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Rexton Hearing Aids Review: Reliable & LifeProof

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Rexton Hearing Aids Review: Reliable & LifeProof

Rexton has been offering reliable hearing aids since 1955; its hearing aids are built to perform in all environments and withstand all conditions. Rexton hearing aids are proven, durable, practical, and dependable. Continue reading our review to know about its models, features, and pricing.


Premium features
Programmable to any hearing loss level
Bluetooth audio streaming
Voice ranger technology


Prices are not transparent
Not accredited by the BBB

Quick Stats

Custom Fitting
FDA Approved
Free Hearing Aid Test
Free Trial
Loss and Damage Protection
Types of Hearing Disabilities it Serves
All types

About Rexton

Rexton is a great option for customers with any hearing loss severity, you can do a free hearing test on their website, and after choosing a product, they can be programmed and adjusted to fit your ear and hearing loss level.

Rexton uses enhanced auditory and speech features in their hearing aids; they are rechargeable and have Bluetooth connectivity. Its hearing aids can connect with several wireless audio streaming accessories and apps to provide easy programming and controls. Rexton is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau but has an A- rating.

Rexton Hearing Aid Products

Rexton offers four lines of hearing aid products: BiCore, MotionCore, MyCore, and TruCore. All the models include sound streaming capabilities and voice control.

BiCore R-LI/ R-LI T

The BiCore R-LI hearing aids have the least power consumption, which makes them run for about 28 hours on a single charge of 30 minutes. The BiCore R-LI T hearing aids are a RIC version with a telecoil; they can run for about 39 hours on a single charge of 30 minutes.

The BiCore hearing aids have embedded speech preservation technology that removes unwanted noise and emphasizes speech sounds; in addition, they have an ultra-quick binaural link, so left and right hearing aids are always synchronized.

BiCore hearing aids are also LifeProof®. That means they are durable enough to withstand the many challenges of constant everyday use.


MotionCore hearing aids feature an integrated real-time motion sensor that detects your movements to accurately determine your hearing situation and automatically adjust to it. It can recognize up to 20 times more individual hearing situations than previous models.

MotionCore hearing aids are also rechargeable; their advanced lithium technology allows them to run for over 61 hours on a single charge.


The MyCore hearing aids have a combination of features that go hand in hand to provide a natural hearing experience. Such features include:

Dynamic Extender: It increases the dynamic range of sounds, which enhances sound quality, especially when listening to music.

Intelligent Feedback Preventer: It identifies feedback at a high speed, which lets the wearer rely on and enjoy a whistle-free hearing experience.

Stereo iLock: It improves the signal-to-noise ratio in difficult listening environments.

Voice Ranger: Maintains the natural loudness of the target speaker compared to competing voices in the environment so the wearer can easily listen to one-on-one conversations.


TruCore hearing aids also has several features, which include:

  • Three performance levels
  • Six programs
  • Voice Ranger
  • Reverb Reducer
  • XPhone (Cross Phone)
  • Music Enhancer
  • Tinnitus Function
  • Durable SecureTec IP67-rated construction
  • Bluetooth® compatible
  • App compatible

Customer Support and Pricing

Rexton does not advertise its hearing aid prices on its website, so you will need a one-on-one consultation with a hearing specialist to determine your hearing loss severity and the Rexton hearing aid model that suits you best. Its prices usually range between $1,000 and $5,000.

As for customer support, you can only reach them by submitting a form through their website; no phone or email addresses are provided.


Rexton hearing aids are only sold through audiologists and hearing health professionals, as they need selection, fitting, and adjustment. In addition, they have the most advanced technologies and customizable programming for any hearing loss level, and they are now available in more than 70 countries.

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