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Best Medical Software for Large Practices

Best Medical Software for Large PracticesBest Medical Software for Large Practices


Healthcare organizations and medical practices of all kinds are now opting for electronic health records systems that help digitalize all their operations while streamlining patient data management, treatment planning, and back-office functions.

Medical software revolutionized the way healthcare organizations and practices run their operations with the availability of workflow automation, integrations, auto-generated reports, and more. EHR software has proven to increase practices' revenue thanks to:

  • Claim processing
  • Improved efficiency
  • Government incentives
  • Reduced liability premiums

Let us dive deeper into the benefits medical software or EHR software can provide for your practice:

Benefits of Medical/EHR Software

Streamlined patient information

EHR, short for electronic health records, makes it easy to capture patient data into the system. It also facilitates patient information lookup and access and can be easily updated and synchronized across all the practice's business software.

Electronic drug prescription

EHR software offers hefty electronic drug prescriptions, which allows doctors and caregivers to easily prescribe drugs with the right dosages to their patients. This also benefits patients as their prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacies before they even get there, which lets them waste less time in long queue lines.

The software also allows doctors and practitioners to log their patient's previously prescribed drugs and automatically check for any potentially harmful drug interactions and allergies, which helps the practice maintain its compliance.

Complete documentation

Regarding compliance, EHR software provides complete patient documentation from their first visit to the end of their treatment, which maintains the practice's compliance with federal laws and regulations.

In addition, with each visit, doctors can pull up pre-customized visit templates with the patient's information already recorded, so they waste less time asking for and recording information. Consequently, they get more time to provide care for more patients.

Improved patient engagement

EHR software benefits patients as much as the practice itself. With an EHR software, you can provide your patients with access to the patients portal, where they can:

  • View their medical records
  • Receive their test results
  • Directly contact their doctors or caregivers
  • Schedule appointments
  • Access telehealth


Telehealth is perhaps the most popular EHR software feature. Telehealth offers practices and doctors the ability to provide healthcare virtually to patients living in rural areas that are incapable of physically visiting the practice.

Telehealth is usually integrated into the patient portal, so it does not require the patient to download any software, as they will only need a reliable internet connection. Telehealth can provide practices with the following benefits:

  • Automated data entry
  • Synchronized patient insurance information
  • Streamlined virtual care experience
  • Remote monitoring
  • Streamlined in-practice communications
  • Easy access to personal health records
  • Advanced health applications and services

These are only some of the best features and benefits that EHR software can grant your practice. But before you go ahead and opt for an EHR software for your large practice, there are a few factors that you should first consider.

Factors to Consider


The EHR software you choose should be able to scale with your practice's size at affordable costs. Large practices already have a large number of staff members, doctors, and nurses, and you will need to find a vendor that can provide you with scalable software that everyone in your healthcare organization can benefit from without having to change vendors if it continues to grow.

Plans and Prices

EHR software should be considered an investment to your healthcare organization rather than a financial burden. It is best to compare your options and get the best price for your EHR software subscription.

Features, benefits & services

Finally, as a large practice, you may require extensive features and functionality from your EHR software. You should be well knowledgeable about what services and features your chosen EHR software can provide so you do not end up paying for limited features or capabilities.

Best EHR/Medical Software Recommendations for Large Practices

To help you with your research, we thoroughly studied all the best EHR software in the market. We will present you with our top three recommendations to help you make an intelligent decision.

1. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is our top EHR software recommendation; it offers complete healthcare management solutions and comprehensive features that all kinds and sizes can benefit from, making it a great option for large practices.

Its top features include the following:

  • Electronic medical records
  • Schedule software
  • Smart dashboard
  • Patient chart
  • Patient portal
  • Telehealth
  • Healthcare billing software
  • E-prescriptions

As for its prices, you will need to contact AdvancedMD's team by phone or email at (801) 984-9500 and [email protected] so they can offer you a customized quote for your practice's needs.

Read our full AdvancedMD review to know more about its EHR software, including features and benefits.

2. SAP Healthcare

For our second EHR software recommendation, we present you with SAP healthcare. SAP is a world-leading business solutions provider that offers several customizable business software to all industries.

It's healthcare/EHR solution offers advanced and unmatched features that can immensely benefit large practices. Its top features include the following:

  • Health business intelligence
  • Patient administration and billing
  • Health data integration
  • Patient portal
  • Drug safety
  • Compliance
  • Prescriptions

SAP will also provide you with a customized price for its EHR software, depending on your practice's size and needs. The best way to reach SAP is by calling them at +1-800-872-1727.

Read our full SAP Healthcare review here to know more about what it can offer your practice.

3. Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce is a giant CRM software provider in the market, offering unmatched features and capabilities for industries of any kind and size. As for its Health Cloud, it is completely customized to offer healthcare solutions, functionalities, and services that practices of any kind and size can benefit from.

Its best features include the following:

  • Electronic medical records
  • Personalized patient engagement
  • Custom care plan and management
  • AI tech
  • Customized patient experience
  • Workflow automation
  • Medical and insurance data models

Salesforce has two plans for its health cloud software, and it offers a 30-day free trial with both:

  • Enterprise plan: This starts at $300 per month per user and is billed every year
  • Unlimited plan: This starts at $450 per month per user and is billed every year
Read our full Salesforce Health Cloud review here to learn more about its EHR features and services.

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