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Remote: Full Review, Services and Solutions

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Remote: Full Review, Services and Solutions

Remote is a highly rated PEO services provider that is trusted by leaders of remote work organizations, such as DoorDash, HelloFresh, GitLab, and much more. Remote's services will provide you with international payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses of any size across a range of industries. Continue reading our full Remote review to know everything it has to offer.


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About Remote

Remote PEO services allow you to hire and pay compliantly in over sixty countries and onboard employees or contractors in minutes. Remote dubs itself as the new standard in global HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance. Customer reviews praise Remote's resources and wide range of services that boost their presence and help them hire the best talent regardless of borders and time zones.

Remote Services

Employer of Record (EOR)

Employer of Record is a global employment services provider that aids you in legally employing people in other countries. With an EOR at your business's fingertips, you allow your company to expand its operations globally without having to establish a local entity.

An employer of record will provide you with a variety of services on behalf of your company; such services revolve around HR and legal functions, including:

  • Hiring full-time workers remotely and legally
  • Running payroll for all employees in any country
  • Handling benefits administration for global workers
  • Managing international contractors
  • Distributing employee stock options across national borders

Contractor Management

Remote simplifies your global contractor hiring process with the ability to create and manage payments and invoices with a single click. Their experts will help you create contracts tailored to local labor laws with helpful templates to protect you and your contract workers from fines and penalties.

As for payouts and invoices, you can pay your contractors in more than 100 different currencies with a single click using Remote's intuitive platform. You will also be provided with all the help and advice you need to make the most of Remote's contractor tools from Remote's expert support team.

Global Payroll

Global Payroll is more than just processing payments to your international or remote employees. It provides you with a range of services that allow you to hire and pay top talent swiftly and in full compliance.

Global Payroll services provide you with:

1. Global employment services

Global employment services from with an EOR will provide you with:

  • Payroll management
  • Benefits administration
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Legal responsibility assignment

2. Localized payroll services

Global Payroll services can also handle your local payroll needs and benefits administration in the countries where your business is established. However, it will not employ workers on your behalf at your local entities, as you will be responsible for your own in-country legal obligations.

3. Contractor payment services

Global payroll services include providing payroll processing to your international, full-time, or part-time contractors. Remote will ensure your business does not violate any laws or guidelines regardless of your contractors' countries.

Overall, global payroll services will:

  • Employ workers on your behalf
  • Provide you with intellectual property protection
  • Secure your labor law compliance
  • Provide you with payroll for your local entities
  • Provide you with benefits administration and management
  • Facilitate contractor payments


Remote provides you with unique relocation services that help you relocate to where you want in a seamless process. Relocation services include:

  • Visa guidance and sponsorship
  • Local immigration and tax guidance
  • Relocation and settling-in assistance
  • Insurance
  • Cross-cultural training

In a three-step process, your employee relocation will be easy. First, Remote's team will walk you through the whole process. Then, they will collect information about your employee for the pre-visa assessment, and lastly, they will provide your employee with all the relocation preparation to make the process as smooth as possible.

Remote's team will handle all the legal aspects of obtaining a work visa or permit, as it will secure all the necessary documentation on your behalf. The process's time is dependent on the move, as each move is unique; Remote will ensure the shortest possible time and a smooth relocation transition.

Consultation Services

Remote offers you a wide range of consulting services for all its services and solutions. Remote's experts will help you safeguard your business throughout every step of your growth strategy. Such consulting services include:

Global Employment Needs Assessments

Remote will provide you with tips for identifying the right employment partner and learning which approach is best for organizational structures. You will know everything you need to know to hire anywhere in the world with speed and security.

Global Employee Relocation Consultation

Remote will provide you with practical advice for commencing a long-term or short-term employee relocation. Additionally, you will receive aid in examining important country and region-specific immigration laws and get the vital information you need regarding visas, taxes, and employment regulations.

Talent Acquisition Strategy Session

Remote will help you uncover the best practices to identify, engage, and onboard the best talent worldwide. You will get an assessment of your current hiring processes and expert aid in eliminating tough global hiring challenges so you can maintain diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Remote will also help you know how to build competitive benefits packages and hiring campaigns so you retain the best talent and reduce your employee turnover rate.

