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Plan Your Corporate Relocation
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How to Plan Your Corporate Relocation

How to Plan Your Corporate RelocationHow to Plan Your Corporate Relocation


Business relocations can happen for several reasons, mainly to lower taxes, cut overhead expenses, and move closer to the target market or to skilled or specialized workers. Most times, businesses change their location as they grow to look for more space.

Relocating a business from one location to another is a complex and time-consuming task, as there are many factors to account for without causing any disruptions or risking the relationship with its employees and customers.

A business relocation plan is vital for a smooth transition and minimal risk and stress. Such a relocation plan requires a clear outline of the critical tasks for a successful relocation. In this article, we will help you learn how to set up your corporate relocation plan and then present you with our top three recommendations for the best moving companies that can fully facilitate your business relocation.

How to Plan Your Corporate Relocation

1. Outline the reasons for your business move

It is important that you move your business for all the right reasons, and setting out these reasons can ensure you do not have any regrets afterward. Understanding why your business needs to relocate can help you make smart decisions that are cost-effective and beneficial for everyone.

2. Analyze and compare office relocation risks and benefits

Your next step is assessing and comparing your office relocation risk and benefits. This is a critical phase as it allows you to identify any possible risks that cannot be justified with the move.

Such risks could endanger your business's success, such as the loss of key employees, loss of customers due to downtime, or simply the inconvenience of your new business location. The benefits should always outweigh any drawbacks.

3. Find your new location

Finding and choosing your new business location is perhaps the most important step, as you will not be able to proceed with your plans without one. Your new location should have an undeniable advantage over your current one. Otherwise, you could be setting up your business to fail after your move.

You should also negotiate the terms and conditions of leasing or purchasing your new business location before your plan goes into action. Additionally, you should create a detailed floor plan of how you want your office spaces to be divided.

4. Define your business relocation budget

You will need to set a defined budget for your whole business relocation plan and process with both direct and indirect costs. You should account for rent costs, monthly maintenance costs, and utility bills, in addition to the redecoration, repairs, and refurbishment costs of your new location.

If you plan to hire a professional moving company, you should also account for its costs and the services you want it to provide you.

As you set up your moving budget, you should constantly refer to it so that you have greater control over its expenses, so you ultimately do not overspend.

5. Set up a move timeline

You should set up a timeline for your business move for smooth execution. Create a detailed schedule for each move-related task so they can be completed on time, as your moving day is only one part of your business relocation timeline.

Ask yourself the following questions, which can help you set up your timeline:

  • When do I have to leave my current location?
  • When can I start my move operations?
  • When is the best time to relocate that causes minimum downtime or any negative impacts associated with the move?
  • When is the best timeframe to relocate my employees?
  • When should I inform my business partners and government agencies of my company's move?

6. Assign project management responsibilities

A business relocation plan cannot be executed by one person, which is why it is vital to assign proper project management responsibilities among your managers or leaders. You should pick a leader with enough competence and qualifications to handle their assigned tasks and responsibilities. Such allocation ensures a synchronized and organized schedule.

A project planning team can also be of great use, as they can ensure everyone is properly utilized for the right kind of task and that each department is on the same page with the whole plan. Periodic meetings and reporting are the way to go, so you stay updated at all times on the progress and any potential obstacles that need fast solutions.

7. Create a personnel relocation strategy

Cooperation is the solution for corporate relocation. Prepare an employee policy for relocation where all your employees and properly informed about your business relocation plans, so they have time to process the news and figure out their contribution to the move process.

Clear communication and encouragement are advised to ensure smooth cooperation with your employees.

8. Create a business relocation communication plan

As your company moves to a new location, it should inform not only its employees but also all its related entities such as organization partners, government agencies, or anyone with a relationship with your business.

Your employees should be the first to be informed, as the previous step describes. You should then inform your customers, supplies, vendors, and agents of your relocation timing, dates, and new location.

Also, do not forget to update your business's website and social media profiles with your new corporate location.

9. Follow an office moving checklist

Creating a multi-task checklist for your business relocation is important so you can keep up with what was accomplished and what was not. Each task on your checklist should have its deadline and assignee that is responsible for its completion.

You can find several office move checklist templates on the internet or from your moving company.

10. Choose a trusted and reputable corporate relocation company

A corporate relocation company can further simplify your office moves by providing you with packing services, loading, unloading, and unpacking services. You should be aware that your chosen moving company can carefully handle and transport your office equipment safely with no damage,

You are also advised to contact at least three moving companies and get estimates from them to compare the best prices and find the best services that suit you best. On-site, estimates are also recommended as they can provide a much more accurate cost estimate.

Best Corporate Relocation Moving Companies

1. JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services is our top recommendation for corporate relocation moving companies. It is so because it is a world-leading moving company that offers several unique services for commercial moves. It offers customized commercial moves for all industries like:

  • Laboratories and Medical
  • Industrial Movers
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Law Firms
  • Construction
  • Museums
  • Universities and Schools

Countless businesses and several government agencies trust the company for its impeccable service. Its commercial moves include:

  • Office moves
  • Facility management
  • Data centers
  • Archive services
Read our full JK Moving Services review to know more about its services in more detail.

2. Atlas Van Lines

For our second recommendation, we recommend you, Atlas Van Lines. It is an international moving company and the second-largest in the U.S. The company has over 1,500 global partners in 17 countries and works with over 430 local independent movers.

Atlas offers complete moving services of all kinds, such as:

  • Corporate Relocation Moving Services
  • Military Moves
  • Government Moves
  • International Moves
  • Long Distance Moves
  • Residential Moves
Read our full Atlas Van Lines review to know more about its moving services.

3. Mayflower Transit

Our last recommendation goes for Mayflower Transit. The company has an unmatched nearly a century's worth of experience in the moving industry, and it delivers comprehensive and customized services.

Its moving services include:

  • Corporate Relocation
  • Small Moves
  • Long Distance Moves
  • Military Moves
  • Car Transportation Services
Read our full Mayflower Transit review to know more about its services and offerings.

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