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Loyverse POS: Review, Features, and Prices

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Loyverse POS: Review, Features, and Prices

Loyverse POS is one of the best free point-of-sale systems on the market, and it offers great comprehensive features that suit small businesses of many kinds. Loyverse supports grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, retails, bars, boutiques, and other service businesses. Continue reading our full review to know everything Loyverse POS has to offer your business.


Free POS System
Loyalty program
Payment processing options


Lacks some restaurant & retail specific features
Users report laggy software

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small businesses
Customer support
Support center, faqs, live chat, community hubs
Gift cards
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price

About Loyverse

Loyverse POS is point-of-sale software that can run on your Android and iOS devices. It is cloud-based which means all your data is stored on Loyverse’s servers and can automatically be synced with any of your new POS turned devices. For a free point-of-sale software, Loyverse POS offers a great deal of features found in most paid point-of-sale systems, such as loyalty programs, multi-location management, and inventory and employee management.

Loyverse POS Features

Loyverse offers its API for developers to build their own application, software, or web-based solutions that expand Loyverse POS capabilities.

Inventory Management

Loyverse POS offers free and paid inventory management features. The free features include:

  • CSV importing
  • Daily notification on low stock
  • Product stock tracking over time

Its paid inventory management features are more comprehensive; they include:

  • Stock transfer between locations
  • Stock level adjusting
  • Label printing with item’s name, SKU, price, and barcode
  • Inventory reports
  • Stock reordering and vendor relationship management

Employee Management

Loyverse free employee management tools only include a clock tool that tracks your employee’s working hours. The paid employee management tools include more features such as:

  • Employee access restrictions
  • Subaccounts for employees
  • Employee performance tracking
  • Cash discrepancy identification


Loyverse offers a separate free application for analytics and reporting, “Loyverse Dashboard,” which allows you to analyze your store’s growth as you view your revenue, average sales, and profits. You can also track sale growth across different timings and pinpoint which items are performing well and which are not.

Moreover, it also allows you to view stock levels and apply filters to notify you when items are sold out or running low, and finally, you could easily export sales data to spreadsheets.


Loyverse POS offers some payment features, which include:

  • applying discounts to specific items
  • accepting payments offline
  • sending receipts via text or email
  • processing refunds.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are extra-paid features in many point-of-sale systems, but Loyverse POS provides it for free. Customers who are part of your business’s loyalty program will be able to earn points with every purchase and redeem them with future purchases or discounts.

Retail Features

Loyverse POS for retail includes all the features mentioned above, including a few specific features, which include the Loyverse app that turns your smartphone into a barcode scanner, with the addition of unlimited product variants to your catalog.

Restaurant Features

The same features also apply to its point-of-sale restaurant system, in addition to the ability to open, edit, and close tickets and apply an unlimited number of modifiers to an order. You can also organize menus by category and update menus by time, and lastly, take note of whether your customer wants to dine in, request delivery, or take out their orders.

Integrations and Add-ons

Loyverse offers a marketplace for applications that can seamlessly integrate with its POS system; applications include Accounting, eCommerce, Marketing, and Connectors.

Extra add-ons offered by Loyverse include:

  1. Loyverse Kitchen Display System

Loyverse KDS (Kitchen Display System) is a smartphone application compatible with both Android and iOS that connects with your point-of-sale system to display orders to your kitchen staff.

Order tickets are color-coded to display priority, and a setting can be configured for the KDS to make a noise when a new order comes in.

  1. Loyverse Customer Display System

Loyverse CDS (Customer Display System) is also a mobile application for iOS and Android that provides customers a user-facing interface to view their orders before payment. The user interface includes the products ordered, modifiers, taxes, discounts, loyalty points earned, and any other requested information. Customers can also enter their emails to receive a digital receipt.

Loyverse POS Plans and Prices

Loyverse POS is a free point-of-sale system that only charges fees for advanced inventory and employee management features.

Employee Management- $5/month/employee or $50/year/employee

Advanced Inventory Management- $25/month/store or $250/year/store

Integrations - $9/month/store or $90/year/store

All add-ons include 24/7 priority support via online chat, and you are also offered a 14-day free trial to test out their features.

As for payment processing, Loyverse works with the following payment processors:

  • SumUp
  • Tyro
  • Zettle
  • Yoco

All payment providers allow credit cards, NFC, EMV, and magstripe payments.

SumUp charges 2.65% for each transaction using the SumUP credit card reader and 2.95% plus 15 cents on virtual terminal transactions. SumUp has flexible month-to-month plans, and you can cancel at any time.

Loyverse POS Hardware

As for hardware, Loyverse offers an inclusive marketplace where you can shop for your POS hardware. Available hardware includes:

  • Receipt printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Terminal stands
  • Cash drawers
  • Label printers

All hardware prices are quote-based, so you will need to contact Loyverse to get your price.

Customer Support

You can reach customer support through live chat on Loyverse’s website. A help center and a user guide are also available to help you through any issues or inquiries you may have while using their point-of-sale system. Loyverse also offers a community hub for its customers to engage with each other, to ask and answer each other's questions or problems.

Final Thoughts

Loyverse POS is one of the best free point-of-sale systems that offer great features that other POS providers charge for. Its flagship feature is its loyalty program, which also comes free of charge. You get a 14-day free trial with the paid integration and add-ons such as their customer and kitchen displays.

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