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Fleetio: Pioneering the Road to Efficient Fleet Management

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Fleetio: Pioneering the Road to Efficient Fleet Management
Is Fleetio the right fleet management system for my business?

Updated: March 14th, 2024. 

Fleetio, a renowned provider of fleet management software, empowers businesses to improve their fleet operations. Serving fleets in over 100 countries worldwide, their software is feature-rich, spanning different solutions such as fleet management, fleet maintenance, fuel management, and equipment management. Is Fleetio the right provider for all your fleet management needs?

In an effort to respond, this review will look at Fleetio's services and products, pricing, advantages and disadvantages, available customer support options, and actual customers' experiences.


14-day free trial
Clear pricing
Mobile application


Integrations are needed to access solutions
A minimum requirement of ten vehicles

Quick Stats

Free Trial
Mobile Application
Real-Time Tracking
Starting Price
$4 monthly per vehicle
Vehicle Maintenance Alerts
BBB Score
Trustpilot Score
3.8 out of 5

An Overview of Fleetio

Fleetio, launched in 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama, has emerged as a leading fleet management solution. Their solutions streamline operations by providing a mobile application for remote management, facilitating data consolidation, and offering customized maintenance schedules. Fleetio emphasizes collaboration, comprehensiveness, informativeness, and simplicity in fleet management operations.

With robust operational protocols and data integrations, Fleetio's fleet tracking and management solutions aim to automate your end-to-end processes and improve team collaboration. Fleetio's software technology has received numerous commendations, solidifying their position as the backbone of your fleet operations.

What Are Fleetio's Features & Solutions?

  • Asset management: Fleetio's Asset Management system is a one-stop shop for companies that want to monitor and improve their tools, equipment, and vehicles in every way. Whether it's assignment records, meter readings, cost-per-mile trends, or crucial dates, Fleetio provides a comprehensive overview. With the ability to quickly record and access files from anywhere, businesses can make decisions regarding asset utilization, budget plans, and replacement strategies. Furthermore, asset data, files, and photographs can be securely stored, making crucial information available anywhere and eliminating manual searches. Fleets of all sizes can benefit from their asset management system, which offers a streamlined and effective solution for centralized asset information, optimization of utilization, and forecasting
  • Fuel management: Fleetio's Fuel Management solution allows businesses to track and optimize fuel transactions, reducing spending and efficiently identifying exceptions. By simplifying fuel data collection and improving accuracy, their modern fuel management solution reduces the time to gain insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions quickly. With this tool, users can also optimize fuel usage and understand how fuel contributes to operating costs, including fuel consumption trends and the total cost of ownership. Fleetio also offers features to enhance security and prevent fuel theft by staying informed on fuel capacity and location alerts and promptly flagging suspicious activity. Fleetio's Fuel Management software streamlines fuel transaction tracking, pulling in transactions automatically from integrated fuel cards to increase data accuracy and reduce administrative burdens
  • Tire management: This feature lets organizations centrally store all tire servicing-related data, such as installation dates and rotation schedules. Users can ensure the safety of their fleet and prevent blowouts by monitoring critical tire health indicators such as tread depth, air pressure, mileage, and age. The system records each tire's axle and location, enabling precise inventory management. The Tire Management solution from Fleetio simplifies Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance by facilitating access to inspection records and tire readings. With Fleetio Go's mobile app, tire maintenance can be improved because tire information like tread depth and air pressure are instantly updated, allowing fleet managers to perform preventive maintenance and diminishing the probability of tire complications
  • VIN decoding: Fleetio's VIN decoding feature streamlines fleet management by automatically importing crucial vehicle information using only the VIN. Fleetio simplifies decision-making and improves safety by providing instantaneously accessible maintenance recommendations and recall alerts, allowing vehicle specifications to be retrieved instantly. By eliminating manual data entry, fleet operations can be promptly impacted. Comparison reports from Fleetio also enable economical vehicle management, whereas Fleetio Go provides mobile access to vital vehicle data, enabling streamlined fleet maintenance
  • Driver assignment: With this feature, fleet managers can assign assets and oversee driver schedules effortlessly. The process of allocating vehicles to drivers is simplified to a few keystrokes using an intuitive calendar view, eliminating the need for tedious boards and spreadsheets. Their app allows drivers to access critical documents, information, and assignments anywhere. Obtaining real-time information on asset availability and utilization metrics facilitates informed decision-making, while comprehensive reports aid in optimizing asset utilization and identifying potential areas for enhancement. Furthermore, Fleetio facilitates the monitoring of fuel consumption per asset, the tracking of inspection compliance rates, and the location of misplaced equipment, boosting fleet-wide accountability and efficiency
  • Vehicle location history: Using data from service work, fuel stops, inspections, and GPS data, Fleetio's Vehicle Location History feature enables users to track past locations in great detail using exported data like inspection reports. Using Fleetio, businesses are granted access to a satellite view of vehicles and notified of any developments violating customized rules using an interactive map interface. Through the seamless integration of GPS and telematics systems, Fleetio empowers users to access historical vehicle locations and monitor their movements. In addition, the integration between Fleetio and fleet fuel cards streamlines fleet management duties by centralizing location data and offering a comprehensive perspective of the location of all vehicles using historical fuel records
  • Expense tracking: As a comprehensive solution, this feature is a holistic approach to enhancing fleet resource allocation and profitability. Through real-time monitoring of fuel and maintenance costs and generating personalized reports, individuals get valuable information regarding a vehicle's total cost of ownership (TCO). By utilizing functions such as real-time cost monitoring and parts inventory valuation, users can optimize expense management and arrive at informed decisions regarding asset replacement based on data
  • Fleet dashboards: Fleetio's dashboard provides adaptable insights to facilitate effective fleet management. Users can quickly create thorough dashboards emphasizing crucial metrics like inspection compliance rates and open work orders. Relevant parties can stay informed through secure data sharing, and full-screen mode optimizes complete visibility. Fleetio enhances operational efficiency and facilitates decision-making by implementing real-time data integration and granular permission controls
  • Vehicle lifecycle management: The Lifecycle Management function of Fleetio optimizes vehicle performance and establishes replacement schedules, streamlining fleet operations. Users can estimate replacement schedules by utilizing tools such as the Fleet Vehicle Replacement Formula, which considers service costs and variations in utilization. With this solution, businesses gain access to custom replacement policies, performance monitoring, and vehicle utilization tracking. You can also integrate GPS and telematics data to optimize routes and enhance vehicle visibility
  • Fleet maintenance: You can streamline maintenance responsibilities for fleet managers with automated scheduling, enabling the effective arrangement of routine maintenance that corresponds with vehicle mileage or usage. Additionally, the software facilitates work order administration by allowing easy creation, assignment, and monitoring of the maintenance process

