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Wix POS: Review, Features and Prices

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Wix POS: Review, Features and Prices

You may know Wix as your ecommerce online store website builder. However, it also offers a point-of-sale system for retail shops, services, and events. Wix POS supports retail stores, services, bookings, in addition to a mobile POS that fits in your pocket. To start using Wix POS, you first need to create an account and get verified by them before starting to process payments. Continue reading our full review to know everything Wix POS has to offer.


In-depth analytics
Mobile app and POS
Fixed payment rate


Does not support restaurant businesses
Third-party integrations not supported
Only compatible with Android

Quick Stats

Business size supported
All business sizes
Customer support
Support center and knowledge base
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price

About Wix POS

Wix POS is a great and simple point-of-sale system developed to power your store's payment processing. Wix offers slick and well-built hardware for its point-of-sale system that includes everything you may need, depending on your kind of store.

Wix POS devices come with a 1-year warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, in addition to free shipping and up to four interest-free installments, which is more than what most point-of-sale systems offer. Wix POS provides you with a fully integrated omnichannel environment, where you can track your inventory across different locations, proceed with seamless checkout, and get smart analytics and reports of every aspect of your business.

Wix POS Features

Smart Analytics

Wix POS offers in-depth analytics and reporting that allows you to monitor your business's performance and analyze sales patterns over time and for top-performing products. Custom reports are also available to generate to get specific data on any aspect of your business.

Smart analytics also provides you with a feature that determines which customers should get coupons and discounts in order to generate more revenue. You can also offer your customers loyalty programs and promotions to expand your business reach. Moreover, Wix POS also offers you smart add campaigns, which increase brand awareness and help you expand your business's horizon.

Seamless Checkout

Wix POS allows you to customize your checkout screen to add features for easier access, such as adding top product discounts, sale items, and hiding exclusively online products. You can also set spontaneous discounts for your customers, in addition to a more transparent experience with the automated sales tax calculator. Wix POS uses The Avalara integration, which provides geo-specific tax rates depending on your location.

Loyalty programs also provide you with customized and branded digital gift cards for your customers to use either in-store or online. Moreover, your customers can save their shopping carts so they can come back later. Receipts can also be customized to your brand and add custom messages to improve the overall brand experience.

Native Payment Provider

Wix provides several benefits for its native payment provider, one of which is its fixed payments rates. In addition, its excellent onboarding experience brings forth an intuitive dashboard where you can oversee all your transactions, online and offline. In-person, the transaction rate is 2.6% with no additional or hidden costs.

All transactions are protected with end-to-end encryption as Wix delivers the highest security standards.

Fully Synced Inventory

A vital feature for retail point-of-sale systems is a fully synced inventory, where you can track and share real-time stock levels. You can add up to 50k products to your inventory and categorize them in any way you like. In addition, you can add several product variants to every item, such as colors, sizes, materials, and more!

Team Management

Wix POS allows you to create subaccounts for your team members and provide them with unique login PIN codes. You can assign them custom roles and permissions, in addition to tracking their performances and reviewing their schedules.

Mobile POS

Wix has a mobile integrated point-of-sale system that fits in your pocket with its Wix Owner app. You can use the mobile POS for quick in-person payments for appointments and courses. The mobile POS comes with a portable card reader that also fits your pocket and securely processes transactions.

Wix POS Prices and Hardware

Wix has a variety of well-built hardware that suit your business needs:

The Complete Retail POS Package - $750.00

The complete retail POS package includes all you need, such as a tablet, customer-facing display, Wix POS software, compact card reader, sleek receipt printer, cash drawer, a barcode scanner.

Your Retail Essentials - $550.00

This kit includes a tablet, customer display, Wix POS software, compact card reader, and charging dock.

Card Reader $49.00

The card reader is best for the Wix Mobile POS, as it is compact and wireless and works with the Wix Owner App.

Additional Hardware include:

Cash Drawer - $58.00

Barcode scanner - $76.00

Receipt printer - $108.00

Card reader dock - $19.00

Recepit paper - $19.00 - $69.00

Customer Support

Wix offers a support center for all its services, including its POS solutions. The knowledge base holds answers to many everyday questions and inquiries you may be having.

Final Thoughts

Wix POS is a solid point-of-sale system that can power your ecommerce online store and on-site store. Wix offers a fixed transaction rate for in-person transactions at 2.6% with no extra costs. In addition, Wix POS easily allows you to monitor your sales and business analytics, and its simplified systems let you handle chargebacks and disputed payments with ease.

Wix POS's 30-day money-back guarantee is a great bargain to try out its services, and if you decide Wix POS does not suit your business, you get a full refund upon returning your hardware. 

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