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Best Bakery POS Systems

Best Bakery POS SystemsBest Bakery POS Systems
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What Should I Look For In a Bakery POS?

A smoothly operating bakery will definitely need a fiery point-of-sale system that bakes its operations as the bakery does its cake and bread. Without a thought, a point-of-sale for bakeries may not seem like such a necessity. But when given two thoughts, you will find that bakery POS systems will automate its workflow and manual operations such as the ordering process, delivery or pickup, customer, inventory, and menu management, but sadly, of course, not the baking part itself.

Consider your bakery POS as the tasty delight that your customers will experience when shopping from your bakery. Some must-have features are vital to your customer’s satisfaction, your bakery’s reputation, and most importantly, your sales and revenue.

Such must-have features include a mobile point-of-sale system and run on either Android or Apple tablets, so when customers flood your bakery, you will still be able to serve them all while moving around without losing a single sale.

Since baking is the science of ingredients, it is important that your bakery POS system has ingredient-level inventory management, so you never run out of any ingredient for your baking. Moreover, inventory management either sets reminders for you to place reorders for low-stock ingredients or automatically does the reordering process for you.

Order management and tracking should be a piece of cake with the right bakery POS system. Your customer’s confidence will grow when you can easily check their order’s status and allow them to make changes to their orders if they still have the chance. Order management also allows you to save your customer’s previous orders and find them with a click or two.

Building great relationships with your customers nowadays go beyond casual greetings at the door and more towards knowing their regular orders, their preferred payment methods, and more. A great bakery POS system should include customer management tools that collect your customer’s information and ordering trends. You can use your customer’s data to send them customized promotions or deals, in addition to anticipating high store traffic.

If your bakery offers a delivery service for your cakes and treats, your bakery point-of-sale system will perform better with delivery integrations. A POS system with delivery integrations will offer you its network of on-demand drivers and a fixed delivery rate. Your customers will then be able to track their order delivery status and know when to expect it to arrive.

We have researched which are the best bakery POS systems on the markets, so you can choose the one that suits your bakery’s needs most with ease of mind.

Best Bakery POS Systems

1. Toast POS

Toast POS is our best option for a bakery POS system, and it will be the icing on your customers’ experience cake. Toast POS for cafés and bakeries are intuitively designed, easy to use, and require minimal training to get started on. In addition, toast offers its Toast Go mobile application, which allows your customers to make orders right from their seats. Your front-of-house operations are also connected with the kitchen’s display systems, so as soon a customer makes an order, it is automatically sent to the kitchen to be prepared or baked.

Toast also offers multi-location management, online ordering, tableside ordering, customer management, and all the features a solid bakery POS should have. Moreover, it also seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and services to provide further features and delivery services, all for the sake of streamlining your operations and helping you cut costs as you bake more revenue.

Toast POS offers three plans for its platform:

  1. Pay-as-you-go Plan – $0/month, with a 2.99% plus $0.15 transaction rate per transaction. Or a $69/month subscription fee, with a lower transaction rate of 2.49% plus $0.15. (Hardware costs not included)
  2. Essential Plan – from $165/month
  3. Growth Plan – from $272/month
Read our full Toast POS review to know more about its pricing, features, and hardware.

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2. TouchBistro POS


TouchBistro POS is our second-best option for bakery POS. TouchBistro helps you deliver a great guest experience in any circumstance. Thanks to its hybrid functionality, you can let them eat cake and pay for it, of course, even when your internet connection is down.

TouchBistro POS offers insightful analytics and reporting of your sales in an intuitive dashboard, so you know which baked goodies are selling most, so you can apply deals and promotions to your regular customers, making your tasty treats a bit sweeter.

Moreover, with TouchBistro POS, you can further simplify inventory management with recipe logging. In doing so, you record ingredient details like costs and quantities and then build your recipe in your POS. When you reorder certain ingredients, all menu items containing said ingredients will be automatically updated.

TouchBistro POS pricing starts $69 per month, and extra add-on customization cost:

  • $229/month for Reservations
  • $50/month for Online Ordering
  • $25/month for Gift Cards
  • $99/month for Loyalty Programs
Read our TouchBistro POS full review to know more!

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3. Epos Now POS

Epos Now POS for bakeries packs most of the vital features a bakery would need to help run it smoothly, such as comprehensive menu management where you can:

  • add ingredients to menu items
  • add product notes to help customers with allergens and dietary restrictions
  • create combination offers through multiple choice ordering options
  • apply menu changes instantly to prevent confusion or errors

Epos allows you to take orders from anywhere using its Epos Now Order & Pay. You can build your digital menu in its free app platform, and customers can track their order status and schedule a pickup time, so you won’t have to rely on any third-party online ordering platforms.

Moreover, Epos POS will put your customers under the spotlight with its customer management tools where you can create customizable loyalty programs for repeated orders, track customers’ buying habits, and have them leave online reviews about your services. You can also connect Epos with marketing platforms so you can send your customers special deals and promotions through email or text messaging.

Epos Now POS pricing starts at $249, or $39 per month. In addition, its hardware is compatible with both Windows and Apple devices.

Read our full Epos Now POS review to know everything it has to offer.

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