Fleetio Prices & Plans

Fleetio provides an extensive selection of pricing plans specifically designed to cater to the varied requirements of companies overseeing fleets of various sizes. Organizations can select the plan that most effectively correlates to their specific needs and financial resources because this provider maintains transparent pricing structures and does not implement hidden fees.

The Essential plan, priced at $4 per vehicle per month, provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet necessary fleet management needs. The software incorporates critical features such as vehicle inventories and inspections, asset profiles with VIN lookups, unlimited user access, management of contacts and vendors, monitoring and analysis of gasoline consumption, and reporting functionalities. This plan is ideal for businesses seeking to administer their fleet assets efficiently without requiring advanced features.

Users who upgrade to the Professional plan, which costs $7 per vehicle per month, gain access to all the features and benefits offered in the Essential plan. As a more advanced plan, the features in this plan include coordinating vehicle assignment scheduling, managing work orders, integrating third-party solutions, managing recalls, providing customized dashboards that offer unique insights, and granting access to APIs and webhooks to facilitate seamless integration with other systems.

The Premium plan is priced at $10 per vehicle per month for those searching for the most comprehensive fleet management solution. Expanding upon the functionalities provided by the Professional plan, the Premium plan offers increased advances to optimize fleet operations. Tire management, warranty management, purchase order management, labor clock-in and clock-out features for enhanced workforce management, and sensor data snapshots for real-time insights are all covered by this plan. 

What Are the Benefits of Working With Fleetio?

Free trial

If you are unsure about purchasing their fleet management software, Fleetio provides a 14-day free trial period without needing a credit card, during which organizations can evaluate the platform before committing.

Transparent pricing

Unlike other providers, Fleetio offers transparent and clear pricing. With three different subscription plans outlined, businesses can know precisely what they will pay for before making decisions.

Mobile application

Fleetio Go, their mobile application, allows fleet managers to perform necessary actions, gain a comprehensive overview of their fleet and equipment, and communicate with drivers on their mobile devices, enhancing flexibility and efficiency. This application can be accessed from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Global reach

Businesses outside the United States can utilize Fleetio's solutions regardless of location. They offer customized settings specific to global operations to simplify complexities.

