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ReSound Hearing Aids: Models, Cost, and Features

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ReSound Hearing Aids: Models, Cost, and Features

Having normal hearing enhances your daily productivity and boosts your confidence, and when your hearing isn't that good, it might be the time to look for a trusted audiology and hearing solution. With hearing services presented in more than 80 countries worldwide and a long history of expertise, ReSound caught customers' attention around the globe.


Free online hearing aid test
Special hearing loss/weakness solutions for children and veterans
Remote hearing aid assistance mobile apps
ReSound hearing aids are customizable and come in a variety of models styles


Not available in all states
Evaluation might require visiting a nearby hearing care professional


Quick Stats

Custom Fitting
FDA Approved
Not disclosed
Free Hearing Aid Test
Free Trial
Loss and Damage Protection
Between $1,150 to $3,900 per pair
Types of Hearing Disabilities it Serves
Mild, moderate, severe, and profound hearing loss
Warranties are offered only in connection with sales via authorized distribution channels

ReSound is a part of the GN Group with a headquarter in Denmark and a considerable number of years in the field. The GN Group is a global leader in audio solutions that have contributed significantly to medical, professional, and consumer audio solutions. With that said, this review is to help you find whether or not ReSound is a convenient pick for your needs.

When Should You Seek Help for Hearing Loss?


Hearing loss or weakness occurs gradually, and spotting the early symptoms can greatly help you take the proper procedures before it worsens. Usually, your family, friends, and colleagues are the ones who might notice the problem before you do. That's why if someone told you that you might have a problem with your hearing, you'd better go for a check-up and do a hearing test.

Signs and early symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Conversations around you sound more like mumbles
  • Asking people to repeat themselves more than you used to
  • One-on-one conversations in noisy places, like restaurants, are difficult to understand
  • Inability to hear people speaking to you from the other room
If you witness similar symptoms and suspect them being hearing loss signs, click here to take the free online ReSound hearing loss test.

What Does ReSound Have to Offer?

You might be wondering if ReSound is a good option in your case, but nothing is more helpful than reading about the details, taking the time to view what other people think, and directly discussing your case with the provider.

ReSound offers a decent number of solutions bearing in mind people with different hearing loss degrees: mild, moderate, and profound. Here's why it's on our best hearing aid list:

  • ReSound hearing aids are customizable and come in a variety of models styles
  • The website has a free ReSound online hearing test
  • Batteries vary to include both conventional and rechargeable options
  • Hearing aid types include (digital, invisible, Bluetooth, rechargeable, RIE, BTE, and custom)
  • Remote hearing aid assistance mobile apps
  • Guides and information about all possible hearing loss issues (symptoms, causes, types, and more)
  • Special hearing loss/weakness solutions for children and veterans
  • Worldwide distributors in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America. Click here to know which locations/countries are covered.

ReSound Hearing Aid Solutions

ReSound One

It’s a great hearing aid that suits any environment and comes with the Ultra Focus feature for a great one-on-one conversation. The M&RIE (microphone and receiver-in-ear) design uses your ear shape to deliver the most natural sounds.

ReSound’s LiNX Quattro

ReSound LiNX Quattro is packed with features that add more flexible hearing aid solutions with its sound isolator, long-lasting battery, a dynamic range of 116 dB SPL, and expanded bandwidth. Having ReSound's LiNX Quattro allows you directly stream from iOS and Android.

The battery will give you 30 hours of use when charging it for 3 hours, and it will last for 24 hours with streaming. Furthermore, you'll get 16 hours of use when you charge the battery for 1-hour only.

This hearing aid solution also comes with better wind noise reduction, enhanced speech recognition, and multiple customizable styles. This rechargeable model comes with a portable charging case.

Enzo Q Hearing Aid

For people who suffer from severe to profound hearing loss, this is the next-generation behind-the-ear hearing aid solution of Enzo 3D with a very small size that doesn't compromise quality. It also perfectly complements COCHLEAR™ implants and a wider range of streaming options. The sound it produces is very clear and high-quality with the ability to customize it as you want.

People with severe to profound hearing loss will experience a 60% improvement in recognizing the sound from a speaker in front of them in noisy environments with its high efficiency in reducing bothering background noises and clarifying the sound to be more natural. Also, distracting and bothering sounds, such as key dropping or a glass crashing to the ground are made comfortable and less powerful.

