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Best POS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices

Best POS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices Best POS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices
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Purchasing a point-of-sale system for your business, whether it is a retail shop, restaurant, or any other, does not always mean you will have to purchase new hardware. Instead, many POS systems allow you to turn your existing hardware into a fully operational point-of-sale system. How? You may ask. Simply download the point-of-sale software that is compatible with your devices after purchasing a subscription. Continue reading our blog to know about the best POS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices.

A powerful point-of-sale system uses a combination of hardware and software to deliver great solutions to businesses. Pieces of hardware are not just limited to terminals, card readers, and cash drawers; it also includes self-serving kiosks for customers to order on their own, barcode readers, printers, routers, and lots more. These peripheral devices usually come at an extra cost depending on your businesses' needs.

Therefore, if you have a range of Apple devices like an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, the following point-of-sale systems will fully integrate with them, so you would not have to pay extra for the basic hardware. The best POS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices are:

  1. TouchBistro POS
  2. Square POS
  3. Revel POS

Best POS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices

1. TouchBistro POS

TouchBistro is an industry-leading point-of-sale system that offers the best solutions to your restaurant. It is specifically designed to support many restaurant types such as fine dining, quick service, bars and lounges, coffee shops, and many more. TouchBistro POS provides features dedicated for each restaurant type, so you get the features and capabilities you need and help your business thrive.

 TouchBistro POS integrates best with the following Apple devices:

  • iPad
    • iPad 9.7" (2018, 6th generation)
    • iPad Mini 5 (2019)
    • iPad Air (2019, 3rd generation)
  • Mac Mini

More hardware TouchBistro POS offers to include the following:

  • Self-Serve Kiosks- starting at $69/month
  • Digital Menu Board- starting $20/month
  • Kitchen Display System- pricing quote based
  • Customer Facing Display- pricing is quote based

TouchBistro also provides you with the hardware setup that suits your restaurant's size, venue type, and needs. The two hardware packages are:

  • Common POS Hardware Setup for Small Venues; it includes an iPad, router, kitchen printer, and cash drawer.
  • Common POS Hardware Setup for Large Venues; it includes several iPads, a router, Mac mini server, kitchen printer, receipt printer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
Read our full TouchBistro POS review to know all about its features and software prices.

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 2. Square POS

Square POS is our second pick for best POS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Square POS is a powerful, all-inclusive point-of-sale system that is also compatible with Apple devices, specifically the latest generation iPads.

Square POS recommends using 2019-2021 iPads, iPad Air (2019), iPad Pro, or iPad mini. The following hardware kits from SquareUP are compatible with those iPad devices:

  • Square Standard Kit
  • Square Stand Restaurant Station
  • Square Stand Restaurant Station with Square Terminal
  • Rest Stand for iPad mini Kit
  • Rest Stand for iPad mini 2 Kit
  • Infinite Peripherals Mobile Kit for Square Reader

Square POS supports restaurant businesses, retail shops, and appointment-type businesses. It offers great features with its robust hardware to help your business run seamlessly and automate your workflow. You can get started with Square POS for free, and you will only be charged at every processed transaction.

For every in-person payment, you are charged 2.6% +10 cents, and for every online payment, you get charged 2.9% + 30 cents.

Read our full Square POS review to know more about its features and plans.

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3. Revel POS

Revel POS is also one of the best POS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. It is a hybrid point-of-sale system that can process payments and continue its workflow without an internet connection. So when the internet connection is severed, your data will be stored on your local server and be automatically uploaded to the cloud server when the connection returns

Revel POS supports many business types such as restaurants, retail shops, quick-service restaurants, coffee shops, and pizza places. Its hardware is also compatible with Apple products such as:

  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad mini

Revel offers iPad stands for your point-of-sale terminals; they come in two shapes: L Stand and C Stand. The former provides real counter appeal; it's sturdy at an ergonomic height and comes in black and white, and with or without customer-facing Display, The C Stand is more suitable to keep your POS at a low profile; its super sleek and works best for service stations and back bars.

More peripheral hardware includes Kiosks, payment devices, barcode scanners, scales, routers, bump bars, and more.

Read our full Revel POS review to know more about its features, hardware, and prices.

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