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Lavu POS: Restaurant Solutions Built by Restaurant People

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Lavu POS: Restaurant Solutions Built by Restaurant PeopleLavu POS: Restaurant Solutions Built by Restaurant People

When Lavu launched in 2010, it brought with it a new type of POS - changing the future of restaurant technology. Older POS systems, or what is called legacy systems, were costly, created more hassle, and needed constant expensive maintenance. Then came Lavu’s POS, which set the stage for a more modern and easier way to run a restaurant.

Lavu introduced the very first iPad POS: an easy-to-use, simple, cost-effective Point of Sale system that all managers need to take their businesses to the next level of success.


Competitive prices
Made specifically for restaurants
Payment processor agnostic
System is easy-to-use
Cash discounting program


Not Android Compatible

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small and medium
Customer support
Tickets, emails, live chat, and phone support
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price
$59 per month


Lavu POS Restaurant Types

Lavu knows that not every restaurant is the same, so they go the extra mile to customize each hardware set and plan to fit any type of restaurant. Some of these features include:

  • Ice-Cream Shop POS
    • Scale Integration
    • Minimal Footprint
    • Ingredient-Level Inventory
  • Food Truck POS
    • Space-Saving
    • Top Security
    • Quick-Serve Mode
  • Winery POS
    • Menu Customizations
    • Offline Mode
    • Simplified Payments
  • Brewery POS
    • Quick-Select Items
    • Schedule Shifts
    • Merchandise
  • Pizza POS
    • Pizza Creator
    • Build Any Pizza
    • Customer-Facing Display
  • Bar POS
    • Promotions and Happy Hours
    • Preauthorized Tabs
    • Inventory Control
  • Coffee Shop POS
    • Simple, Inexpensive Setup
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Industry-Leading Processing Rates

Lavu Features

Lavu offers a variety of features in every field to make your restaurant prosper in the best ways.

Menu Management

Lavu provides your restaurant with all the menu customization features you might want or need. For example, you can create menu groups and assign modifiers to certain menu items. You can also assign deals to certain items (e.g., Breakfast deals). Lavu also allows you to create a combination of orders to assign them a different menu; the Combo menu. For example, you can combine a burger sandwich with soda and fries. Additionally, Lavu makes it easy to create and customize happy hours, daily specials, and weekend menus as well.

The best thing about Lavu's menu management is that it synchronizes to your inventory, meaning that if a certain ingredient is out of stock, the menu automatically updates so that customers know the product is not available.

Inventory Management

Lavu’s Inventory feature allows you to track your inventory in real-time, so you always have an idea of the quantity and price of each ingredient and menu item. This makes it easy to organize and manage items, so you never run out of something. In addition, you can automate the system so that it reorders any item before it goes out of stock, and you can transfer inventory between your different stores and warehouses.

Staff Management

Lavu’s POS is designed so that your employees are able to easily punch in and out using their specific PIN. Lavu also allows you to create and customize schedules for your employees, assign roles to each worker, and assign them their pay rates. You can also assign each worker different levels of access to the system, allow workers to trade shifts among each other, and finally, split tips between them at the end of each shift.

Customer Management

With Lavu, you can create and keep a customer database containing a customer's order history, contact info, and payment info (you should always ask for their permission).

Lavu also has a loyalty program called "Lavu Loyalty." This feature allows you to give your customers a loyalty card where every time they buy something, they get points in return, and eventually, they can exchange these points with shop cash.

The system also allows gift cards; you buy these gift cards from the website and offer them to customers.


As expected from a restaurant POS, Lavu supports tableside ordering. You can bring your iPad to a table and take the customers' orders easily. 

For tableside ordering, Lavu has two helpful features:

  • Quick Select - this makes sure that all the hot dishes and items are always on top to make it easier for you to add them to the order.
  • Hold and Fire - with this feature, you can assign each item a time to be prepared, in case not everyone wants to be served at the same time. 

As for takeout and delivery, Lavu’s online-ordering platform, MenuDrive, is a great addition to your restaurant’s ordering capabilities. MenuDrive is powered by Lavu, and can seamlessly integrate with your existing restaurant website and POS. MenuDrive also features a library of fully customizable website templates that you can use in lieu of your existing website. Customers can place orders on your website, and then orders will go directly to the kitchen once a customer completes the payment. 

MenuDrive allows restaurants to easily track and manage delivery orders, create coupons, view in-depth reporting, and more.

Cash Discount Program

The Cash Discount Program can help you generate savings by allowing restaurants to avoid credit card transaction charges. So if customers choose to pay with cash, you end up cutting on expenses, keeping up with your competitors, and preventing menu price increases.

This program is legal in all 50 states and fully compliant with major credit cards, so you do not have to worry about it being illegal. Lavu will even provide custom signage to make your customers aware of the program.

Reports and Analytics

The system generates real-time reports and analytics of sales, inventory, and performance. There is also a free iPhone app you can use to track data; the app is called "Pilot." 

You get to see and control many reports related to your restaurant, including daily and hourly sales, costs, and top-selling products. Data can also be for your physical or online store, or both at the same time.

Payment Processors

Lavu Pay is Lavu's default payment processor, which is structured according to the fixed-rate pricing model. Lavu is also processor agnostic, meaning restaurants can integrate third-party payment processors that they already have with Lavu POS.

Lavu Plans and Pricing

Pricing - Starting at $59/month

Starter Plan - This plan is $59/mo, and includes Lavu POS for 1 terminal, Lavu Pay, Cash Discounting, Lavu Pilot, Gift Card options, Lavu Loyalty, Team Management, Inventory, Reporting, Bluetooth Scale Plug-in, and 24/7 Support.

Growth Plan - This plan is $129/mo, and includes everything from the Starter Plan, plus MenuDrive Online Ordering, DoorDash Delivery, QR Code Ordering, and API Access.

Optimize Plan - This plan is $279/mo, and includes everything from the Growth Plan, plus Lavu POS for an additional terminal, Tableside ordering up to 5 devices, Kitchen Display System, Sourcery AP Automation, and a Quickbooks/Xero integration.


Lavu has three starter kits for hardware that is compatible with its software, as follows:

  • Simple Bundle for $399.99 - it includes an iPad stand and a card reader.
  • Quick Service Bundle for $1,220.99 - it comes with a stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, and a card reader.
  • Full-Service Bundle for $1,499.99 - it comes with everything included in the Quick Service Bundle + a kitchen printer. 

All plans come with a 4-hour setup and free consultation. 

If you don't want to buy a whole bundle, you can buy hardware devices separately. Lavu sells iPad stands, mounts, enclosures, credit card readers (accept swipe, dip, and contactless payment), receipt printers, barcode scanners, barcode label printers, cash drawers, and routers. You can also buy gift card packages.

You can even buy digital menu boards that can be customized according to your business and its needs. On these menus, you can share photos of your meals, prices, nutritional info, and if there are any daily specials. Menus can also be set to automatically change and update according to the time of the day to display breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Digital menus can also work offline.

Final Words

Lavu is a great choice for a POS if you have a restaurant, a coffee shop, an ice cream shop, and so on. It offers a variety of features at an affordable price.

Lavu offers the whole package of menu management, order management, inventory management & tracking, online ordering, real-time reports, and much more.

The whole system has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use by workers and customers. 

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