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For most up-starter websites, hiring a full website development team can be too costly and resource-consuming. DIY website builders offer an excellent solution for a more simplistic web page. Zyro is one such example of a cost-efficient and straightforward, with multiple fashionable designs DIY web builder. It also has a logo-creating tool to help further cut down on the financial costs required to get your website online.


Low prices
AI-powered writer and heatmap features
SSL encryption on all plans
A variety of templates


No 1 year free domain on the Basic plan
No free trial
Lack of template changing option


Quick Stats

Free Plan
eCommerce Plan
Best Price (Per Month)
Free Domain
Available when purchasing an annual plan
Storage Space
Available via e-mail and live chat.

In this review, we will explore the specifications Zyro provides, explain them, and describe what makes Zyro different to help you make a choice.

Who Is Zyro For?

You must be wondering if Zyro is a suitable web builder for you. Well, Zyro is great for personal brands, bloggers, and businesses. All plans come with features that are suitable for anything. Let's dig deep into this: 

  • Blogging: Zyro offers many tools to create a blog. Let's start by talking about their crafter templates that will attract readers, SEO tools that will get you better ranking, the drag-and-drop editor that's easy to use, and the marketing tools.
  • Business: Build and manage your business online in minutes with the right help offered by Zyro's tools. When you choose Zyro for your business, you choose to grow fast and efficiently. Thanks to the third-party marketing and Al tools.
  • E-commerce: You can create your e-commerce website with fully-featured Zyro plans. Zyro has social media integration feature and plenty of marketing tools to get you started. Everything can be managed from the dashboard, like prices, shipments, and orders. Want to take your website to the second level? Zyro offers ECOMMERCE+ to add more features like automated abandoned cart recovery, product filtering, and multilingual store.

Zyro's Plans

If you're looking for a free web builder, Zyro doesn't offer that option. Still, you can get a plan that is packed with many features for a price that starts at $1.89. Other tiers are also available if you needed to upgrade to more advanced features. What will you get with each plan? Look at the table below to find out.

  Basic Unleashed eCommerce eCommerce+
Bandwidth  3 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL certificate Included Included Included Included
Advanced SEO Included Included Included Included
Design-crafted templates Included Included Included Included
Al tools Included Included Included Included
Blogging tools Included Included Included Included
Google analytics Not included Included Included Included
Facebook Pixel Not included Included Included Included
Google tag manager Not included Included Included Included
Visitor remarketing Not included Included Included Included
Accept online payments Not included Not included Included Included
Discount coupons Not included Not included Included Included
Inventory manager Not included Not included Included Included
Shipping and tax manager Not included Not included Included Included
Multiple payment options Not included Not included Included Included
products Not included Not included 100 Unlimited
Instagram store Not included Not included Not included Included
Your products on Amazon Not included Not included Not included Included
Card recovery Not included Not included Not included Included
Product filters Not included Not included Not included Included
Store in multiple languages Not included Not included Not included Included
Price per month $1.89 $3.09 $8.99 $14.99

Zyro has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, which is twice longer than its competitors, allowing for a more extended trial period to try their services out.

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Zyro's Pricing and Payment Methods


All plans on Zyro include a few key features which are: existing domain connection, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, an secure socket layer (SSL) encryption certification, and multiple free AI tools.

  • The Basic plan Zyro comes for the low price of $1.89/per month. It provides a 3GB bandwidth, 1 GB of storage. Also, It doesn't offer a free domain. When considering the bandwidth's limitations, storage, and lack of free domain, the basic plan appears to target personal use and small businesses with an existing domain. The Basic plan can be used to display working hours, office location, and other basic info.
  • The Unleashed plan is more suitable for businesses. It includes the basic features with additions and upgrades, increasing to $3.09/month. It provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, a free domain for one year. In addition, it provides analytical programs, including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and visitor remarketing, helping in traffic tracking for possible future advertisement optimization.
  • The eCommerce plan is targeted at online stores, opening up the possibility of selling goods online. For an increase in cost up to $8.99/month, online payment with multiple options, product listing (up to 100 products), and a shipping and taxes manager, features are added. This option also allows for adding coupons and gift card options to increase the choices of users.
  • The eCommerce Plus plan adds to the e-commerce existing capabilities and upgrades some to help a business thrive further for the price of $14.99/month. First, it removes the limit on the product listing, provides translations in multiple languages for a better local market feel, and allows filtering customer product search results. This allows for a more tailored visitor shopping experience and satisfaction. Second, the eCommerce Plus plan extends your page to go where the customer is rather than waiting for them to come. With this, Zyro allows your website to integrate with Facebook and Instagram while showcasing your products on the e-commerce giant Amazon. With the eCommerce plus plan, Zyro provides a suitable environment for your business to thrive and grow.

Zyro provides many payment options include:

  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Visa
  • ApplePay
  • Discover
  • GooglePay

Ease of Use

The codeless drag-and-drop process turns to create a website from an IT specialist job into a piece of cake anyone could do. That being said, the same applies to other website builders. But Zyro is not the only website builder with a drag-and-drop feature, so why should you go for it? 

