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IntelliShift: Elevate Fleet Operations with Next-Gen Tech

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IntelliShift: Elevate Fleet Operations with Next-Gen Tech
Optimize fleet operations with IntelliShift's modern technology

Updated: June 11th, 2024.

Founded in 2002, IntelliShift has become a leading fleet intelligence solutions provider. They are one of the best fleet intelligence platforms that helps businesses with fleets of heavy equipment and vehicles access safety information and all fleet operations from a single platform. This integration is suitable for firms and organizations with fleets of vehicles and other heavy equipment, as it optimizes processes, increases effectiveness, and leads to better safety results for employees and consumers.

Continue reading to learn about their features, services, plans and prices, advantages and disadvantages, customer reviews, customer support, and FAQs.


Seamless API integrations
Easy interface
Scheduling app for customers
Simple installation
Advanced fleet analytics
Customizable dashboard


Intermittent delayed updates
Pricing not advertised
Slow GPS sometimes


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Real-Time Tracking
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IntelliShift Overview

IntelliShift offers clients specialized and comprehensive fleet intelligence. The company provides data on status, vehicle and driver performance, locations, and routes. In recent years, they have added more industries to the list of domains that they serve; these include construction, transportation, utilities, and others. IntelliShift exists to provide businesses across North America with the means to optimize their fleet management across SMEs and corporations.

IntelliShift is considered unique by many due to their proven and superior solution to monitor the operational aspects of a fleet in real-time. Through the artificial intelligence video cams, IntelliShifts alerts drivers about obstacles and traffic so they can take other routes and avoid traffic or accidents. Some core functionalities are GPS tracking, health reports and diagnostics with the vehicles, driver behavior, and compliance. They help in business decision-making, maximize their capabilities, and reduce risks associated with operations. 

IntelliShift offers customizable vehicle telematics alerts that provide real-time estimated arrival time (ETA), fuel usage, operator behavior, and asset location. These alerts include maintenance reminders and vehicle diagnostics, helping you schedule timely servicing to reduce the need for repairs. Additionally, IntelliShift consolidates workflows, rule customization, compliance, and alerts in one place, allowing you to easily track compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Department of Transportation (DOT), and other regulations.

IntelliShift’s Services & Options

IntelliShift provides fleet operators with a solid list of safety and fleet management software features. Below is a detailed breakdown of the key features and services they offer:

  • GPS tracking: GPS Tracking is a real-time tracking and management information system for all the company's fleets. This feature helps to track automobile movements and plan routes, thus enhancing the efficiency of the companies' fleets by slashing unnecessary miles and fuel expenses
  • Vehicle diagnostics: Instrumental in keeping track of the general well-being of each vehicle in the fleet, including the engine's performance, the level of battery charge, and the pressure exerted on the tires
  • Compliance technology and reporting: They also help maintain adequate compliance records, such as fleet hours of service and inspection status, so they always stay compliant
  • Route optimization: This feature utilizes current traffic and weather information to arrange vehicle schedules efficiently. This feature helps curb expenses such as mileage, fuel, and downtime and makes deliveries at the right time
  • Maintenance alerts: This feature automatically notifies drivers of planned repairs, maintenance, and other possible problems identified by the car's onboard computer systems
  • Fuel management: This feature tracks fuel product usage rates for all fleets and checks for hot and cold spots that need attention. They also assist businesses in managing fuel acquisition expenses and improving overall fuel economy
  • Asset tracking: Tracking extends beyond the vehicle to other vital assets that require coverage, such as heavy-duty machines and tools
  • Safety dashboards: They provide a detailed look at fleet safety statistics, utilizing ticket files and driver behavior to describe them. Employers can quickly determine areas of concern or risk through a centralized dashboard and provide appropriate interventions
  • Mobile access: This service disseminates all telematics data through a mobile device app, allowing fleet managers to track and control their fleet from anywhere and anytime. Their IntelliShift's Vehicle Service Application allows customers to build reactive vehicle service jobs and arrange proactive ones. In order to reduce the frequency of visits to the repair shop, the priority-based schedule emphasizes critical tasks and provides visibility into the planned maintenance tasks for the vehicle
  • Integration capabilities: They also harmonize smoothly with other business applications and third-party tools, thus creating a free data flow between applications and improving their functionality

Pricing & Plans

IntelliShift's fleet experts will promptly create a quote for you after understanding your needs. A brief call helps the company determine the essential modules, functionalities, and add-ons to provide the best value for your unique fleet. 

The company offers tiered subscription plans, which include basic, standard, and premium options. They cater to fleets of all sizes, from as small as ten assets to thousands, and offer significant discounts for larger fleets. Additionally, they provide flexible contract terms ranging from 36 to 60 months, with lower monthly rates for longer contract terms. Their modular approach allows you to add features to your solution as needed to meet your business requirements and adapt to future developments.