ReSound Key Hearing Aid

This is ReSound's most affordable hearing solution with the ability to choose from multiple styles and models. You can go for the small-sized hearing aid shape with preserving a powerful sound, yet very natural one. Your rechargeable ReSound Key comes with an easy-to-use desktop charger, and you can also choose to upgrade to the Premium Charger, for portable, on-the-go charging.

ReSound Hearing Aid Features

Digital Hearing Aid

Believe it or not, digital solutions are part of almost everything in our lives. GPS, digital TVs, digital sound systems, or media players, wherever you look around, you’ll find a digital solution, so why don’t hearing aids be more convenient with the use of the same technology?

A digital hearing aid can produce more natural voices so that you can feel comfortable and normally receive the voice as it is without any changes to its nature. Let’s explain this further, a hearing aid consists of a microphone, receiver, and amplifier. In the case of analog hearing aids, the speech and voice are picked up by the microphone, which sends it to the receiver, makes them louder, and transfers them to the ears.

The digital amplifier doesn’t simply make the voices louder. Instead, it works smarter and produces all the qualities and nuances of natural sound, so you can enjoy them in personalized ways.

The whole idea is similar to the lights in your house, all of them might allow you to see clearly and beat the darkness. However, not all shades or types of lights make you feel comfortable. All hearing aids can make you hear the voices and sounds around you, but not all of them are convenient or suitable for different settings or situations, some hearing aids might produce overpowering or screechy sounds, making them a total headache for the user.

Digital hearing aids can also pair up with other digital technologies, like tablets and smartphones, which allows you to have full control of the sound without touching your ears, you can connect to stream calls and listen to whatever you want without letting everyone know what you’re doing or hearing, this is also a great advantage that works well with the almost invisible hearing aid styles.

Invisible Hearing Aid

Many people find it hard to wear a hearing aid if it's clearly can be seen in the ear with big size and not very convenient shape, but with the technology invading every field, it has become easy to customize hearing aids in a way that suits every consumer.

Eventually, companies found it essential to provide a comfortable hearing experience to people suffering from hearing loss. Now, hearing aids vary in size, color, special features, and the way they fit in your ears.

ReSound offers the latest generation of hearing aids with almost invisible shapes that are hardly noticeable in the ears, but with better quality and advanced features.

  • RIE (Receiver-in-Ear) Hearing Aid: RIE hearing aids are small, discreet, and very versatile. These digital hearing aids - which people also refer to as 'Bluetooth hearing aids' - typically offer great connectivity and audio streaming from everyday devices, e.g. smartphones and TVs. They also work with hearing aid accessories and apps. Rechargeable hearing aids are very convenient, giving you power without battery worries, and they are available in the RIE hearing aid style.
  • BTE (Behind-the-Ear) Hearing Aid: Easy to handle, Behind-the-Ear hearing aids provide the most amplification, making them the preferred solution for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Having a Bluetooth hearing aid might help you connect with your friends, family, colleagues, and the world in greater ways. 

Bluetooth hearing aids do exactly what the name suggests, they connect to Bluetooth wireless technology. Using Bluetooth, you can stream calls and audio from your smartphone to your ReSound Bluetooth hearing aids.

There are Bluetooth hearing aids that will stream from both Apple and Android devices.

ReSound Hearing Aid Cost

ReSound hearing aids cost between $$1,150 to $3,900 per pair, which we believe, isn't the most affordable price you can get. That's why it’s important to weigh your options carefully before committing to the brand.

There’s no single price list. However, some sources have listed the following prices:

  • ReSound ENZO 3D: $1,150–$2,200 per hearing aid
  • ReSound LiNX 3D: $1,500–$4,200 per hearing aid
  • ReSound LiNX Quattro: $2,500–$3,900 per hearing aid

ReSound offers a 1-year warranty in the case of damage, loss, or stealth. However, ReSound hearing aid doesn't reinstate or provide warranties with respect to devices purchased through unauthorized distribution channels, including eBay and other online channels, which are not authorized by the GN hearing.

Customer Support

ReSound supports its customers through phone calls and emails. Besides a decent number of blogs, FAQs, and educational sections to answer all you have in mind about hearing loss and how to overcome it in the most convenient ways. Click here for more information about their available hours and communication information.

Final Verdict

ReSound offers all types of hearing aids to fit every customer's case. People with different degrees of hearing loss can find hearing aid solutions that are customized and designed for the best convenience. Customers' reviews are very encouraging. If you doubt having hearing loss symptoms, you can do the free online hearing loss test provided on ReSound website to check your hearing ability.

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