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Adyen: A Fuel for Optimized Payments

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Adyen: A Fuel for Optimized Payments
Adyen credit card processing

Updated: January 17th, 2024
Adyen stands as a comprehensive financial technology platform, seamlessly managing versatile payment processing, credit and debit card transactions, payment administration, and income tracking in one software system. Acting as a gateway, it facilitates physical and online payments across various channels by offering embedding software for web-based transactions.
With a focus on automating payment processes, Adyen empowers business owners to manage finances, prevent fraud, and foster growth. This review covers Adyen's Credit Card Processing (CCP) offerings, pricing, security measures, advantages, disadvantages, and customer satisfaction rates to help you assess its suitability for your business goals.


Global reach


Minimum monthly billing threshold
Limited industry coverage


Quick Stats

Customer Experience
Money-Back Guarantee
Business Size Supported
Gift Cards
Real-Time Reports
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Fixed processing fee & Interchange plus
Trustpilot Score
1.7 out of 5
BBB Rating

At a Glance

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Adyen has been providing payment processing services since 2006. The company signed their first global contract with Groupon in 2009, marking the beginning of a prominent international presence. They're now a payment service provider that offers a wide range of payment methods across North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. Over the years, their clientele expanded to include major names such as Netflix, McDonald's, and Microsoft, solidifying their position globally.

Adyen's commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulously crafted CCP standards, meeting top industry standards for encryption, security, and PCI DSS compliance. With twenty-seven offices worldwide, Adyen has earned recognition as one of the top two hundred FinTech companies worldwide, providing comprehensive payment solutions with straightforward in-person payment configurations.


Adyen empowers businesses with robust features to seamlessly manage online, in-app, and in-store transactions. They also provide embedded payments, accounts & capital, Revenue Optimization Features, and more

Online Payment Systems: Conduct transactions effortlessly on any device, anywhere in the world, with Adyen's versatile online payment system.

Multiple Transaction Methods: Accept funds through apps, websites, or links, supporting an extensive range of payment methods, including major credit cards, Google, Apple, Amazon Pay, Klarna, iDEAL, Paypal, and more.

International Currency Conversion: Expand your global reach by accepting payments in multiple currencies, with Adyen automatically converting them to your desired currency.

Point-of-Sale Transactions: Elevate your in-store experience with Adyen's point-of-sale solution, offering various terminal options like tap-to-pay, mobile pay devices, countertop/fixed terminals, and self-service terminals.

Omnichannel payment solution: Seamlessly track transactions across multiple channels, ensuring a cohesive online or in-person customer experience.

Embedded Payments: Integrate payment processing directly into your platforms, providing a tailored and streamlined payment experience for your customers.

Donation Management: Simplify online and in-person donation processes with Adyen Impact, facilitating support for charitable causes.

Authentication and Risk Management Software: Leverage Adyen's AI-powered risk system to prevent fraud, ensure secure transactions, and protect sensitive information.

Revenue Optimization Features: Maximize income by setting up recurring subscription payments, applying discounts, and recovering revenue lost from declined transactions.

Insights Operations: Gain valuable insights into payment processing, enabling data analysis and decision-making to enhance overall business operations.

Accounts & Capital: Facilitate international business operations with Adyen's merchant accounts and sub-accounts, simplifying financial transactions for third parties such as contractors and suppliers.

Issuing & Payouts: Create and process payments seamlessly with Adyen, offering a comprehensive solution for issuing cards and conducting payouts.

Merchant account distribution: as a merchant account provider, Adyen empowers businesses with a unified solution to oversee their global marketplace, embed payments seamlessly, and leverage in-house expertise for card transactions across diverse markets. The developer-friendly "Adyen Checkout" platform further enables customization and integration of various payment methods.

Adyen CCP Pricing

Adyen adopts a transparent and flexible pricing model, combining interchange++ and scheme fees based on card level, merchant segment, and transaction type. The company stands out for their commitment to simplicity by excluding monthly, setup, integration, and closure fees. This eliminates the requirement for a contract commitment and concerns about early termination fees.

Instead of monthly fees, Adyen adopts a transaction-based model, charging a fixed processing fee alongside a payment method fee. Merchants are required to meet a minimum monthly invoice, the value of which is determined by the client's size and functionalities, Alongside a fixed processing fee of €0.11 for clients seeking detailed insights into the pricing specifics tailored to their needs, connecting with a member of Adyen's proficient sales team is encouraged.

While specific software prices are unavailable on Adyen's website, you can contact the company directly for in-depth discussions on service costs and additional features. If you're unsure how well their CCP features align with your business needs, consider requesting a demo to experience their system firsthand.

Security & Fraud Prevention

Adyen's comprehensive system incorporates built-in fraud prevention measures, empowering merchants to swiftly detect and address fraudulent activities. The two-step fraud prevention process includes establishing authentication barriers and integrating risk management elements, effectively highlighting potential fraud for merchant review.