To start with, the competitive pricing. With a $1.89 per month for basic and $3.09 for unleashed, Zyro is much cheaper than many of its counterparts. The AI assistant offers many useful features to help you get your website online and adjust designs according to needs.

 Zyro offers a variety of templates and stock photos to use on your website, all for free.

Zyro Customer Support


Customer support on Zyro is provided via e-mails and live chat. The live chat team is helpful and provides insight into any trouble encountered. My experience with them was more than satisfactory. The responses offered were useful and straightforward, and the response time was within a few minutes.

Website Design


Zyro made it easy for everyone by providing the beginners guide in the blog section. The guide helps you step by step through your website building from A to Z. It introduces users to the main elements they're going to use, like the color scheme, font, navigation, and more.

As a second step, you will be asked to choose your website type (blog, business, portfolio, resume, online store). Now, it is time to choose your website style (flat, minimalism, illustration).

The last to do is to choose a template and click on start to build, select elements, add elements, and customize them as you wish, then click preview to see your masterpiece becoming true.

Zyro's Artificial Design Intelligence (AI Tools)


The AI tools include an AI Logo Maker cutting a web designer's cost, an AI Writer that creates articles to keep your blog active and exciting, and an AI Heatmap tool. The AI Writer on Zyro is a good tool to keep engaging content on your website, especially at the beginning, as the topics and subjects are somewhat limited.

The AI Heatmap is another exciting feature allowing users to customize designs and make decisions that improve the user experience and maximize their conversions. It functions by showing you where the audience is most likely to focus their attention on while viewing your page.

Security Tools

When you build your website, make sure to secure all your data and your customers' information like credit card numbers, account numbers, and so on. How can you make your website secure? By checking what your website builder provides in terms of security. 

But can Zyro protect your website's data and keep it secure?

SSL certificate

Well, Zyro offers an SSL certificate only. Other security features are not available when you choose Zyro. However, an SSL certificate can do a lot when it comes to security. 

When your website has this feature, you can take a breath and depend on its ability to encrypt your data traffic to keep it safe. If anyone tried to get to your data, it would appear as total gibberish with zero possibility to decrypt it. The good news is that Google will mark your website as secure, too; this will call for more traffic once your website is trusted and protected.

If you aim for a website builder that offers many security features, choose one of our top web builders like Wix and Squarespace.

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Zyro Features

You're probably thinking, why should I pick Zyro among the long list of options. The answer is simple; it has plenty of features for customers. Let's take a look:

Drag-and-drop Editor

Zyro provides many designs that you can customize as you wish to make the best fit for your business without the need for any specialized coding skills because you won’t need them. You can add, remove, and edit any elements as you want and whenever needed, with the drag and drop editor and the handy grid features. If you are already a blogger or eagerly want to be one, Zyro allows you to share your thoughts and stories with your people by a blog that you can have on your Zyro website. 

Zyro for E-Commerce

You can launch your online store in a few steps; all you need to do is pick a template with an online store page or add one to an existing Zyro website in minutes and manage it easily through an all-in-one dashboard from orders to tracking and inventory. Get more publicity connecting to Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook to sell your products across social media platforms. 

Zyro did not forget about your customers' satisfaction; you can increase sales with coupon codes, automated e-mails, and customizable discounts. One more step to push your sales numbers to the edge is to activate ad campaigns on social media and Google. You can also take advantage of SEO optimization and e-mail marketing. 

Domains and Hosting 

Did you know that you can get your website hosted for free with every Zyro plan?
It is impressive that you can get all you need in one place, but the point of distinction is that you can get your website hosted free of charge. In short, no more concerns regarding any future costs; you don’t even have to worry about their hosting efficiency since Zyro's website is hosted using cloud servers so that your website visitors will get a fast and reliable experience with 99.9% uptime. 

SEO Tools 

You are in control of your website with the ability to edit the page titles, meta description, and text of all your images. One more essential thing to your website success is to fill it with rich and customer-oriented data, using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. 

Let us explain how using Google Analytics will benefit your website better. Using Google Analytics allows you to know where your visitors come from and how to offer them the best service ever. 

Social Media Integration

Get your ads targeted to the right audience using useful tools like Facebook Pixel, Pinterest tag, and Google Analytics. Get in touch with your visitors by live chat tool directly on your website. To satisfy your customers, you need to know them better; live chat is great, but what if your customer is just too shy to contact? Then you can watch what he/ she is doing on your website and observe your visitors' behavior and interests using Google Tag Manager and Hotjar. 

The Decision

Do I go for Zyro? If you are a new start-up company or an individual who is lacking resources to start your website, then Zyro might be the right choice for you. The prices are low, and it offers useful tools at your disposal. In my opinion, the Basic plan lacks a lot of features to recommend, namely the lack of free domain and the limit on storage and bandwidth. However, the Unleashed plan overcomes these limitations for a slight increase from $1.89 to $3.09/month, making it a great choice to start with.

Is there a free Zyro version?
Does Zyro provide refunds?
Does Zyro provide a free domain on all plans?
Does Zyro provide SSL certificate on all its plans?
Who is Zyro for?