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Marilyn Monroes Brentwood Home Saved From Demolition
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Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Home Saved from Demolition

Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Home Saved from DemolitionMarilyn Monroe's Brentwood Home Saved from Demolition
Iconic Marilyn Monroe Home in Brentwood Spared Demolition

Published: June 30, 2024

In a victory for preservationists and fans of the legendary Hollywood actress, Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood home has been saved from demolition. The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to temporarily halt the demolition of the iconic property, granting it historic status and sparking celebrations among Monroe's admirers and heritage advocates.


The house's significance

The modest Spanish-style home at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive holds a special place in Hollywood history. Marilyn Monroe purchased the house in 1962, just six months before her untimely death at the age of 36. It was the only home she ever owned independently, and it remains a poignant symbol of her final days. The property has attracted Monroe's fans worldwide, who visit to pay their respects and catch a glimpse of where the beloved star spent her last moments.

Preservation efforts

The effort to save the house gained momentum after reports surfaced that the new owner intended to demolish the property to make way for new construction. Preservationists quickly mobilized to defend the house after becoming concerned about the potential loss of a significant cultural landmark. Their campaign included petitions, social media outreach, and appeals to city officials, emphasizing the house's historical and cultural value.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Traci Park led the charge to preserve Monroe's home, submitting a motion to designate it as a historic cultural monument. "This house is a vital part of our cultural heritage," Park stated. "It is not just a building; it is a piece of our history and a testament to Marilyn Monroe's enduring legacy."

The council's decision

On June 27, 2024, the City Council voted unanimously in favor of a temporary stay on the demolition, citing the need for further evaluation of the property's historical significance. The decision grants the house interim historic status, protecting it from any alterations or demolition while conducting a more comprehensive review. This move was met with widespread approval from preservationists, historians, and fans of Marilyn Monroe.

Public reaction

The public's reaction to the council's decision has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans of Marilyn Monroe have expressed their gratitude and relief, flooding social media with messages of support and appreciation. "Marilyn Monroe's home is a piece of history that deserves to be preserved," one fan tweeted. "Thank you to everyone who worked to save it!"

Preservation groups also hailed the decision as a significant victory in the ongoing effort to protect Los Angeles' cultural heritage. "This is a win not only for Marilyn Monroe's fans but for all who value our city's history," said Linda Dishman, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Conservancy. "We hope this sets a precedent for preserving other historically significant sites in our city."

Looking Ahead

The temporary stay on the demolition is just the beginning of what could be a lengthy process to secure permanent historic status for Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood home. The next steps involve a thorough review by the city's Cultural Heritage Commission, which will assess the property's architectural and historical significance before making a final recommendation.

For now, the house at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive remains standing, a testament to Marilyn Monroe's enduring legacy and the dedicated efforts of those who fought to save it. As preservationists and fans continue their efforts, the iconic property's future looks hopeful, ensuring that Marilyn Monroe's memory will be honored for generations to come.

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