For transaction authentication, the system employs verification codes sent to customers via email or phone; this ensures that purchases are made only by the authorized account holder. Additionally, Adyen provides delegated authentication, allowing third-party verification through a convenient single sign-on method.

At a foundational level, merchants can manage transaction attempts, flag inconsistencies, block known fraudsters, and reroute high-risk transactions through 3D secure software. Adyen's advanced security features leverage machine learning to adapt to changing fraud patterns, pinpoint unusual shopper behaviors, tailor fraud prevention strategies, and employ A/B testing.

Advantages & Pros

Adyen's payment solutions introduce a suite of features, including versatile payment methods, transparent transaction fees, and the freedom to operate without binding contracts.

Global reach

Adyen's software is equipped to handle payments in a multitude of currencies worldwide. This facilitates a broader reach for businesses, making it more accessible for buyers across various regions to engage in transactions.

Flexible transaction fees

Adyen's pricing structure offers flexibility through a choice between flat-rate and interchange-plus rates. The interchange-plus rates encompass the interchange fee charged by your bank and the card network (e.g., Mastercard or Visa). Adyen distinguishes themselves by not imposing setup, account, monthly, annual, or early termination fees. Instead, all charges are deducted as a flat rate from each transaction.

Diverse payment methods

Adyen is versatile in accepting a diverse array of payment methods. This includes taking JCB and UnionPay cards, broadening the scope for customers to make payments using their preferred methods. The platform is designed to accommodate transactions in numerous currencies globally, enhancing buyer and seller convenience.

No commitment contracts

Adyen's fee structure, based on per-transaction charges, eliminates the need for businesses to commit to a contractual obligation for a specific duration. This flexibility allows enterprises to terminate the service at any time without the concern of incurring fees associated with early termination or long-term contracts.

Disadvantages & Cons

When navigating Adyen's payment processing, users must consider their disadvantages, which include a monthly invoice minimum requirement, limited industry coverage, and diminished suitability for small businesses.

Monthly invoice minimum requirement

Adyen imposes a significant hurdle for their users by introducing a monthly invoice minimum requirement. To sustain their accounts, customers are compelled to meet a specific earnings threshold. This financial prerequisite adds a layer of complexity and may strain businesses operating on tighter budgets, creating potential barriers to entry or ongoing usage.

Limited industry coverage

Adyen doesn't cover many industries deemed as high-risk endeavors. The company stays away from businesses engaged in activities such as gambling, CBD sales, airlines, credit repair, or anything included in the following restriction factors list. This exclusion narrows the scope of potential clientele, limiting the software's applicability in diverse and dynamic market segments.

Not suited for small businesses

The suitability of Adyen's software diminishes considerably for small businesses. Beyond the challenges faced by high-risk industries, smaller companies will likely find Adyen's software too expensive for their needs. This makes Adyen's software economically impractical for operational needs and budget constraints.

User Reviews

Adyen has received mixed reviews over the years. A closer look at their profiles on review platforms reveals a solid score of 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra but a less favorable rating of 1.7 on Trustpilot.

According to Capterra, most Adyen users feel that the software's international capabilities helped their business grow, allowing them to reach customers they usually couldn't do business with due to currency barriers. Many customers expressed appreciation for the option to use different payment methods instead of being limited to major credit card companies. Customers also highlighted Adyen's organized user interface, Customizable software, ease of use, diverse payment methods, responsive customer service, and risk assessment analysis, emphasizing its efficiency in facilitating quick transactions.

Trustpilot reveals mixed reviews for Adyen's customer service, with customers reporting either extremely positive or negative reviews. Positive reviews highlighted easy-to-access personalized customer service representatives, quick refund turnaround times, and supported embedded payments. In contrast, negative reviews voiced frustrations about the integration process, fraud reporting tools, higher costs for smaller businesses, frequent system logouts, and the stress of meeting monthly invoice minimums. Many frustrated customers cited unresponsive support techs, missing funds on the vendor or buyer end, frustration with setup and integration, failed transactions, delayed release of funds, and extra charges added after the transaction.

How Do I Contact Adyen?

To reach Adyen's customer support, visit their contact page to fill out a contact form or click the support link. For user guides and tutorials, the extensive Help Page offers a wealth of articles, how-to videos, and documentation to assist in software setup and operation. The academy page provides guided courses for new users on optimizing the software for business. The help pages are well-organized by categories such as payment systems, fraud prevention, payment control, and financial organization, making it easy to find information. Lastly, you can connect with them on their social media pages, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter), where you can send messages and stay up to date with their latest content.


In conclusion, Adyen is a robust and globally recognized payment processor that has successfully simplified transaction processes, payment management, and income tracking for businesses worldwide since their inception in 2006. Boasting a clientele that includes major industry players, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, from international currency conversion to embedded payment and diverse payment method support. While their advantages encompass global reach, flexible fees, and strong security measures, challenges such as a monthly invoice minimum and limited applicability to certain industries need consideration. User reviews reflect a nuanced experience, with positive feedback highlighting Adyen's efficiency and versatility and raising concerns about its compatibility with smaller businesses and potential setbacks for end customers.

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