Security and Data Privacy Evaluation

Security and data privacy evaluation will get you a clear picture of potential security gaps that could influence your organization. With Remote's team of experts, you get to review the top security and data threats and identify key opportunities and strategies to enhance your security and data protection.

Lastly, you will be advised on which security certifications you should require from all your vendors.

Visa and Work Permit Advice

Visa and work permit consultation will get you all the information you need on how to avoid visa and permit difficulties that can hold up an application. In addition, you will learn about all the laws that could impact your global hiring ability in certain countries and know what employment options are available in your target countries.

Equity Incentive Planning Consultation

Remote's team will help you review your current equity plan and learn how you could apply it to international workers. You will also acquire critical insights on local tax and regulatory treatments. Lastly, their team of experts will help you discover ways to improve any underlying agreements and compatibility with an EOR.

Global Compliance and Employment Tax Analysis

Remote's dedicated tax and compliance team will help you analyze any tax implications from hiring in a target country and local tax requirements and permanent establishment assessment. They will also help you understand how local taxes can impact employment benefits, including stock options. Finally, they will examine the tax impacts of hiring digital workers in certain countries.

Remote Solutions

Remote offers one secure modern platform that allows you to manage your entire global workforce. Its platform solutions include the following:

Hiring employees

This solution packs the following features and benefits:

  • Competitive local benefits
  • World-class service
  • Compliance with local laws
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Ironclad IP and invention protection
  • Stock options and equity support

Hiring Contractors

Contractor management solution will allow you to faster, easier global payouts, contracts tailored to local labor laws, and one-place management for all processes. The process of hiring remote contractors goes like this:

  1. Onboard your contractors
  2. Have them sign their contracts
  3. Have them submit their invoices through Remote
  4. You approve the invoice and send the payment
  5. Remote pays your contractors in their local currency

Payroll Management

Payroll solution offered by Remote packs the following features:

  • International payments
  • Payroll processing
  • Tax deductions
  • Tax returns
  • Pension collections
  • Pay-slips
  • Benefit administration
  • Expense management
  • Time off management
  • Bonuses and other incentives
  • Reporting and compliance
  • Secure document storage

Benefits Administration and Management

Remote will provide you with advice on a wide range of benefits packages such as Medical Insurance, Travel Insurance, 401(k) Accounts, Mental Health Support, Pension Schemes, and much more.

Remote does benefits differently because it will provide you with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. It will help you curate local plans and set up automated management after onboarding your employees. Remote's benefits solution has ensured compliance, and you will always be provided with advice from their experts whenever you require it.

Remote Plans and Prices

Remote offers four plans for its services and solutions:

Contractor Management: Free

This plan allows you to do the following:

  • Onboard international contractors quickly and compliantly with localized contracts and guidance on local labor laws
  • Pay contractors on time in their local currency with zero exchange fees
  • Manage all employment documents in our secure platform
  • Automatically generate 1099s for US contractors
  • Automatically approve recurring contractor invoices with one click

Employee of Record (EOR): $299/employee/month, 1st month free.

EOR package allows you to:

  • Hire international employees and let us handle local payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance
  • Competitive benefits packages tailored to each country
  • Get support from local HR and legal experts, no third-party delays
  • Ensure your IP and invention rights are fully protected

Global Payroll: Quote-based

This package is quote-based, as Remote will devise a unique price for your business. The global payroll package includes the following:

  • Consolidate payroll processing across multiple countries
  • Ensure compliance with ever-changing local payroll regulations
  • Generate and access payroll reports by country
  • Reduce costs by centralizing payroll management

Remote Enterprise: Quote-based

This plan is the fully-featured package of services and solutions that Remote has to offer. Its pricing is also quote-based, as you will get a customized price that suits your business's size and requirements. Its features include:

  • Dedicated support for onboarding multiple employees at once
  • Dedicated support team to guide you every step of the way
  • Free consultations with our in-house HR and legal experts
  • Customized reporting, benefits and payroll administration, and system integrations

Customer Support

You can reach Remote's team by live chat from their website or by submitting a ticket or scheduling a call with their sales team through their Contact Us page. You can also email them at for any questions or inquiries.

Final Thoughts

Remote revolutionizes the way businesses can operate remotely as it offers the most inclusive PEO and EOR services and solutions. It can help you with any aspect of your business and provide your employees with easy relocation processes. Remote's highlight services lie in their international hiring processes, contractor management, and global payroll services.

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