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OVPN Review: Things to Know Before You Buy

OVPN Review: Things to Know Before You Buy

OVPN stands out in how seriously they take security and privacy. As one of the few VPN providers that have documented court victories, this shows the measures they are willing to take to protect their users. They can provide this level of anonymity through their No-log policy, and RAM-based servers.

After testing their product, there are significant weaknesses that need to be improved.

You can read about their bestselling features and the problems you may face in this OVPN review.


High level privacy and security
Accepts cash payments for anonymity
No email sign-up required
RAM-based servers and No-log


Limited Support
High cost compared to other premium VPNs
Limited countries and servers


Quick Stats

Best Price (Per Month)
Windows, macOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Vilfo, and routers
Compatible Streaming
Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, UK’s live TV service, ITV Hub, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Nordic
Free Trial
Money-Back Guarantee
10 Days
Number of Devices
Security & Privacy

Who is OVPN?

It is a Swedish-based VPN provider that began as an internet surveillance business until they officially launched their OVPN service in 2014.

Their main office is located in Sweden; this guarantees that there are no blurred lines when it comes to security laws. They can stay transparent, as you can always go back to Swedish laws.

This aspect makes them unique as some VPN providers allocate their offices to tax-friendly areas, increasing their profit but complicating the security laws applicable to them.

The company noticed a gap in the security procedures quality of some VPN providers and worked towards creating airtight anonymity, making them trustworthy and reliable. They use one of the best VPN services algorithms out there to ensure you can freely go through the web without being constantly monitored.

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OVPN Speed

1. Speed tests

If you are using the standard AES 256-bit and select their recommended server, you should be able to conveniently operate all the activities you do online without it being slow and sluggish.
The speed does drop compared to when you are not connected to VPN, but you will be able to multitask without any delays, and you will not experience any problems in gaming, HD streaming, and downloading.

This speed drastically changes when moving further away from your local server, especially in Australia, there is about a 98% drop rate. This puts a hold on your online usage as you start to experience a slower response rate when opening a website; while you can still watch videos, they do not always load in full HD.

For the best experience with OVPN, choose their recommended server; when you log in.

2. Number of servers and geographic distribution 

Short explanation: OVPN has 93 servers across 17 countries in 27 different locations.

Long explanation: When there are many servers, servers will have fewer users on them, making them less congested. Fewer traffic impacts the speed and the variety of IP addresses.

OVPN offers various servers in the US and Europe and a few in Asia and Canada. They do not offer any services in Africa and South America, as well as limited services in Asia. If you are looking into a wider service area, go through our NordVPN review.

3. Fastest available protocol 

Short explanation: WireGuard is the fastest available protocol by OVPN

Long explanation: Different protocols sets the standard of the VPN. It affects the security, speed, and ability to bypass geo-censorship. OVPN only offers WireGuard and OpenVPN. They do not have or offer PPTP as it can be unsafe, and it is slowly becoming an outdated protocol.

Security and Privacy

1. Encryption and protocols

This is where OVPN stands out compared to other VPN providers; they use various encryptions. First is the standard AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption is the go-to cipher that high-profile users adopt to protect their sensitive data. But, of course, the most significant user is the United States government adopting this encryption to secure their classified info.

They also offer the ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption, and this is uncommon when it comes to VPN. Google uses this service and claims that it can be more resistant to attacks compared to the AES-256-bit. Also, it works smoother on mobile processors than the latter making the switch convenient for the mobile application.

Pro mode: OVPN uses two protocols OpenVPN and WireGuard these are the highest recommended protocols and the safest. They offer these options to guarantee your traffic goes through a secure channel.

Protocols OpenVPN WireGuard
Platform All platforms All platforms 
Security AES encryption ChaCha20 for symmetric encryption with poly1305 for message authentication
Firewall Uses 443 port (hard to block) The port can be freely selected from the high ports range. If no port is specified, WireGuard
uses 51820/UDP
Speed Slow Fast


2. OVPN logs policy 

Short explanation: OVPN has a No-log policy.

Long Explanation: OVPN wants to make sure you maintain your anonymity while using their VPN. It's where the No-log policy comes in.

The company does not keep any records while you are using their server. This is because they save all their records on their servers. OVPN does not own any Hard Disks; they operate on RAM, meaning they cannot save any info.

3. Kill switch 

Short explanation: OVPN has a kill switch feature. 

Long explanation: The kill switch is an extra layer of protection. If you lose your VPN connection, the switch automatically disconnects the device you are using from the internet until the VPN connects again.

4. RAM-based servers

Short explanation: OVPN has RAM-based servers.

Long explanation: OVPN functions fully on RAM servers and does not own and Hard Disks. This means that all the info on there is entirely wiped clean every time the servers reboot.

5. Based country

Short explanation: OVPN is based in Sweden.

Long Answer: Since OVPN is based in Sweden, it is within the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance which means they are required to provide any info about you to the surveillance countries.

However, this does not affect your privacy, and they are only required to share any saved information they have about you. Furthermore, since they operate on RAM, there is no information on their servers stored. Therefore, they have nothing to hand in.

6. Warrant canary 

Short explanation: OVPN does not have a warrant canary system. 