Based on research on other websites, IntelliShift pricing is competitive and scalable, designed to accommodate both large enterprises and small fleets. Businesses are urged to contact IntelliShift directly for a personalized quote and find the plan that best meets their needs.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Comprehensive fleet management platform: They provide a unified platform consolidating safety information and all fleet operations. This integration makes it easier to manage a fleet because all the information is available at one central location. They can also help companies track the location of vehicles and ensure all drivers adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the road
  • Real-time data and analytics: The company offers real-time vehicle performance, driver behavior, and location information. This immediacy permits businesses to address problems, enhancing fleet safety and efficiency. You gain a competitive edge by making data-driven decisions that minimize expenses and improve productivity
  • Customizable and scalable solutions: IntelliShift offers configurable and custom solutions because they understand that they cater to various businesses and industries. The availability of benefits and preferences shows that the platform is designed to cater to the requirements of every client, be it a small business or an organization of a higher rank. This means that while undertaking their operations, IntelliShift can adapt to the operations of a growing company and offer unceasing support and value
  • Enhanced safety and compliance: By monitoring vehicle health and driver behavior, the company ensures regulatory compliance and promotes safer driving practices. One valuable feature of the system is its reporting functionality, which helps businesses understand their compliance requirements and avoid penalties and legal violations. Regarding improved safety measures, accident rates, and insurance charges are likely to decrease
  • Discounts and flexible contracts: IntelliShift provides adaptable contract terms, with reductions applied to contracts that are extended for longer periods of time. Companies can tailor the duration of their agreements to meet their specific requirements and financial constraints. Businesses with 50 cars or more in their fleet can benefit from the fleet management solution's reduced total cost thanks to reductions offered for longer contract periods


  • Potentially high initial setup costs: Using IntelliShift's platform may require the company’s automation effort, which may sometimes entail more time for installation and integration. This restriction challenges small business entities with a low capital base since they’ll take a long time to return the initial capital invested in this technology. Of the challenges posed by adopting the platform, the setup fees may hinder some firms, as they could reduce expenses incurred during the necessary preparations
  • The complexity of features for new users: A possible drawback of IntelliShift is that it contains many tools and options; many may be unnoticeable to fresh users. The lack of internal IT professionals or technical support may pose a problem for enterprises with little advocacy knowledge while boasting of the platform's optimum utility and flexibility
  • Dependence on internet connectivity: The company is a cloud-based solution and needs dependable internet connectivity to function effectively. In regions with poor internet infrastructure, users might experience disruptions in accessing real-time information and regulating the fleets

Although some disadvantages are noted, this does not necessarily indicate the quality of the company’s service. Prospective clients should conduct further research and consider their particular needs to understand the provider comprehensively.

IntelliShift Customer Experience

IntelliShift has received favorable customer ratings on different platforms regarding their service. Also, users have rated them positively on niche sites such as G2, with a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on 51 reviews, and Capterra, with a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on 82 reviews.

Positive feedback

Customers have given the company high ratings in the market because they have delivered high-quality products. According to various sources and agencies, IntelliShift is one of the top industry-leading solutions and services providers.  

Some common points discussed in the reviews are the system’s efficiency in centralizing several aspects of fleet management, including tracking, maintenance, and driver behavior. Users especially value the availability of real-time data and analytics because such information can contribute to the effectiveness of operations. 

Also, the customer support staff customizes care for clients and offers advice on various aspects of their products. Thus, more clients express satisfaction with the help they receive from IntelliShift’s customer service team.

Critical feedback

It's important to note that there are some negative comments about this software, with some users experiencing issues with IntelliShift. Some potential drawbacks experienced include the challenges of installing and integrating the solution, which some users consider cumbersome and take time. Customers reported experiencing fees they did not expect or know were part of the service package. There are tutorials based on feedback, which note that, at times, there are issues with the platform that can stop it and frustrate the users.

Proactive approach

IntelliShift is proactive in addressing issues that may result in negative feedback by engaging with clients and providing effective solutions to their concerns. Their customer support team promptly answers queries, elaborates on solutions, and offers immediate assistance to users. IntelliShift is dedicated to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, minimizing the impact of negative experiences on business performance, and highlighting the company's commitment to innovation.

Customer Support

While they don't offer an email, IntelliShift offers various customer support alternatives to ensure users can access the help they need. Support options include 24/7 support, live chat, and phone support. For a reliable way to talk with a support specialist, contact IntelliShift’s main corporate office by phone at (631) 339 -7171.


IntelliShift is highly valued in fleet management in that they encompass all the aspects of the fleet and safety features within one all-encompassing platform. They allow businesses to access data and trading analytics, vehicle performance checks, driver habits, and compliance management, thus improving operations, safety, and performance. They are geared toward providing solutions to fit different environments and businesses of all sizes and types. With the modularity of their features, the platform is set to adapt to the business and be of value for the long term.

The platform stands out for its unique features like mobile access, advanced safety dashboards, and customizable reporting, which enable businesses to optimize routes and decisions, comply with regulations, minimize costs, and boost productivity. Despite its strong industry reputation and high customer satisfaction, some users find it complex, and the initial setup costs high. Moreover, its performance is dependent on reliable internet connectivity, which could be a limitation in some areas.

Personal preferences and business objectives play a crucial role in determining the suitability of IntelliShift’s platform. If you are unsure whether IntelliShift is the right choice, compare them with other top fleet management companies through our review pages. You can also use our comparison tool to compare the characteristics and features of different companies. Reading our blog can offer essential insights into the company’s reliability and performance, aiding businesses in making informed decisions.

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