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Remove Webhelper Virus

How to Remove Webhelper Virus

How to Remove Webhelper VirusHow to Remove Webhelper Virus


Quick Overview on How to Remove Webhelper Virus

1. Scan your device: we recommend using Norton 360 antivirus for scanning your device.

2. Remove virus: The antivirus should automatically remove webhelper virus and the files it infected.

3. Stay protected: Premium security keeps you protected at all times.


What Is Webhelper?

Webhelper is a malicious software that can infect your Windows PC and cause many issues. It can take control of other programs, steal your passwords, steal your banking details and record your keystrokes.

Such virus usually impersonates other applications, most commonly being torrent clients. Users have reported downloading the uTorrent client, but in fact, it was named uTorrentIE.exe. Other users also reported the virus being attached to emails as well.

How to Check for Webhelper Virus Infection

If you are not sure whether your Windows PC is infected with the webhelper virus, this preliminary step can help you identify it.

To identify the virus in your system, you need only check your Task Manager. To open the Task Manager, you can either:

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.


  • Simultaneously press CTRL + Shift + ESC buttons.

Once the Task Manager is open, go through the list of Processes. If you find webhelper.exe or utorrentie.exe, then your device is infected.

Note: Ending the process manually from the Task Manager or deleting the files from your system files yourself will not remove the virus, as it will reinstall them upon restarting your PC.

How to Remove Webhelper Virus

To remove webhelper virus, you need to have a premium antivirus set up on your PC. We recommend using Norton 360 as it offers the best real-time protection against viruses and malware, and it has the best malware detection score in AV-Tests.

Get Norton 360

Steps to get Norton 360:
  1. Head to Norton 360’s official website
  2. Choose a premium plan to subscribe to; find a summary of Norton’s plans below:
  3. Create an account with Norton, and you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account
  4. Download Norton Antivirus application on your Windows PC


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Remove webhelper virus

Steps to remove webhelper virus:

  1. Perform a full scan using Norton antivirus.
  2. After scan results appear, you will be given the option to delete malware and infected files, do so.
  3. Restart your PC
  4. Perform the full scan again to double-check if your device is malware-free.

Stay Protected

To stay protected from being infected with malware and viruses again, you need to keep your operating system and antivirus always up to date. As new malware is constantly being released on the internet, antivirus software is also being updated on the run with new virus definitions so they can identify and remove them.

It is also very wise not to download suspicious files from the internet unless you are 100% sure of their source. Many viruses can also appear in the form of key generators for software activation, one of the most common being KMSpico. KMSpico is a Windows and Microsoft office activator; most times, however, the program is infected with malware and is instantly detected by an antivirus.

Last but not least, we advise you to secure your Wi-Fi connection with a strong password. An open Wi-Fi network is a magnet to hackers who can access your network and the devices connected to it.

Why Use Norton 360 Antivirus

Norton Antivirus scores top scores in both AV-Tests and AV-Comparatives when it comes to detecting malicious software and flagging false positives.

Besides real-time protection from malware and viruses, Norton offers a bunch of features that maximize your PC security, such as:

  • Cloud backup
  • Parental control: Also includes location supervision, screen time limitation, and house rules
  • A secure VPN
  • Webcam protection
  • School time
  • Password manager

The best features out of the bunch are the password manager and VPN. The password manager keeps your entire passwords secure in an encrypted cyber vault; not only that, but it also offers an ‘auto change password’ feature, which is fairly unique. It changes your passwords every sixty days. On the other hand, a VPN keeps your online activity safe from prying eyes; it masks your IP address and provides you with a fake one so websites and trackers will not be able to track down your location or traffic.

Do you want to know more? Read our full Norton 360 review for a complete analysis.


Get Norton Now and Remove Webhelper Virus

Other Antivirus Recommendations

1. Bitdefender


Bitdefender is another great antivirus for your Windows PC to remove webhelper virus; it also scores top points in AV-Test in detecting malicious software. In addition, it has low false positives, which means it is unlikely to mistake an application to be malicious when it is not.

Similar to Norton, Bitdefender Total Protection also packs a VPN for your online activity. In addition, web protection and Anti-theft are included in the package, so your online safety is doubled down on.

Bitdefender provides a Safe Banking feature that redirects you to the original site of a store in case you come across a fake one that wants to steal your data. Not only are your online transactions safe with Bitdefender, but so are your passwords and banking details. Its password manager protects your passwords in an encrypted cyber vault that you can access with a master password when needed.

Bitdefender Total Security is available for $44.99 for the first year with our special discount and renews at $89.99 per year going forward.

Read our Bitdefender full review to know more.


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2. McAfee


McAfee is yet another great antivirus that protects against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware attacks and will remove webhelper virus for you. It scores 6/6 on all AV-Test scores; device impact, malware detection, and false positives, making it a great choice to protect your Windows PC. McAfee’s plans include device performance optimization, identity theft protection, home network protection, and a password manager.

McAfee’s best deal is available for $34.99 per year for one device. You can also try McAfee for free for 30 days with their free trial, and their 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your money is in safe hands in case you decide McAfee is not for you.

Our full McAfee review explains all its features in detail.


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