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IntelliShift: Review, Products, and Features

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IntelliShift: Review, Products, and Features

IntelliShift offers an all-in-one fleet and safety solution. IntelliShift aims to unite your people, processes, and assets and provide you with clear visibility across your fleet operations. IntelliShift is a leader in connected vehicle and asset operations. Continue reading our full review to know everything it can offer your business.


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About IntelliShift

IntelliShift was founded in 2002 and has continually grown and innovated its software and solutions to provide the best fleet tracking services for fleet businesses of any kind and size. In 2010, IntelliShift was recognized as a top 10 provider in the market by the CJ Driscoll industry report.

IntelliShift offers seamless API integrations, advanced fleet analytics and data aggregation, and dedicated customer experience teams. It scored high 4.5 starts rating from GetAPP and Capterra. Customer reviews have praised its ease of use, route optimization feature, daily reports, and competitive pricing.

IntelliShift Key Features and Solutions

Silent Passenger Telematics

The Silent Passenger Telematics platform offers you everything you need to optimize your fleet. It provides you with the status, location, and performance data of your vehicles in order to maintain a more productive operation.

The Google Maps API powers the Silent Passenger Telematics platform to provide you with live traffic feeds, real-time ETAs, iOS, and Android compatibility. SP Telematics also offers flexible maps and multi-view technology that provides you with a complete ‘up-to-the-minute’ view of your assets in the field.

You can also use geo-fencing and set up customizable alerts to get automated insights over when your vehicles enter or leave your designated areas. SP Telematics will also automatically optimize your routes so your drivers can take the best possible route and avoid traffic, detours, and unwanted stops or idling. All your fleet data is unified with SP Telematics, including driver behavior, fuel usage, and incident detection.

Asset Tracking

IntelliShift allows you to track your powered and non-powered assets with its GPS trackers to provide you with total visibility for operational efficiency and peace of mind. Real-time asset locations allow you to keep tabs on your fleet assets and equipment 24/7, allowing you to secure your asset inventory with instant alerts to be sent to your mobile or desktop to monitor unauthorized usage or quickly recover a stolen vehicle.

You can maximize your asset utilization and efficiency by deploying the right equipment to the right site and quickly identifying underutilized assets, hours of service, and increased fuel spending. Like vehicle tracking, you can set up geofencing to provide more awareness over unauthorized use or deviations from standard procedures or routes.

IntelliShift allows you to customize and automate your alerts and status updates to your operations. You will be notified when critical usage data deviates from the norm; you can also get alerts on location, usage, fuel, and operator behavior.

Fleet Maintenance

IntelliShift’s fleet maintenance tools allow you to extend your vehicle’s life span and improve your profits with preventative maintenance measures and remote diagnostics. You are provided with real-time issue detection and alerts with advanced inspection report workflows, vehicle engine data, and diagnostic alerts.

You can also schedule maintenance tasks such as oil changes, inspections, registrations, and routine tasks in advance. You can send your drivers reminders via email or text when their vehicles are due for services.

You can reduce your vehicle’s wear and tear by receiving notifications over the smallest mechanical issues and driver behavior which can cause wear on vehicle breaks, tires, and belts.

Operator Safety Management

Operator safety management tools can help you reduce accidents, injuries, and liability. IntelliShift provides you with real-time event monitoring where you can monitor and pinpoint driver behavior with real-time alerts. The software leverages historical trend reports to analyze behavior ranging from speeding and harsh braking to seatbelt usage, unauthorized vehicle use, etc.

Operator safety management tools allow you to set up and configure driver scorecards to manage behaviors that impact your business. You can incentivize safe driving behavior by earning your driver points and rewards and gain fleet-wide data insights over speeding, seatbelt usage, hard braking, aggressive turning, and rapid acceleration.

Fuel Management System

The fuel management system allows you to integrate fuel cards into its fleet tracking software. Doing so allows you to monitor and report all your fuel spending, as you will know where your drivers filled up fuel and how much they spent.

This knowledge will help you reduce fraud and pinpoint opportunities for fuel reduction, as IntelliShift’s tailored dashboards will visualize your fuel trends, driver behaviors, and vehicle maintenance issues.

Customer 360 Scheduling App

The customer 360 scheduling application is a gift for your customers which allows you to build great lasting relationships and build loyalty to your company. To keep your customers informed, you can customize the Customer 360 application to grant or restrict access to data such as vehicle location, estimated arrival time, and driver information.

Your drivers can use the application to change the job status and prompt real-time customer notifications and updates. You can allow your customers to receive notifications over the Customer 360 app or SMS, MMS, or email.

Operations Intelligence

IntelliShift’s Operation Intelligence products are AI-powered solutions that will help you turn fragmented data into profitable insights. The cross-foundational visibility of a unified data source will provide you with an understanding of correlated aspects of your operations, so you can take action to improve and automate information for faster time to value.

Moreover, you can uncover opportunities for improvement at every level because you get to analyze data from every angle and viewpoint. Lastly, you can configure on-demand reports and dashboards according to your operational goals and business metrics.

LogBook ELD

The LogBook ELD solution will help you achieve total operational excellence and meet FMCSA’s Stamp of Approval with Electronic Hours-of-Service Recording. The solution provides you with full driver data visibility, helping operators to accurately track and record mandated hours of service to increase safety and avoid costly violations.

IntelliShift’s software will provide you with a complete package of DOT compliance features, including meeting the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) safety inspections, and IFTA fuel tax.

You will also get end-to-end vehicle safety inspections to ensure your operators are compliant by allowing drivers to perform comprehensive inspections before and after their shift using a convenient checklist. If any issues occur, real-time alerts are automatically sent to dispatch and operation staff to initiate maintenance and full visibility of driver data.


IntelliShift’s Inspect product allows you to connect your drivers, operations, and maintenance with digital inspections. The software allows you to configure electronic inspection report templates with single or multi-point checklists to fit any daily inspection process and local, state, and federal compliance requirements like OSHA, MSHA, DOT, and FMCSA.

The software also allows you to customize workflows, alerts, rules, and proof of completion. Setting up these rules and proof-of-inspection requirements will help you ensure the accuracy and visibility of every step of your processes. You can easily initiate new word orders at the point of inspection and capture signatures and photo evidence to ensure completion before use.

Digital reporting and compliance dashboard will allow you to stay compliant and get fleet-wide visibility as you can customize your dashboard and easily pull historical reports.

AI Video Dash Cams

AI Video Dash Cams will provide you with proactive in-cab alerts that can protect your drivers and operators from hazardous road conditions. The AI proactively detects obstacles on the road and accident-causing behaviors, so your drivers can avoid accidents and get solid evidence to fight false insurance claims.

IntelliShift Plans and Prices

IntelliShift’s monthly subscription starts at $16.99/month per feature or solution. However, no plans are advertised on their website. You are rather presented with an interactive survey where you choose:

  • The vehicle types you want to track
  • The features and solutions you need
  • The number of vehicles or assets you have

Then you will be prompted to enter your name, your company’s name, and the email you would like IntelliShift to send you your customized quote on.

Customer Support

You can reach IntelliShift’s team through live chat from their official website or by submitting a ticket with your issue type, the description of your issue, and any pictures you want to attach to your ticket.

A support center is also available with blogs, guides, a knowledge base, frequently asked questions, and so much more, so you can search for your answers yourself.

Final Words

IntelliShift offers a complete fleet tracking software and management system with broad and feature-rich solutions. IntelliShift supports a variety of industries such as construction, field services, higher education, food and beverages, public utilities, and more. IntelliShift will customize a unique quote for your business depending on its solution needs, vehicle types, and size.

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