Long explanation: A warrant canary is an indirect method to warn customers of governmental attempts to subpoena where the presence of the warrant on the company’s official website means the local government hasn’t tried anything yet.

A canary warrant is not necessary in Sweden since they do not have the equivalence of a gag order. If you look through their transparency report, they disclosed the exact requests they received during any month. Again since they can not save any information on RAM, they have nothing to give. 


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OVPN in Practice

In terms of the applications of VPN in the real world, we dive further into how CyberGhost fares against the rest in the following categories:

1. Streaming

Short explanation: OVPN unblocks Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Nordic

Long Explanation: One of the main reasons people use VPNs is to access restricted websites while streaming. Netflix is the toughest proxy to bypass, but with OVPN, you can access US, German, and Swedish-based Netflix.

Customers using OVPN must go to their setting to enable this feature; it is called "Enable streaming services" once this is set, it sends all your streaming-related content through the best server available. 

OVPN currently does not unblock HBO and BBC iPlayer, but they promise their customers to add more streaming services constantly. 

Need to unblock HBO and iPlayer try NordVPN.

2. Torrent

Short explanation: OVPN allows torrenting.

Long explanation: OVPN is an excellent option for torrenting; it supports it on all of their servers. They offer several features to maximize your torrenting experience, like unlimited bandwidth. They even have a blog post on their website that walks you through maximizing your speed while torrenting.

3. Gaming 

Short explanation: OVPN does not have specialized gaming servers. 

Long explanation: OVPN does not offer specific features for gaming, but according to their customer support, if you are going to use their VPN while gaming, they recommend using WireGuard. It gives you the best speed and latency, and it also has the lowest packet loss. All these features are made to maximize your gaming experience without any delay or lagging. 

4. Dedicated IP servers 

Short explanation: OVPN does not offer dedicated IP servers. 

Long explanation: A dedicated IP is a specific server that is solely assigned to you; this means you will not have to share your IP with others. A dedicated server is only recommended to secure online payments, avoid CAPTCHAs, and avoid getting black-listed. 

That being said, they do have static IP add-ons available, so users connecting with the add-on always get assigned the same IP address. 

5. Geo-censorship bypass

Short explanation: OVPN can bypass some geo-censorship.

Long explanation: This feature allows you to access content worldwide that would otherwise be unavailable without a VPN. OVPN can go around "The Great Firewall of China," but customers are recommended to upload the VPN and to get it running before entering the country. 

6. Split tunneling

Short explanation: OVPN does not offer split tunneling. 

Long explanation: Split tunneling is a feature that allows you to choose which apps you want to go through your VPN so that you can browse with or without VPN at the same time. With OVPN, everything you do must go through the VPN connection. 

7. Tor over VPN 

Short explanation: OVPN supports Tor over VPN.

Long explanation: Torrent onion router, Tor, is a P2P program that gives you access to the dark web. Using a VPN adds an extra layer of anonymity, especially at the entry node, with data encryption.

OVPN only provides a service and does not act as a regulator, so they have no control over what goes through their servers. 

OVPN Device Compatibility 

OVPN is compatible with several devices, desktops computers, mobile devices, and browser extensions. When it comes to smart devices, they offer limited services for TVs and gaming consoles.

OVPN is compatible with: 

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Manjaro
  • Fedora
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Free BSD
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Routers 

OVPN is available as an extension on: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Vivaldi 
  • Opera 

OVPN User Experience 

When it comes to user experience, OVPN offers:

1. Supported languages 

OVPN supports the following languages:

  • English 
  • Swedish
  • German 
  • Norwegian

2. Customer support 

To reach OVPN, they have contact forms on their website, email, and live chat. They do not offer 24/7 customer support and only reply to their live chat during Swedish business hours; this puts them behind their competitors as other services offer around-the-clock support.

Once you get a hold of their team, they have excellent customer service; they listen to your concerns, guide you through any questions you may have, and offer solutions.

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Pricing and Payment 

OVPN is more expensive compared to other VPNs out there. However, as always, if you sign up for a year, the price drops from $11 a month to $4.99; they even offer a free Multihop when choosing the 12 months package.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial or a free version; they give you a 10-day money-back guarantee. This gives you a few days to go through their services and decide if it is the right VPN for you.

To cancel your subscription, you need to contact OVPN within the 10 day period via email or live chat to get your money back successfully. If you pay through the traditional route, the money will be sent back to your account.

If you use cryptocurrency, its equivalent would be returned to you. In case you paid in cash, then you must visit their office to receive your refund.

You can pay for your plan using any major credit card, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, and cash. 

Accepting cash payments is another great option OVPN gives you. If you are looking for an extra layer of anonymity, then this is perfect for you. All you have to do is stick some money in an envelope stating the user name you signed up with and mail it to the company in Sweden, just do not forget to omit your return address from the envelope.

Final Words

This VPN is excellent for people looking for complete privacy and security. They might not have as many servers as other services, but this is justified by choosing quality over quantity. They have airtight security measures, and they constantly work on improving their service. 

If you are looking for a VPN to stream some Netflix shows, this may not be the right fit as other VPNs are out there to cater to your basic needs. 

That being said, pick up their 10-day trial and give it a shot today! 

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