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PEO Selection Simplified: A PEO360 Review

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PEO Selection Simplified: A PEO360 Review

Updated: November 12th, 2023

PEO360 is a PEO broker that simplifies the task of choosing the right Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for your company. They serve businesses of all sizes and industries with an unbiased approach. This article explores the advantages and potential drawbacks of partnering with PEO360 and their tailored approach to addressing unique business needs.


Time efficiency
Tailored PEO solutions
Zero cost to clients


Not an administrator
Potential for added costs


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At a Glance

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, PEO360 is a PEO broker with a mission to assist businesses in discovering their ideal PEO for sustained growth. They offer an unbiased approach and expert guidance in finding the most suitable solutions for their clients, saving businesses time and money. 360 ensures a customized approach to selecting the best PEO provider from a diverse range of top options by assessing the unique needs of each business.

Industries & Businesses

As a versatile broker, PEO360 doesn't limit itself to specific industries, ensuring businesses across diverse sectors benefit from its wide range of services. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to industry giants, by connecting them with a PEO tailored to their unique needs. This ensures a scalable partnership that supports your company through future years of growth.

Services & Features

PEO360 is a trusted PEO broker, providing businesses with expert consulting to streamline processes. They offer free, unbiased evaluations of three to five top PEOs, leveraging strategic relationships to secure better prices. The flexibility of month-to-month agreements allows businesses to adapt with just 30 days' notice. Essentially, PEO360 guides businesses in finding their ideal partner for sustained growth and success, making the process seamless and personalized.

How does it work?

PEO360 employs a strategic process to address your PEO requirements. First, they research different options in the initial discovery phase. Following this, a comprehensive analysis evaluates the financial and benefits aspects of several high-quality PEOs, which enables them to provide tailored recommendations. Lastly, 360 negotiates better prices for the client, ensuring they save money and get a solution that fits their budget.

How Much Does It Cost?

PEO360 operates free of charge on behalf of their clients, leveraging strategic partnerships with renowned PEOs to secure favorable prices. 360 adopts a fixed compensation regardless of the chosen PEO, eliminating any incentive to promote a more expensive option for a higher payout and prioritizing clients' needs over financial gain.


PEO360 stands out as an invaluable partner for businesses seeking to optimize their HR processes, despite the numerous myths and conceptions, offering many advantages:

Zero cost to clients: One of the standout benefits is that PEO360 operates entirely free of charge on behalf of their clients. This financial relief allows businesses to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on their core operations.

Time efficiency: With over 800 PEOs in the US, finding the ideal PEO for a small business can be daunting. 360 saves businesses precious time by expertly evaluating three to five of the best PEOs, ensuring a swift and effective selection process that aligns with the company's unique needs and priorities.

Tailored PEO solutions: PEO360 takes a personalized approach, meticulously assessing each business's specific needs and objectives. This results in providing tailored PEO solutions that address the intricacies of the company and its employees, fostering a partnership that truly fits.

Guaranteed unbiased guidance: PEO360 sets a fixed amount for their compensation, regardless of which PEO the client chooses. This means that the financial incentive for 360 remains consistent, regardless of the cost or structure of the selected PEO. Ultimately, clients can trust that they will receive impartial advice and recommendations without hidden agendas.


While PEO360 offers valuable services, it's essential to consider some potential disadvantages:

Not an administrator

PEO360 functions as a broker, specializing in finding the ideal PEO for businesses. However, they do not administer plans and solutions themselves. This means that companies will need to engage directly with the chosen PEO to implement and manage HR solutions, potentially adding an extra layer of coordination.

Potential for added costs

Although PEO360 operates at no cost to their clients, businesses should be aware of a potential downside. The chosen PEO may charge additional fees to cover the cost of engaging 360's services. This could result in businesses paying more than if they had approached the PEO directly, impacting the overall cost-effectiveness of the arrangement.

Limited PEO evaluation pool

Their established relationships may constrain PEO360's evaluation process. They may only assess PEOs with whom they have existing partnerships, potentially excluding other companies in the market. This limitation could mean businesses should explore options that might better suit their needs.

Client Feedback 

While PEO360 currently has limited reviews, the existing feedback on G2 sheds some light on their services. According to the single review available, the 360 team was amazing to work with. They described them as seasoned HR experts and were especially helpful in guiding them through the PEO evaluation process. 360 guided the client through the evaluation process, making it easy to understand their options and choose the best fit for their business. According to the review, there's nothing not to like about their services, and the founder appreciated the relief of having some responsibilities taken off their plate. 

How Do I Contact PEO360?

Reaching out to PEO360 is easy and convenient. You can drop them a message on LinkedIn or fill out a contact form for written inquiries. Alternatively, you can email them at; however, if you prefer a live conversation, simply call them at (855) 667 4621 during regular business hours. They'll promptly respond to your message or call you briefly to address your needs.

Concluding Remarks

PEO360 is a partner that simplifies selecting the right Professional Employer Organization (PEO). This broker offers unbiased guidance to businesses of all sizes and industries, emphasizing advantages such as zero cost, time efficiency, tailored solutions, and guaranteed unbiased guidance. While potential drawbacks include limited direct administration and the chance of added costs, client feedback highlights the team's expertise. 

To optimize your search for alternative service providers, explore our comparison tool or refer to our list of top PEO companies for more detailed insights.

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What is PEO360, and what services do they offer?
How does PEO360 compare to other Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)?
What industries does PEO360 specialize in serving?
How will using PEO360 affect my current benefits?
What is PEO360, and what services do they offer?
How does PEO360 compare to other Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)?
What industries does PEO360 specialize in serving?

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