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Clover Credit Card Processor

Clover CreditCard Processing

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Clover CreditCard Processing

Processing credit card payments require both secure and efficient technology. Usually, the following parties are involved in the process: The consumer who makes the purchase, the merchant who sells the service or product, the payment gateway, the credit card processor, issuing bank or "the cardholder's bank", and the acquiring bank or "the merchant's bank".

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Since operations that require credit cards and financial transactions are highly sensitive, we recommend weighing your options and carefully selecting a trusted service. In this review, we'll guide your way through Clover's credit card processor, and what to expect when you choose Clover to be your provider.


Monthly fees are as low as $9.95
Efficient solution for small and growing businesses
Flat-rate pricing structure making it a good pick for small businesses


Not suitable for businesses that want to use other POS system providers

Quick Stats

As low as $9.95 per month
Transaction Speed
The following day
Money-Back Guarantee

Clover is one of the leading companies providing top-notch business management solutions, including but not limited to POS systems, eCommerce and restaurant online ordering solutions, and credit card processing technologies.

Our team of researchers has thoroughly reviewed Clover POS software and hardware options. And after listing out Clover as one of the top point-of-sale system providers, let's see how it fares against its competitors as a credit card processor. (Click here to move to the Clover credit card processor plan)

How to Select a Credit Card Processor?

Whether you run a restaurant, retail, or hair salon, and no matter how large your business is, your credit card processor provider needs to be rock solid, and that's simply because processing payments requires the implementation of the latest secure technology and a reliable system.

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When it comes to the credit card processor that fits your business, you need to think beyond its fees and what cards it accepts. Instead, other features must be considered, including reliability, security features, and cost-efficiency.

Here is what to bear in mind:

  • The cost of a credit card processor: There isn't an average cost to expect since it depends on the size and type of your business, cash flow, payroll, expenses, and other factors. As a result, it's better to get familiar with the pricing and fees system before you take any further steps, talk to the processors, and discuss your business needs to understand the system better.
  • Security and fraud protection: To protect your customers against fraud attempts, you'll need a credit card processor that guarantees secure transactions. This can be done by deploying security features, including security code, biometric and end-end-to-end encryption.
  • Customer support: Good customer support saves a lot of headaches and allows customers to focus on growing business instead of wasting time on finding out how the system works or how to solve any arising technical issues. Clover allows communicating with real people who are knowledgeable and readily available.

How Does Clover Credit Card Processor Work?

Clover has a wide variety of integrations, making it possible to customize the credit card processor based on needs and budget. Clover's users can integrate payroll and accounting software, like Gusto, and other industry-specific applications, such as Bark Membership POS.

Payments can be accepted from anywhere using the Clover Go app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store. It also makes it easy for customers to place orders and participate in the loyalty program easily and securely.

There's no need for hardware to start taking payments; you can sign up, allow Clover some time to verify and approve your account, then you're ready to start accepting payments. It's important to know that Clover is owned by Fiserv, making it hard to choose other payment processors if you already use Clover as your POS provider.

With all plans, Clover offers 24/7 customer support by email, phone, and it also has a wide selection of articles and topics in the help center. Along with a handful of setup instructions, guides, and FAQs.

How Much Does Clover Credit Card Processor Cost?

Clover credit card processor cost varies based on the plan you choose; the subscription fees start at $9.95 per month, with the ability to cancel any time for no charge or cancelation fees. Plans are flexible and can be upgraded to suit growing firms.

If you choose the $39.95 per month subscription, you'll get great access to a broader range of features and tools, like bar tabs, inventory management, and loyalty programs. Clover also caters to restaurants and has special plans for certain industries.

You can receive your payment as soon as the following day with Clover; it also offers a rapid reposit that allows you to get your money right away for a 1% fee.

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On a side note!
Clover POS system supports only its own credit card processor, but businesses that use a different POS system can benefit from the Clover credit card processor since it's compatible with many other POS providers.

Clover Credit Card Processor Plans

Clover offers three different plans to choose from, Register Lite, Register, and Counter Service Restaurant, based on the business size and requirements. 

Register Lite plan

The Register Lite is the basic plan with a cost that starts at $9.95 per month, and it's best suited for businesses with annual credit card sales below $50,000. This plan allows you to manage cash payments with a wide variety of payment options, making it a good pick to boost cash flow and engage more customers.

Payment options include contactless payments, which can encourage more customers to deal with your firm, especially with the recently arising health concerns associated with the emergence of COVID19. Offline payments are also included when you choose Clover credit card processor, besides paperless receipts and process refunds options.

For in-person sales, expect a cost of $9.95 per month and processing rates of 2.7% + 10 cents and 3.5% plus 10 cents for keyed-in transactions.

For small businesses and companies that don't make many transactions, it's recommended to upgrade to the Register plan for reduced in-person transaction fees. However, the keyed-in transaction fees stay the same.

Register plan

This plan comes with all the features included in the Register Lite plan, plus the inventory management and loyalty program tools. Register plan allows you to authorize tabs and integrate with kitchen printers and scales.

The monthly fee of this plan is $39.95, with an in-person transaction fee of 2.3% plus 10 cents. The Register plan is a good fit for larger businesses with more than $50,000 annual sales.

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Counter-Service plan

Restaurants can best benefit from this option that Clover offers, especially for restaurants. This plan has the same $39.95 processing rates as the Register plan, but with a slightly higher keyed-in transaction rate (3.5% plus 15 cents per transaction).

Table-Service plan

This option accepts all credit and debit cards and provides 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and live chat. The features include inventory management, customer engagement, and reporting tools. It has a monthly fee of $69.95.

Clover Customer Support


The customer support phone number changes based on your merchant account; you can find your support number on your Clover device or the web dashboard.

Email support is also there via the following email address: [email protected]. Or, for further details and guides, you can always head to the blogs page to read about the service and hear from other customers.

Customers can refer to the webinars to know how to set up the processor and more about how it works and what it has to offer. Besides, you can know what other customers think of the services and their experience with Clover credit card processors.

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Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, Clover's credit card processor won't be the best choice for those who want to use other POS providers other than Clover since Clover POS supports only its own credit card processor. However, other POS providers are compatible with Clover's credit card processor, making it a flexible option for a wide range of businesses.

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