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Carvana Car Dealership

Carvana Car Dealership Review: Financing Options, Locations, Features, and More!

Carvana Car Dealership Review: Financing Options, Locations, Features, and More!

Carvana was founded and launched in 2012. It is an Arizona-based online-only car, SUVs, and truck sales company with an inventory of more than 25,000 certified pre-owned cars. Users can browse, shop, and even finance and purchase their car online without having to visit a car dealership place. Payment with Carvana is accepted via checking or savings account ACHs or cashier’s checks. Although it is an online car dealership, users cannot pay using a credit card. Read our Carvana full review to learn everything this company has to offer you.


Offers pre-qualification with a soft credit check.
Customer service available seven days a week.
Borrowers can change their payment due date via the Carvana app.
Minimum loan amount is lower than other lenders.
Application process 100% online including document upload.


Maximum APR possible is higher than many other lenders.
Only finances vehicles sold through Carvana.
Not available in all states.


Quick Stats

Auto Loan Option
Financing Options
Selling, buying, and financing cars
Locations Served
Available in 30 states
Qualified Mechanics
Not Available
Servicing Departments
Vehicle Types Inventory

Carvana at a Glance

Carvana is known as the fastest-growing online car dealership company in the United States. It was founded in 2012, and since then, it has received an overwhelming number of positive customer reviews. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has earned an A+ rating by them. Carvana keeps an inventory of more than 25,000 vehicles, most of them with low mileage. Each vehicle receives a 150-point inspection and comes with a free CARFAX vehicle history report. It is important to mention that Carvana's vehicle prices are non-negotiable.

Carvana lets you research vehicles online, have your trade-in appraised, apply for financing, and buy used cars without having to step foot at a dealership. You can also have Carvana deliver your new car to your home or come pick up a car you're selling. You also have the option to use one of their vehicle vending machines to choose and purchase your automobile.

How Do You Buy a Car Through Carvana?

Carvana allows users to browse, finance, and arrange delivery of a used car, all through their online portal. The company will even take your old car off your hands by buying it if you choose to sell it. From the Carvana homepage, you get to search, filter, and compare thousands of cars in their vehicle inventory. Once you find the car you want, click "get started" and create a free Carvana account. Once you're signed in, there will be a 40-minute timer to do the following:

  1. Provide your personal info.
  2. Choose whether you prefer cash or finance.
  3. You will be getting the value of your trade-in (if you choose to sell your old car to Carvana).
  4. Choose Carvana delivery or pickup. If you chose delivery, the vehicle would arrive at your doorstep within days. If you selected pickup, then you will need to find the closest Vehicle Vending Machine.
  5. Accept or decline Carvana Protection.
  6. Enter your driver's license information
  7. Enter payment details
  8. Review and approve the order

You're all set now; the process shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Unless you choose to view the car in detail, check its VIN, and view it in 3D.

Carvana Financing Options

It only takes two minutes to get pre-qualified for a vehicle from Carvana, and according to the online dealer, this is the method almost all of its customers choose. Pre-qualifying will give you a look into what your down payment can be and what interest rate you should expect. Pre-qualifying does not impact your credit score in any way, and your financing offer is valid for up to 45 days. Additionally, securing financing through Carvana is not the only thing you get; you can also buy a new vehicle car with either cold hard cash or with a loan from a third party of your choice.

It is so easy for you to get approved at Caravana. However, if you have a somewhat questionable credit history, you can expect to get fewer options and higher amounts of down payments. You need to be at least 18 years old to qualify for Carava's services. You also need to have an annual income that is greater than $10K and should not have any bankruptcies within the previous seven years.

Carvana Vehicle Delivery Process

If you're not familiar with the vending machine idea, Carvana can instead come to you and deliver your vehicle to your desired destination. All you need to do is tell them when and where to pick up or park your car, and they will meet you there. Any other needed info from the purchase or sale can be settled at a vending machine, a hub, or any other location of your choice.

