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uAccept POS Software by Workwell Technology

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uAccept POS Software by Workwell Technology

Workwell technology has a long history in the world of business growth and management solutions. Since 2005, the company started offering its products at a low price for small and medium businesses. In 2010, the company released uAttend, an employee management system. After witnessing great success, the company decided to provide its POS system for small retailers and shops to process secure transactions and manage their business.


Real-time reports and analytics
Intuitive and simple interface
Affordable prices compared to other POS system providers
Ability to add up to 20,000 products and unlimited categories


Doesn't offer gift cards
Doesn't work for large businesses with advanced requirements

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small and medium businesses
Customer Experience
Via email, phone calls, and text messages

Cloud-based POS software allows you to access your data from anywhere and at any time; it also keeps your data secure and guarantees the safety of your transactions. uAccept POS software does all of that and more. We’ll walk you through its features, pricing, and plans to help you compare it to other POS services and make the right decision.

uAccept POS System Features

For a very affordable price, you can get a multitude of features, up to 20,000 products, and unlimited storage, besides many other security and management features that we'll go through in detail:

Employee management

Apply high-security procedures to your data access, allow certain employees to have unrestricted access, and assign different levels of management to employees based on seniority.

Reports and analytics

uAccept POS provides real-time daily reports and shift reports with the ability to filter data results and view daily, weekly, and monthly sales.

Viewing sales helps owners compare their business performance at different times of the year, making it easy to know which seasons, products, and services bring the best value and revenue.

Setup taxes, fees, and discounts

You don't have to calculate taxes yourself with uAccept cloud-based POS system; it helps you set automated taxes calculations, fees, and discounts as they apply to your services and products.

Customer loyalty

Bring your customers back with the loyalty program, set rewards for selected customers directly on the POS system, and encourage more people to use your services with a free customer loyalty program.

Social media

Let people know about your recent news, discounts, and products sales rating. Explain your services and engage a broader range of customers to join.

uText integration

uAccept enables phone orders and sends confirmations through text messages. You can also offer your customers the chance to text their receipts.

QuickBooks integration

You don't have to set up your own accounting system; cloud-based POS software is preferred for its ease of use and suitability with different types of businesses. uAccept POS system allows integrating QuickBooks to import sales, accept payments, and manage bills automatically.

All devices accessibility

You can access your system dashboard from any device connected to the internet, and at any time, you can view your business performance and solve issues from your tablet or smartphone.

One uAccept account for multiple POS devices

Your business growth can't affect your ability to manage everything from one uAccept account. Whether you have one store or multiple stores with more than one POS device, you can access them all from one account.

Hardware features

  • Capacitive touch screen: The touch screen helps you select specific products, process secure transactions, and type notes if needed for any customer's order, all with the power of your fingertips. uAccept offers an optional barcode scanner that you can use to select products and enter their information right into the system, including price, specifications, and number.
  • Internal printer (with optional external printer): Customize your receipt form with your business name and logo on it, besides any other additional information, such as the address, social media accounts, and links.

  • Integrated customer display: Displays your customized message and outputs live pricing as the transaction is processed.

  • 5 Bill cash drawer: uAccept POS system includes a 5-bill cash drawer that securely holds cash, signed credit card receipts, redeemed coupons, and opens automatically once a cash transaction is processed.

  • Encrypted magnetic card reader: uAccept made payment processing easy and affordable offering the chance to process credit card payments on the POS system with uAccept merchant processing options. All you need to start processing payments is a merchant account or a current merchant processor.


uAccept POS Software Pricing

uAccept offers two POS system options that you can view on their website with their prices and features. These two options are the uAccept MB2000 POS System and the uAccept MB3000 POS System:

The uAccept MB2000 POS System - $449

This option has all the features you'll have when choosing MB3000 POS but at smaller screen size and a more affordable price. The uAccept MB2000 POS System is available for $449.


The uAccept MB3000 POS System - $649

You can have a fully integrated POS screen with cloud-connected software making you safe both time and money. The uAccept MB3000 POS System is available for $649.

uAccept offers an all-in-one POS system that includes the following features:

  • Encrypted magnetic card reader
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • 5 Bill cash drawer
  • Internal printer
  • Integrated customer display
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Phone ordering
  • Full QSR or retail application

Add-ons based on your business needs:

  • Barcode scanner for $129
  • External printer for $279

To set up your uAccept account, you'll have to pay $49/month, as you can add as many accounts as you want. Each additional account is charged for $19/month.


uAccept POS Customer Support


uAccept supports its customers through email, phone calls, and text messages; you can always reach out to one of their representatives to get answers, support, or request a demo session.

  • Sales hours are Mon-Fri, 7 am-4 pm PST
  • Customer Service hours are Mon-Fri 7 am–5 pm PST

uAccept also offers a free demo session to help you get familiar with their POS system; you can request a demo through email, phone, or text messages. We also believe that the best way to learn more about a service is to ask current or previous users.

If you want to know what people think of the uAccept POS system, you can refer to the reviews and testimonials section on the official website to find videos and feedback from real customers.

uAccept is so confident about their POS software and business management solutions that you can head to the official website, click on the "compare" tab, and see how uAccept competes with other POS services on the market.

Final Verdict

uAccept is an affordable POS system with all features that your business might need. The company has a long history of serving small and medium businesses and offering business management solutions.

uAccept also provides a variety of hardware options that work almost for every business with flexible pricing options and a handful of features.

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