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Brilliant POS

Brilliant POS System Review: A Full-Service POS Provider

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Brilliant POS System Review: A Full-Service POS Provider

Brilliant POS system caters to a wide range of industries and offers budget-friendly solutions to boost your business growth and get insights on how your business performs. If your internet goes down, it shouldn't be a problem with Briliant POS software; you can still run transactions offline. Read through our article for more about Briliant POS software's prices, features, and perks.


Serves multiple types of businesses
Cloud-based POS software
Affordable prices compared to other POS system providers
Offline payment processing is available


Few app integrations
The software might not be compatible with existing systems

Quick Stats

Business size supported
All business sizes
Customer support
Via email, and phone
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price

Brilliant POS is a BBB A+ rated provider with about ten years in the field and multiple business management solutions. After reviewing Brilliant POS features and reading its users' experience, we'll tell you why we chose the Brilliant POS system to be on our list.

What Industries Does Brilliant Cater to?


Brilliant POS system is a full-service provider that caters to multiple industries, making it a convenient solution to boost your business. Whether you have a restaurant, a healthcare center, or a small shop, Brilliant POS features meet your requirements. If your services are one of these fields, you might want to give Brilliant POS a chance:

  • Retail: Jewelry store, liquor store, tobacco, wine, clothes, boutique, gift shop, beauty supply, nursery, school store, vape, sporting goods, hoppy shop, candy shop, furniture store, pet supply store, fabric store, garden center.
  • Bar and restaurant: Pizzaria, bar and nightclubs, hospitality, fine dining, drive-thru, delivery services.
  • Quick serve: Cafe, yogurt, fast food, coffee, ice cream shop, cafeteria, food truck.
  • Grocery: Dollar stores, supermarkets.
  • Salons, spas, and fitness facilities.


Brilliant POS Software Features

No matter your business type, you'll always have features that make managing your business a breeze. So let's see what Brilliant POS has to offer based on your business requirements:

Inventory management

A wasteful investment might cost a business a lot of its resources. Instead, an owner must be aware of which products/services clients consume and order more. Inventory management tools send automated alerts when a product is about to go out of stock or when a product isn't making enough revenue, allowing the business owner to make the required changes to beef up the business sales. Inventory management can be designed to make automated reorders and manage all categories from one place.

Manage your inventory at the item level, set low stock alerts, and track food preparation at the ingredient level. You can also set up an automated reordering option whenever a product is out-of-stock.

Mobile-based hardware

This option makes it easy for your staff to process purchases, answer questions, order out-of-stock products, and check inventory from any device with remote login.

Marketing campaigns

Prepare reports with your clients' behavior and preferences to customize marketing campaigns through email and monitor customers' responses.

Customer engagement

Engage your customers and turn them into fans by creating loyalty programs, customized gift cards, and rewards with points and discounts. You can also give your customers a personalized experience by sending them coupons and incentives via email or physical email.

Single technology platform

If you run your own restaurant or bar, it's crucial to track the cash flow, know every day's sales minus the cost, and manage all your business's aspects from one place. Brilliant POS system makes it simple to manage your restaurant in the most efficient manner possible.

Mobile functionality

Move food faster and reduce the waiting time with Brilliant POS mobile functionality that helps employees take orders, make reservations, manage table layout, make order changes.

Adjust the menu

Whether you need to add more dishes or make changes to the existing ones, Brilliant POS offers the Menu Admin function to help you make changes easily and with a few clicks.

Build customer loyalty

Brilliant POS includes robust CRM functionality to capture customers' information and understand their menu habits and preferences. Knowing your audience's interests and needs helps you design marketing campaigns to fit what your clients prefer.

Fast processing

Customers never like waiting for too long in a line, it's one of the reasons why a customer won't come back to your business, but Brillian POS promises to provide Quick Serve POS to help your staff enter customers orders, process payments, and provide fast and convenient service.

Wireless-based hardware

Whenever your business witnesses a busy day, you can count on Brilliant POS wireless-based hardware for a more flexible business flow. You can assign one of the staff to take the POS directly to customers at their places, process their payments, take their orders, or give them information about certain products/services right away, and no more waiting in a long line.

Manage multiple locations

Brilliant POS provides solutions that support your business growth. Whether you run a single location or multiple locations, your POS system allows you to manage them all from one dashboard. You can see inventory levels and financial metrics.

ID verification

Brilliant POS system provides store owners with ID verification to avoid any data entry errors. The ID verification links the POS system with the customers' database, making it easy to connect to rewards and loyalty programs.


Brilliant POS Cost and Pricing


Brilliant POS pricing and solutions are tiered based on your business needs and requirements. The plans are categorized into (Clover Mini/Mobile/Flex, Clover Station, and CRE/RPE). The plans are priced as follows:

Clover Mini (Payments Plus)

For small enterprises or those who take their first steps in the field, Cover Mini is a good option to start with. It offers all essential features to run your business and only for $4.95. With Clover Mini, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Accept all forms of payments
  • Send and store digital receipts
  • Capture electronic signature and tips
  • Enable customer engagement marketing
  • Set employee permissions and shifts
  • 24/7 US-based phone support

Clover Mobile (Register Lite)

Take your business management to the next level with the inventory functionality and order management option for a price that starts at $9.95. With Register Lite, you'll get all Clover Mini features plus:

  • Basic inventory management
  • Basic order management
  • Personalized setup and training
  • Expanded access to Clover App Market

Clover Flex (Register)

Enjoy the unlimited features of Brilliant POS and grow your business for $39.95 only. For any additional devices, you'll be charged $9.95 only. Besides Clover Mini and Clover Mobile features, you'll have the following:

  • Advanced item management
  • Advanced order management
  • Full access to Clover App Market
  • Connect to a weight scale, kitchen printer, add menu modifiers and table management

Clover Station

For more advanced features and complete management of all your business aspects, you can opt for this option, which allows highly flexible options including:

  • Monitor your credit and cash sales in real-time from anywhere

  • Capture electronic signatures and tips on-screen

  • Advanced item management (item level variants and costs)

  • Advanced order management (types, exchanges, and combine)

  • Set employee permissions

  • Full access to Clover App Market

  • Connect to a weight scale, kitchen printer, add menu modifiers, and table management

Clover CRE or RPE (one-time $799 payment)

Monthly payments can be a headache; this option is for those who want to keep the deal going for a lifetime with Brilliant POS. You can have all that your business requires to boost your business, build your brand recognition with the following features:

  • Integrated signature capture EMV pin pad

  • Employee schedules and permissions

  • Advanced Inventory Management

  • On-house customer accounts and built-in loyalty

  • Connect to weight scales, kitchen printer, add menu modifiers, and table management

  • Personalized setup and training


Brilliant POS Customer Support


Brilliant POS supports its customers through email and phone calls. If you're not sure whether or not Brilliant POS is the right choice for your business, you can reach out to one of the representatives and explain your needs and how Brilliant POS assists your growth.

Besides the personal demo session, there is a section for customers' reviews and feedback to get familiar with the software and its features.

Final Verdict

Brilliant POS provides features that suit almost all types of enterprises, and whether you run one store or multiple stores, you'll find a suitable plan for your business. If not sure yet, you can always refer to Brilliant POS free quote, fill out your name, email, phone, business type, and the number of stations to receive dedicated assistance for your business needs.

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