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AutoNation: Dealership Vehicles, Services, and Full Review

AutoNation: Dealership Vehicles, Services, and Full Review

AutoNation is one of the most esteemed and trusted automotive retailers in the United States. It offers access to over 100,000 new and pre-owned vehicles across 300 locations in 18 states. The dealership has proudly serviced over 13,000,000 customers and sold them their dream cars. Continue reading our full AutoNation dealership review to know everything it can offer you!


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In-house financing
Comprehensive maintenance services


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Customer complaints over buggy website interface


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About AutoNation

AutoNation is heavily focused on transforming the automotive industry by establishing a new standard for competence in sales and service. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, AutoNation is devoted to serving its community by collaborating with the DRV PINK initiative that raises funds for cancer research and treatment.

Moreover, AutoNation is striving toward a greener and more sustainable future. Since 2019, the dealership has helped reduce over 18,594 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by recycling water, oil, tire rubber, scrap metal, paper, car batteries, and much more. It has also utilized locally sourced materials in its building and maintenance. Most of its coast buildings are LEED-certified, and its corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a LEED Gold Certified building.

AutoNation Dealership Offerings

New & Used Car Purchase

AutoNation has an enormous inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles that you can browse through. As of the time of writing this review, the dealership offers over 30,000 new vehicles and over 23,000 pre-owned ones; in addition, it sells certified pre-owned vehicles that count up to 3,800.

The dealership’s website provides its customers with an easy way to look for the vehicle they desire. You can start by selecting:

  • Purchase options
  • Your price range
  • Vehicle’s condition
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Body style
  • Features
  • Fuel type
  • And more!

Upon selecting your desired vehicle, you will be presented with the vehicle’s highlights, features, specifications, and, more importantly, its price and finance options. The website will automatically show a recommended monthly payment for purchase or leasing, and with a click of a button, you can either reserve the vehicle or start your purchase.

You can also browse for electric cars, cars under $10K, or search by monthly payments to further facilitate your shopping experience. The dealership gives you leasing options in addition to cash and financing.

Sell Your Car

AutoNation will also buy your car, and you can get a certified offer within 30 minutes after entering your vehicle’s license plate number or VIN. The offers you get will remain valid for seven days or 500 miles and will remain the same whether you decide to sell or trade-in.

After you accept an offer, the dealership will conduct an inspection to examine your vehicle’s conditions at one of its locations, and you will be paid through Zelle®, which is a safe and easy way to transfer funds within the U.S.

Trading in your car with AutoNation will grant you some great benefits; these include:

  • Saved time and hassle
  • Reduced financing amount
  • Tax savings

As you trade-in, you would not have to pay for advertising or listing your vehicle online, which can be time and money-consuming. In addition, as they directly buy your car, the dealership will apply the purchase amount to the vehicle you want to purchase; this will lower your monthly payments to finance another new or pre-owned vehicle.

Furthermore, when you trade-in your vehicle, you will only pay sales tax on the difference between the trade-in value and the price of the new car.

Military Discounts

AutoNation offers great discounts for eligible military members and their household members. Eligible military members include:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • National Guard
  • Coast Guard
  • Space Force

Military members can shop for vehicles by make and get varying discounts up to $1000. To receive such discounts, you will need to provide the following to the dealership:

  • Proof active service
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance

Service offers are also available, and the currently available service offers to grant a 10% off for parts and labor; terms may apply.

AutoNation Finance

AutoNation offers its customers a smart and easy way to be pre-approved for financing simply by sending a text message. To get pre-approved, follow these steps:

  1. Text “NEWCAR” to 91000
  2. Verify your personal information
  3. Get your instant auto loan pre-approval
  4. Your offer will be sent via email
  5. Browse cars within your budget

The process is fast, convenient, and will not hurt your credit score.

Moreover, you can also use the dealership’s website to get pre-approved and start your financing process.

AutoNation Vehicle Service

AutoNation will provide you with factory-trained, certified experts to service your vehicles. The dealership’s auto maintenance and repair services include:

  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotation and Replacement
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
  • Warranty Repair

You can schedule your service in just a few minutes, simply press on “Schedule Service,” then enter your location so you can find an AutoNation store near you. After that, choose your vehicle, and the website will prompt you to choose your desired service dates.

You can also apply for service financing through the dealership’s website; customers will be offered options depending on their credit scores.

Additionally, the dealership also offers comprehensive vehicle sanitization services with EPA-approved disinfectant with PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360®. PrecisionCare will:

  • Kill cold and flu viruses, MRSA, and Norovirus
  • Eliminate odors caused by bacteria
  • Sanitize soft surfaces
  • Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew

Customer Support

You can reach AutoNation through their website by sending a text to one of their specialists. You can find each store’s contact information on their website’s “Find a Store” page. The website will help you find a sales store, service store, and collisions store.

Final Thoughts

AutoNation provides complete automotive services and fulfills its promises to establish the best standards for sales and service in the industry. The dealership will finance your new vehicle and provide you with generous offers for your old vehicle trade-in. Although the Better Business Bureau gave the dealership a C- rating and does not accredit it, its long history of service lives up to its name.

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