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Oracle Healthcare: Health Management System Review

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Oracle Healthcare: Health Management System Review

Oracle is a giant B2B solutions provider that offers inclusive and intuitive cloud products and software for industries of all kinds. For the healthcare industry, Oracle offers a comprehensive cloud Health Management System that transforms the way healthcare organizations and practices run their business. Continue reading our full Oracle Healthcare review to know everything it has to offer.


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About Oracle Healthcare

Oracle’s Health Management System was built to target critical healthcare challenges worldwide. Worldwide, healthcare organizations utilize Oracle’s health cloud system to reduce treatment costs, improve their claim processing, standardize their operating practices, and more. Such organizations include:

  • Senegalese Ministry of Health
  • UK National Health Services
  • Humana
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Adventist Health

Oracle Health Management System Features & Solutions

Policy Administration and Claims Management

Oracle offers health insurance solutions that simplify your customers’ healthcare journeys with a complete core administration health insurance platform. The platform offers end-to-end administration for small and large health plans to enable them to modernize their systems at scale, introduce new products, grow enrollments, and increase market share.

Oracle’s policy administration and claims management solution deliver full transparency and optimum efficiency. You can easily set up employer groups and enrollment rules to streamline the member enrollment process and provide unmatched customer service with centralized member data.

Additionally, you can reduce operational costs of claims administration with intelligent and automated claims adjudication. You can efficiently manage provider contracts and get complete traceability of your provider contract configurations and their corresponding claims pricing.

Furthermore, you can automate billing, payment, and collection processes and accommodate new and emerging provider contract models like accountable care, capitation, and bundled payments. With Oracle’s platform, you can build a solid foundation to meet your operational and member health goals by:

  • Having a single view of your financial data
  • Putting your data to work to design better plans and improve member health
  • Improving your members’ onboarding and customer experience
  • Finding the right talent

Health Insurance Revenue Management

Oracle’s health insurance revenue management and billing is a top-notch business service that offers streamlined and automated billing, payments, and collections processes that can accurately provide access to billing information and fast control of revenue leakages.

Its highlight features are the following:

  • It can manage multiple lines of businesses on a single platform
  • Supports exchange, individual billing, group billing, ASO billing with stop loss, government plans, and more
  • It minimizes the costs and risks as its HIPAA-complaint
  • It improves customer satisfaction with timely and accurate billing and transparency
  • It scales to meet the demand on large volumes

Healthcare (ERP) Finance and Operations

Oracle’s solution allows you to gain an up-to-date universal view of your organization’s financial health by:

  • Moving away from complex spreadsheets and disconnected reporting systems
  • Managing the cost of care and profitability goals
  • Making financial data more accessible and easier to use

Additionally, the platform can help you make better decisions that are aligned and fully integrated with your organizational plans. You can also improve crisis preparedness with scenario planning as you can test your assumptions and model a variety of scenarios with potential impact on your operations.

Healthcare Human Capital Management

Oracle allows you to build HR processes and employee experiences that will keep your healthcare staff engaged and reduce turnover. You can build talent management processes that offer new growth opportunities to clinicians and non-clinicians by building development plans that keep them committed to your organization.

You can also create a personalized to-do list to guide each team member in onboarding, starting a new rotation and more. Lastly, building staffing plans can help position everyone for success and have your managers waste less time on work tracking and scheduling.

Oracle also grants you an offering of self-service HR that meets your employees wherever they are. They can use their mobile devices to speed up tasks with digital assistants.

Digital Patient Customer Service

Oracle provides your patients with a frictionless and digital patient service experience that can help you improve access to care, increase agent efficiency, support more patients, and create unified patient profiles.

With digital patient customer service, you get the following benefits & features:

  • Automate self-service scheduling and follow-up
  • Enable self-service provider search
  • Provide service whenever the patient needs it
  • Offer personalized support for patients in their channel of choice
  • Connect data across the front- and back-office
  • Bring interactions into a single view for agent use
  • Improve patient trust and satisfaction

Healthcare Analytics and AI

For healthcare analytics, Oracle offers its Autonomous Data Warehouse cloud that eliminates all the complexities of operating a data warehouse and developing data-driven applications such as management and security.

This cloud allows you to easily store, manage, and use your data with a seamlessly integrated set of data integration, preparation, and machine learning tools. You can use your insights to develop evidence-based care and precision medicine models.

Moreover, your executives, analysts, and IT staff will have easy access to business intelligence from wherever they are, and you can gain clear visibility into costs, supplies used, human resources, margins, and benchmarks across an entire episode of care.

Digital Patient Outreach

Oracle offers patient engagement solutions that improve health outcomes with its personalized experiences across digital marketing channels that patients can use to interact with their clinicians and help them stay engaged with their health. Digital patient engagement solutions can help you strengthen relationships, improve outcomes and elevate community health initiatives with email and text message notifications.

You can also increase your brand awareness by promoting new, innovative treatment options, publicizing medical advances, and highlighting specialty areas through orchestrated, omnichannel marketing campaigns.

As you configure your data integrations from your CRM or EHR, you can deliver relevant communications and community outreach. AI and machine learning can help you analyze trends and run highly targeted public health campaigns that are focused on education and prevention.

Customer Support

You can reach Oracle’s team by live chat or phone at +1.650.506.7000 for general inquiries or at +1.800.633.0738 for sales. Oracle does not advertise any plans and prices for its Healthcare cloud products, and it will rather customize a plan according to your practice’s size and needs.

Final Thoughts

Oracle’s cloud health management system is a unique cloud platform that offers impeccable solutions for the healthcare industry. Many of the world’s healthcare organizations utilize its system to provide better care for their patients and cut down treatment costs and other expenses.

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