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Webflow Pricing

Webflow Pricing - Which Plan to Choose?

Webflow Pricing - Which Plan to Choose?Webflow Pricing - Which Plan to Choose?


Webflow is not a website builder for anyone to go to; it is created for designers and developers to start their own websites. Even though it does not require any high levels of coding, it is not exactly the easiest website builder for those who are not experts in the field. 

Before getting into what we're here for, which is Webflow pricing, we need to understand what the website is used for, who it is for, what plans it offers, the quality of the services it offers, and what addition features it has. Knowing and understanding everything will help us decide whether or not Webflow pricing is worth it. 

Who Is Webflow For?

As we have previously mentioned, Webflow is not for anyone who doesn't have some technical skills. The website builder is one that targets designers and developers who have previous knowledge in developing websites. Webflow's customer support is only available through email, and only from 6 AM through 6 PM PT during weekdays. If you need help, you will have to email them and wait for 24-48 hours for the response.

This is why we say that if you lack certain technical skills, Webflow would not be the best website builder for you. 

To summarize, Webflow would be perfect for you if you fit under any of these categories:

  • Designers: For those who have advanced technical and designing skill and can easily learn how to develop a complicated website.
  • Teams: Webflow has tools and features that would make it possible for teams to work together on developing a website. 
  • People who are looking for customization freedom: Webflow has many template that you can use and customize. You can also start from scratch. 
If you believe you are not fit for using Webflow, you can check out our full list of the best website builders on the market, rated and ranked.

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Webflow Designs


There are over 100 templates available on Webflow; some templates are free, others are not. Premium templates range between $19 to $149. You can view and try any template deciding which one you want to use. To make things easier for you, each template on Webflow comes with a brief description that tells you what it’s best for.

All of these templates are customizable. However, if you don't like any of them, you can start your website from scratch rather than having to pick a ready-made template. 

Further, all of the ready-made templates are responsive, meaning they adapt to different screen sizes and different devices.

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Webflow Features

Advanced SEO

This is the part where you bring traffic to your website. Webflow's advanced SEO tools will give our website the recognition it deserves. These tools include customized URLs, image alt text, generated sitemaps, customizable 301 redirects, and other basics.

Widgets, Graphics, and 3D transforms

Instead of having ready-made widgets to simply add to your website, Webflow offers tools for creating your own widgets from scratch. 

Webflow allows you to add Parallax scrolling, multi-step animations, and 3D transforms; with 3D transforms you can add, change, and rotate objects in 3D space.

Automatic Tax Calculator

This comes in handy if you are planning on opening an online store; Webflow gives you an automatic tax calculator to make your life easier. This way, customers can shop on your website and check out without troubling you; Webflow's tool will automatically do the calculations. 

Social Media Integration

Social media engagement is as important as the website itself. Your website should be the official place where you keep your services and products, and social media should be the showroom; many people use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to sell their products and services. With Webflow's tool, you can integrate social media accounts to your website. 

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Security Tools

Webflow works hard to ensure your website has the privacy and security it needs. Webflow's security tools include:

  • SSL Certificate - this encrypts your website data to keep it safe and secure.  

  • Two-Step Verification - this will prevent third parties from stealing your info.

  • Backup & Restore - in case your data gets deleted or lost, this will ensure you have a backup.

  • Password Protection - this keeps your passwords safe in a secure database.

Webflow Pricing and Plans

Webflow pricing depends on the seven plans it has, as follows. 

Webflow pricing - site plans

  • Basic - $12 per month if pilled annually; $15 per month if billed monthly. 

  • CMS - $16per month if pilled annually; $20 per month if billed monthly. 

  • Business - $36 per month if pilled annually; $45 per month if billed monthly. 

  • Enterprise - You need to contact Webflow's team so they can customize a plan for you.

Now that you know Webflow pricing for site plans, let's see what features are included in each plan.

  Basic CMS Business Enterprise
Pages 100 100 100 100
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 50 GB 200 GB 400 GB 400 GB+
Domain name

Connect or purchase one

Connect or purchase one connect or purchase one Connect or purchase one
SSL certificate Available Available Available Available
Collection items 0 2,000 10,000 10,000
Advanced SEO Available Available Available Available
Monthly visitors 25,000 100,000 1 Million Custom
Content editors - 3 10 Custom
Price $12 $16 $36 Contact Webflow


Webflow pricing - e-commerce plans

  • Standard - $29 per month if pilled annually; $42 per month if billed monthly. 
  • Plus - $74 per month if pilled annually; $84 per month if billed monthly. 
  • Advanced - $212 per month if pilled annually; $235 per month if billed monthly. 

Is Webflow pricing for e-commerce plans worth it? Let's see the features included in each plan.

  Standard Plus Advanced
Items 500 1000 3000
Transaction fees 2% 0% 0%
Unbranded emails Not Available Available Available
Yearly sales $50K $200K Unlimited
Staff account 3 10 15
Price per  month (Billed Annually) $29 $74 $212


A great thing about Webflow is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try their services for free for the first month before deciding whether or not Webflow pricing suits the services.

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The point of all of this article is to decide whether or not Webflow pricing is worth it. After seeing all the plans for yourself and learning about all the features Webflow offers, it is now your call to decide if this is the website builder for you.

All in all, we believe that for designers and developers, Webflow is such a great choice; it offers advanced tools that you can utilize to create the perfect website. 

However, if you don't have some developing skills and IT knowledge, you might want to check our Squarespace review; it is another good choice for everyone. 

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