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Zoho Valut: Online Security and Advanced Features

Zoho Valut: Online Security and Advanced Features

It is definitely hard to recall all your passwords, separate business passwords from personal ones, and refill them every time you log in to your account. However, Zoho Vault is a great solution, it helps keep your personal and business data detached and separated, allowing easier corporate and personal experience. We will go through everything related to Zoho Vault in this review.


Easy to use
Free version
Two-Factor authentication
Mobile application
Travel mode
Great security


Most features only applicable to larger businesses
Lacks web form filling ability.


Quick Stats

Web app, Android, and iOS
Customer Support
24/7 E-mail and chat
Ease of Use
Simple and User-friendly
Free Plans
Offers a free version
Free Trial
15-day free trial for the Enterprise plan
Number of Devices
Highly secure and trusted
Starting Price

Although Zoho Vault is targeted towards corporates and businesses, it is still beneficial and highly secure for personal use. It helps generate lengthy passwords and import them across multiple devices, making it straightforward and user-friendly.


General Features

Zoho Vault offers several functions that you may use and enjoy, but what makes it unique with its wide list of competitors? The following are the many features of Zoho Vault:

  • Secure and share passwords: It helps securely save your passwords, share them and manage them anywhere. So you remain organized with Zoho Vault while your credentials are safe. It also has a password generator tool to generate passwords and secure them for you.
  • Manage access: Users, Admins, and Super Admins. These different access levels specify how much information you are allowed to see and use. For example, the super admin decides who is the user and who is the admin. The user-level is monitored and can only access limited data. For example, the admin level can share and select passwords.
  • Update new passwords: Zoho Vault automatically changes your password for 50 websites. You can also set timely alerts to receive notifications to change your passwords every 60 days.
  • Additional security for critical passwords: You nominate admins to approve access requests. You can also schedule access in advance with a valid reason and time; your admins can grant access when the passwords are needed.
  • Track actions: Monitor every step taken by your company with real-time audits. You can see who accesses what passwords and what actions have been taken.
  • HelpDesk: Zoho Vault integrates with many popular HelpDesk solutions, such as Zoho desk and ZenDesk, to help its corporate users increase the protection of their essential shared passwords by controlling password access requests through verified help desk tickets.
  • Exclusive reports: Zoho Vault provides reports to manage users and their passwords. It shows all passwords shared, unchanged, and frequently accessed passwords and identifies active users.
  • Restrict access: Enable access to specific IPs and IP areas and block access to other IP areas.
  • Data backups: Zoho Vault allows you to back up data to your cloud accounts or email periodically to stay prepared for any emergency.
  • Travel mode: Your passwords travel everywhere with Zoho Vault mobile applications.
  • Emergency access: You can add emergency contacts to grant access to your data in an emergency. You can add or revoke this access anytime you need.
  • Set expiration date for a shared data: You can grant access to an employee for a limited time and then revoke it when necessary.

Plans and Pricing

Zoho Vault provides various advanced features that a regular user would look for; you can use a free version for life or upgrade to the paid version; we will be illustrating the differences in this section.

Plans Free Standard Professional Enterprise
Starting price Free $1 per month $4 per month $7 per month
Passwords Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Generate strong passwords Available Available Available Available
Emergency access Not available Not available Available Available
Share folders Not available Not available Available Available
Mobile application Available on Android and iOS Available on Android and iOS Available on Android and iOS Available on Android and iOS
Cloud backup Not available Available Available Available
Help desk integration Not available Not available Not available Available
SIEM integration Not available Not available Not available Available

Free plan

Zoho Vault provides a strong free plan that will let you use most features. It allows you to save unlimited passwords, attach files, access from mobile, generate passwords, access your vault offline, import and export passwords, and use two-factor authentication.


In addition to the free plan features, this plan allows you to share information with team members and third parties; you can grant access based on the employee's role and transfer ownership of passwords. It offers centralized admin control to manage your employees' access and actions. It also allows you to back up data to the cloud to recover them in an emergency. An admin can restrict access based on IP address when a potential breach is about to happen. If you are a small business owner, this plan will make a good choice for you. The starting price of this plan is $0.9 per month.


Moving on to larger corporates, adding to the standard features, this plan is designed for a minimum of 5 users. It allows corporates to create and manage user groups and share folders amongst colleagues. It also offers activity reports to manage user access and password use. In addition, this plan has emergency access, where you can add emergency contacts to grant access to your data in case of an emergency. You can add or revoke this access anytime you need. The starting price of this plan is $4per month.


The starting price of this plan is $7per month. This plan allows you to use everything in the previous plans. In addition, large corporate who subscribe to this plan can also use the following features:

  • Active Directory integration and user provisioning
  • Single sign-on for cloud apps
  • Password access control (request-release) workflow
  • Custom alerts for password events
  • Integration with Okta and OneLogin
  • Help desk integration
  • SIEM integration
  • Rebranding

Security and Privacy

Host-proof-hosting technique

Zoho Vault uses the Host-proof-hosting technique, which means holding sensitive data in an encrypted form to ensure that only the user has access to their data via a master password that is never sent onto the server.

Secure Connection

only encrypted data (AES-256 bit) is sent over the internet. Zoho Vault also uses Transport Layer Security encryption with strong ciphers for all connections. Your data is encrypted with extreme privacy and data security when sent across two devices. Zoho Vault is also tested against vulnerabilities.

Secure sharing of passwords

Zoho Vault allows you to share password data securely with your organization's trusted team members. This process is highly secure and private, as the sharing process is supported with host-proof-hosting and RSA encryption. RSA is trusted and highly used for secure data transmission.

User Experience

Zoho Vault ease-of-use

 Zoho Vault is easy to use. For your personal use, Here are the steps to import your passwords to Zoho Vault:

Step one: you'll start by selecting a master password for your account.


 Step Two: Choose whether you need to add passwords or import them from your device.


Step Three: Pick your website of choice, and it will automatically import and save your password.


Compatibility and browser extensions

The list of the compatible devices is not long as Zoho Vault supports the following operating systems:

  • Web app, Android, and iOS

Regarding browser extensions, you can use Zoho Vault on many mainstream browsers, including:

  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, and Linux

Customer Support

Customer support channels

Zoho Vault offers a variety of tunnels to reach out to their technical team; here, we list the various customer support channels:

  • Form submission
  • Email
  • 24/5, from Monday to Friday, Phone support
  • Community support
  • Guide articles and FAQs

Supported languages

 English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish

Payments Methods and Free Trial

Payment methods

They accept American Express, MasterCard, Paypal, and Visa for monthly subscriptions. If you wish to make a payment for an annual subscription, you can also do a bank transfer or check transfer.

Free trial

Zoho Vault offers a 15-day free trial for the Enterprise plan, and you can use the Free plan to try the service for as long as you need.!

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Zoho Vault password manager is user-friendly, quick, and offers many advanced features that a corporate would need.

In addition, it offers a solid free plan that will let you use most features and paid plans that are inexpensive and highly secure. Zoho Vault is also helpful for Non-Business users, as it does a great job with the primary password manager functions. It saves unlimited passwords, auto-fills your passwords, accessible from mobile, generates and imports passwords, and protects your data with two-factor authentication.

Zoho Vault is most recommended for business use. It offers many features that assist corporates in monitoring every step taken by their employees, and of course, managing their access and password sharing.

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