries, it's a bit challenging to find a reliable credit card processor provider with what it takes to protect payment processing. ProMerchant offers solutions with fraud mitigation tools to high-risk merchants. Similar industries include airlines, credit repair, charities, employment agencies, insurance companies, etc.

Easy setup and no cancelation fees

Promerchant has an online application that is both easy and straightforward. The company can approve your account within 2 to 24 hours. Additionally, credit card acceptance can be done within 48 hours without compromising the integrity of the setup process.

ProMerchant is transparent when it comes to the pricing options, and according to the company, the credit card processor plans don't require any long commitment or cancelation fees in case you've changed your mind.


ProMerchant Credit Card Processor Cost


There aren't clear plans or costs disclosed on the official website, making it difficult to compare with other credit card processor providers. However, the company makes it clear that it follows one of the two following criteria to process payments based on the customers' choice: Interchange plus, which is a fixed percentage rate and transaction fee, and interchange plus a flat monthly charge.

The interchange plus fixed percentage is suitable for small businesses because rates won't go up, making it possible to expect expenses. It also saves the headache of tiered pricing models, which can be overwhelming due to using one rate for standard credit cards and another for debit cards.

On the flip page, there's interchange plus a flat monthly charge; this can be a good fit for businesses that process more than $15.000 per month. The flat rate presented by ProMerchant can be a bit lower than some other counterparts, but it's recommended to define a business's needs, and based on that, the decision can be made.

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ProMerchant Hardware Options

Based on the business type, ProMerchant sets up new customers with free credit card processing solutions, and there aren't any upfront fees for its payment processing systems. If your business requires more than basic hardware, you can choose from multiple options presented by ProMerchant. Unfortunately, prices aren't disclosed on the website to get an idea about the overall cost.

For retail or restaurant businesses:

  • Verifone VX520:This is a free credit card terminal that offers all the basic features needed by a business, and it accepts in-person payments too. It can be used wirelessly or plugged with a built-in PIN pad for debit card users. To keep all payment processing safe, the terminal has end-to-end encryption.
  • PAX A920: Another option presented for free, it's smart and has more features, such as a touch-screen display, and allows customers to add a tip or sign using their fingerprint. This solution has the ability to process gift card transactions too.

For mobile payment processing:

  • PayAnywhere app and free Bluetooth credit card reader: ProMerchant uses the PayAnywhere app to accept payments on the go with any compatible iPhone or Android device; it also has tip functionality and e-signatures besides the chance to choose from two receipt options, via text messages or email.

For online order, phone order, or mail order transactions:

  • Payments Hub Virtual Terminal: The virtual terminal provides email or text receipts, accepts returns, runs reports, and voids transactions for no monthly fees.
  • This option is for more advanced features like automatically syncing daily transactions into Intuit QuickBooks, customer billing, and automatic account updates.

ProMerchant Customer Support

ProMerchant is known for its excellent customer support options, available via phone calls, email, and tickets. You can also visit an FAQs page and learn all about the basic service information. Filling out the ticket takes less than a minute. You'll need to provide your first name, last name, email, phone number, and what you need help with, then click on the "Submit" button to send your issue.

Final Verdict

ProMerchant is a flexible credit card processing solution with two fee rating options, including fixed charges and flat fees. The service is suitable for a wide variety of industries and businesses of different sizes. The company requires no upfront fees or long commitments, and there are no cancellation fees. Like many other providers on the market, ProMerchant doesn't state its pricing criteria on the website, making it difficult to estimate the overall cost, but you can reach out via email or phone to discuss the right solution for your business.

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