Customizable reporting tools

With Fleetio, you gain access to many reports that can be customized to enhance fleet operations. Businesses can make strategic decisions based on accurate data by providing comprehensive reports encompassing fleet performance, vehicle maintenance, service entries, and expenses. 

Integrated dashboard

Fleetio provides users with a centralized hub to monitor and administer every aspect of their fleet operations via an integrated dashboard. Businesses can maximize fleet efficiency and reduce downtime by providing real-time visibility into vehicle status, maintenance schedules, and performance metrics.

What Are Some of the Drawbacks of Partnering With Fleetio?

Some solutions are available with integration 

They do not offer GPS, video telematics, fuel cards, compliance, or more in-house, requiring users to integrate with other service providers. Unfortunately, this limitation means that many of the compliance requirements cannot be met with their native solutions, but through integrations, which can result in an increase in user expenses. 

Must have ten vehicles to start

A business must own no less than ten vehicles to use their services and solutions, which may not be feasible for organizations with smaller fleets.

Equipment management comes as an add-on

Although they offer equipment management for tracking and managing a business's small equipment and tools, this service comes as an add-on. It may result in a potential increase in the overall cost for organizations that depend on this functionality.

The Customer Experience With Fleetio

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Fleetio does not have accreditation but has received an A+. It is worth mentioning that they have only received one complaint on that platform, and it was resolved. Conversely, they boast a 4.6 out of 5 on G2, highlighting their exceptional functionalities and positive reputation.

Positive reviews

Numerous customers have expressed their satisfaction with the various aspects of Fleetio's software and maintenance system. One customer emphasized the software's customizable inspection forms, which have reduced paper use in multiple areas, including operations and safety protocols and the workshop. Users also expressed their satisfaction with the interface's ease of use and effortless setup process, noting that getting started was simple and uncomplicated. Furthermore, they appreciated Fleetio's all-encompassing functionality in fleet management, including cost tracking, reminder systems, and integrated GPS and fuel tracking features.

Users especially valued the software's customization features, enabling them to configure the system according to their unique requirements and preferences. In addition, they provided service reminders, which enabled precise mileage-based forecasting and customization of service tasks for individual vehicles. Integrating fuel suppliers and GPS providers facilitated a comprehensive assessment of the operational expenses spent by their fleet, augmenting the software's value.

Negative feedback

Several customers expressed dissatisfaction with various aspects of the Fleetio software and maintenance system. One customer reported unforeseen overcharges of around $8,000 due to the failure to warn about increased fees when adding new units or vehicles to their account. They emphasized Fleetio's inadequate support and administration in their efforts to resolve these issues. Furthermore, users said they would prefer enhanced customizable applications, comprehensive user permissions, and streamlined document management that incorporates automated reminders.

Some users had trouble adjusting to specific maintenance updates, while others struggled to understand the software's initial complexity, necessitating extensive training. The mandatory payment for a minimum number of vehicles to utilize the platform and restrictions on data integration, like the inability to retrieve historical data when connecting to APIs for fleet monitoring, were additional frequent concerns. Furthermore, customers said they would prefer one-on-one and in-person onboarding sessions rather than online ones. 

How Can I Get in Touch With Fleetio?

Fleetio provides different avenues for contact, enhancing their customer service efforts. You can contact their sales team by phone at (800) 975-5304, by email at [email protected], or by filling out a form on their website.

Additionally, you can reach their customer support team at (800) 975-5304 or [email protected] and book your demo on their website. To address inquiries from existing and prospective customers, their comprehensive support system includes a user-friendly help center, an extensive FAQ page, and informative white papers.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, Fleetio is an innovative provider in the domain of streamlined fleet management. Fleetio is a dependable global business partner due to their comprehensive feature set, clear and transparent pricing structures, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Fleetio enables businesses to optimize fleet efficiency and boost growth by facilitating operational optimization, increasing visibility, and providing actionable insights. Fleetio provides all-inclusive solutions customized to address the varied requirements of contemporary fleets, including maintenance tracking, fuel optimization, and asset management.

If you believe Fleetio is not a good fit based on your company's requirements, we have compiled a list of the top providers on our reviews page. We also suggest that you use our comparison tool to assess the primary distinctions of each provider for additional assurance. Likewise, we offer an assortment of fleet management blogs that expand on the most crucial elements of the industry.

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