Carvana offers a touchless delivery process as they still follow the Covid-19 safety guidelines:

  1. Confirm your identity: The Carvana representative will ask you to send a picture with your driver's license to confirm your identity.
  2. Sanitize your vehicle: Next, the delivery person will unload your car, sanitize the keys, steering wheel, and shifter thoroughly, and then leave your documents in the car.
  3. Do a test drive: After that, the delivery person will get in contact with you to inform you that the car is ready for inspection and a test drive. They will then wait while you confirm that you want complete the purchase process.
  4. Sign the documents: After you are done with your test drive, the representative will call you and go through the paperwork with you.
  5. Submit the document: As soon as the paperwork is finished, you'll need to put it in the envelope for the contactless pickup process by the driver. You also need to include your check and title to the vehicle you will be selling in the envelope, if applicable.
  6. Complete the purchase: The Carvana representative will look over your paperwork before leaving; if everything is okay, they will finish the transaction process.

If you prefer to do this, you can pick your vehicle up at one of the thirty-three Carvana Vending Machines. A Carvana staff member will meet you at the pickup date and time to confirm your license and insurance through a contactless process. You will then receive a custom coin to put into the Carvana vending machine. Once the vehicle is well out of the vending machine, you can take it for a quick test drive. If you decide you are happy with it, you can then sign the required paperwork.

Selling Your Car to Carvana
You could sell the company your old vehicle at the same time you are buying a new one. In fact, it isn't necessary to purchase a vehicle as you could straight-up sell your car to Carvana without buying another vehicle. To get an offer either way, here is what you need to know in three simple steps:

  1. First, enter your VIN or license plate number and state. Then, press the "get my offer."
  2. Next, you need to accept or reject Carvana's offer. You will have one week to accept the offer. However, to reject it, you don't have to do anything.
  3. If you choose to accept their offer, you can either drop your vehicle off at a Carvana vending machine or have Carvana's delivery person pick it up. The payment is finalized once the drop-off or pickup is completed.

If you eventually decide on the pickup option, you need to schedule a pickup time and location. If you're selling your car to them, Carvana will pick it up when it drops off your newly purchased car.

Carvana Restrictions

Caravana provides a limited warranty with used cars for 100 days or 4,189 miles, whichever comes first. This is shorter than what you may get with certified pre-owned vehicles at traditional dealerships. Caravana does have an inventory that contains thousands of vehicles, and yet it might still be not easy to find the vehicle you are looking for with the features and color you prefer.

Take your Carvana vehicle to a reputable mechanic within the seven-day, 400-mile return window for a thorough inspection. If you go over 400 miles and you still want to return the car, the company charges an overage fee of $1.00 per mile. Exchanges are also possible.

Carvana Protection Options

You also get an extended warranty (Carvana Care) as well as guaranteed auto protection (GAP). Both of these protection options are optional add-ons that do not affect your manufacturer warranty or the limited warranty mentioned before. They also do not affect your money-back guarantee.

  • GAP insurance this insurance will pay for any "gap" between what your auto insurance provider pays and what you actually owe on your car in case your car is totaled.
  • Extended warranty this warranty will cover the cost of any parts that need to be repaired and costs of labor on certain repairs; this depends on the level of coverage you purchase.

If you think you are interested in one of the above-mentioned products, try to compare the prices before purchasing them via Carvana. You can find these products in companies that are specialized in them. Your auto insurance provider or car clubs like AAA also typically offer mechanical breakdown insurance.

Carvana Customer Service

Customers have various support options to choose from, including phone, email, live chat, text, FAQs, articles, and help videos & guides. You can reach out to the company's customer support team by phone at 1.800.333.4554. You can also visit their website to either schedule a call, chat with an agent live, or text them from your phone or Carvana app or website.

Carvana has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section that you can check out to see if it includes answers to your inquiries. They also offer videos, articles, and blogs on various subjects to better inform their users.

Bottom Line on Carvana

Carvana is a well-trusted company that is accredited by the BBB and given a rating of A+. You can buy, refinance, and even sell vehicles through the company--All through their online portal without having to leave home. They can deliver your car to your doorstep or pick up the car you want to sell. You can also choose to go pick up your vehicle from one of their hubs as well.

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