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POS Nation

POS Nation Review: Best POS for Business

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POS Nation Review: Best POS for Business

POS Nation is a complete point of sale solution to streamline your business. It can be customized to fit your business and keep it growing to create happy customers and better revenue. More than 10,000 customers and businesses trust it. Continue reading to find out everything it offers.


Easy to use
Flexible and custom plans
Real-time reports
Supports several store businesses


Limited 3rd party integrations
24/7 support is a paid feature for some users

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small and large businesses
Customer Experience
Support center, faqs, live chat, video guids

About POS Nation

Since 2001, POS Nation has evolved to provide retailers top-notch points of easy-to-use sale solutions and great quality. POS Nation has customers across all the United States, hence their name Nation. It is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

POS Nation supports many retail industries, offering point of sale systems and solutions specific to each store’s needs. They are here to serve you and help you think big. In addition, POS Nation solves other POS solution problems such as mandatory monthly fees, long-term contracts, and generic software.

POS Nation Demo

POS Nation would rather show than tell its point-of-sale solutions to your business by offering a free demo. When you schedule a demo with POS Nation, an expert of theirs will offer you a guided tour of their point-of-sale software and its best features that other businesses utilize.

To schedule a demo, you need only fill out a form on their website and tell them about your business, whether it is new or already running. The expert will then contact you and do the rest.

POS Nation Industries Supported

POS Nation has a point-of-sale system customized to many retail industries, including:

Each POS system offers business solutions that include all you need to help your business grow and keep your customers happy.

Retail Store POS

POS Nation’s retail store point-of-sale system will improve your checkout process and provide you with detailed reports to help you make smarter decisions. More POS retail features include:

Streamlining Inventory Management

With inventory management, you know what items you have in stock and how many. You can ease out the reordering process to fill out of stock items or re-fill before you become out of stock.

Quick Transactions

Customized hotkeys will help you reduce errors and reduce checkout time. With one click, you can navigate through products without having to go through long lists.

Employee Management

You can easily manage your employees and track their productivity, clock in/out schedules, set employee-level pay rates and permission levels, and ultimately make better staffing decisions.

Customer Loyalty

POS Nation retail software can help you keep track of recurring customers and provide them with loyalty cards and promos. It also encourages new customers to come back for more.

Tight Security

All credit card transactions are heavily encrypted and are not stored in the database, so sensitive data will not be liable for theft or loss by hackers.

Liquor Store POS

Similar to the retail store point-of-sale system, the liquor store POS provides you with inventory management that helps you to count bottles on shelves and in your stock. Plus, case break tracking allows you to track your inventory by the case, bottle, or six-pack, and the POS system will automatically account for case breaks. Moreover, you also get to offer loyal customers discounts.

More features include:

Vendor Management

This feature allows you to track your vendors, sales, and inventory in one database. You can set reorder thresholds and directly email your distributors.

Unlimited Database

POS Nation liquor store POS provides an unlimited database so you do not need to worry about how many products you have in your inventory.

Sale Tracking and Reporting

Built-in sales reporting and analysis will inform you which beverages and brands are selling more, so you can accurately track your sales and know which brands to offer more of.

Mix and Match Bottle Pricing

You can bundle liquor, wine, or beer together and offer enticing deals to your customers.

Age Verification

POS Nation will help you verify your customer’s ages by scanning their driver’s license to make sure they are over 21, so you avoid serving minors and being fined.

Grocery or Market POS

Grocery and market POS systems include most retail and liquor POS features such as inventory and employee management, unlimited database, mix, and match products. Sales analysis produces over 55 reports on every aspect of your business to help you make smart decisions and avoid inventory shrinkage. More features include:

  • Scale Integration

You can easily call up weighed items and accelerate the checkout process with integrated scanner scales.

  • Hot Keys with Photos

You can quickly find a product’s PLUs with a product’s picture and hotkeys.

Convenience Store POS

Convenience store point-of-sale system includes most of the previously mentioned features of market and retail POS like employee management, age verification, real-time reports, and an unlimited database.

One notable feature is the integration of lottery ticket sales, so you will not need a separate machine for lottery tickets. POS Nation also allows you to detect shoplifting or employee theft and alert you to low inventory.

Tobacco Shop POS

The tobacco shop point-of-sale system allows you to group and print cigar labels and barcodes. You can also customize components for vape packs; POS Nation’s POS software easily allows you to bundle them.

Age verification is also vital to avoid selling tobacco or cigars to minors. Moreover, sales reporting allows you to know which cigar brands are in demand and which vape flavors are more common, so you can build promo offers to your customers and keep them satisfied with the products you have. Sales reporting and inventory management are so included in this POS system.

Garden Center POS

Garden centers POS system provides you with specific features and solutions to keep your business running smoothly. Such features include tracking equipment renting; you can easily keep track of rented equipment, their due dates, quotes, and serial numbers so you know which equipments are currently available and which is not.

You also get customized tree tags of any length and size to fit on your products, in addition to weather-resistant barcodes for outdoor plants. You can also find non-scannable items fast with customized hotkeys.

POS Nation’s POS tablets and scanners are wireless, allowing you to create orders as you walk around with customers. Of course, it also goes without mentioning, inventory management and real-time reports are also included.

Hardware Store POS

Quite similarly to retail and market point of sale systems, Hardware POS provides you with an unlimited database for your inventory and the ability to mix and match hardware and their prices. In addition, barcode and label printing will help your shelves stay organized, as every product will have its own price.

Inventory tracking keeps you informed on your hardware’s quantity, and it automatically deducts the quantity when a purchase is made. In addition, with personalized statements that include payments against specific invoices, optional late fees, and account balance aging, you can conveniently track B2B sales as well as on expenses.

Clothing and Apparel Store POS

POS Nation point-of-sale solutions for your clothing apparel store will help you organize your inventory by style, size, and color. You can also track sales of single items, cartons, packs, or boxes, thus simplifying inventory management. Inventory count is also made easy as the POS system automatically recounts when reorder points are hit or when sales are made.

Employee management keeps you informed about your staff’s working hours and break times. It also calculates their wages according to their hours and ultimately streamlines payroll processing.

Every point-of-sale system from POS Nation accepts all kinds of payments, so you can never lose a sale.

POS Nation Hardware

POS Nation will provide you with commercial-grade point-of-sale hardware. Such hardware includes:

  • Touch PCs
  • Receipt Printers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Pinpads

These devices are advertised as the basic setup you will need for your store. Add-on peripheral devices include:

  • Label and Barcode Printers
  • Customer Displays
  • Scales and Scanner Scales
  • Tablets
  • Handheld Inventory Devices
  • MSRs

POS Nation Software

POS Nation’s point-of-sale software includes all the features mentioned above. It is also compatible with several integrations such as:

  • Mobile Reporting- $15/month
  • Virtual Back Office- $15/month
  • Secure Cloud Backup- $12/month
  • Inventory Import
  • Accounting Integration
  • Website Integration

POS Nation Plans and Prices

POS Nation offers three plans:

Flex Monthly - $99/month

Benefits include:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • POS Software and basic hardware
  • 24/7 unlimited support and training
  • Cancelation by returning hardware

Freedom - $999, one-time payment

Benefits include:

  • Two-year warranty
  • No long-term contract
  • 30 days free 24/7 support
  • POS Software
  • POS basic hardware
  • You own the POS hardware

Custom Build

A custom build entails multiple payment options, no contracts, and no hidden fees. You will need to inform POS Nation of your business needs and get your custom quote. New customers get a one-time discount with the custom build.


A ton of free resources is available on POS Nation’s website to guide you through purchasing and managing your POS system. Resources include video guides, FAQs, blogs, and a POS comparison page.

In addition, a knowledge base is ready to answer your questions about any topic related to POS Nation’s point-of-sale systems, from getting started to their software and hardware.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 for POS Nation’s customers through phone and email. You can also send their team a message via a contact form on their website.

Sales email: [email protected]

Sales phone number: 1-877-727-3548

Support email: [email protected]

Support phone number: 704-405-5089

For general inquires, you can email POS Nation at: [email protected]


POS Nation offers great business point-of-sale solutions for store businesses of all kinds. Their software is packed with all the features you would need to grow your business and satisfy your customers. Moreover, their customer support is always available to help you out, and customer reviews have praised their helpfulness.


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