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Fleetio: Fleet Tracking & Maintenance Solutions

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Fleetio: Fleet Tracking & Maintenance Solutions Fleetio: Fleet Tracking & Maintenance Solutions

Fleetio is dubbed one of the best fleet tracking software and management systems by many top review sites. Fleetio offers businesses feature-rich solutions for fleet management, fleet maintenance, fuel management, and lastly, equipment management. Continue reading our Fleetio review to know more about its rich features.


Fuel expense tracking
Mobile application
Fleet maintenance solutions
14-day free trial


Live tracking only available with integrations
No route optimization

Quick Stats

Customer support
Phone, email, help center, webinars, and customer community
Free trial
Mobile application
Not Available
Real-time tracking
Starting price
$5/vehicle./ month
Vehicle maintenance alerts

About Fleetio

Fleetio was established in 2012 and has grown to work with a fleet of 10 vehicles to many thousands. Fleetio is now operational in over 80 countries and has over 250 thousand vehicles and operators relying on its fleet tracking software and management system.

Fleetio has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, in addition to several near five-star ratings from GetApp, G2, Capterra, and many others. Customer reviews have praised their superior customer support services, in addition to the software’s ease of use and countless integrations.

Fleetio Solutions & Key Features

Fleetio’s fleet tracking and management solutions are focused on boosting your team’s collaboration in addition to automating your end-to-end processes with powerful operational workflows and data integrations. Fleetio promises to be the backbone of your fleet maintenance.

Fleet Management Solutions


Fleetio’s fleet tracking software and management system will provide you with a fleet management dashboard where you get a bird’s-eye view of your fleet productivity and operations in real-time. You can customize your dashboard with over 25 charts and graphs to present you with data over:

  • Overdue inspections
  • Open issues
  • Vehicle assessments
  • Openwork orders
  • Total, fuel, and service costs
  • Cost per meter
  • Service & renewal reminders
  • Much more!

You can set your dashboards to be publicly visible to all your team or restrict access by role, group, or record type.

Asset Management

Asset management tools will replace all your spreadsheets with a unified space to store and keep records of all your assets, vehicles, tools, and equipment. Fleetio allows you to create unlimited custom fields and import your existing set of data and records. Moreover, you can link your assets together and track multiple meters, log notes, and comments. Lastly, you can provide you with VIN decoding of 90+ specs.

You are also gifted with shared cloud-based storage where you get to upload documents, photos, and any files. Such documents include:

  • Accident reports
  • Purchase or loan documents
  • Multiple asset photos
  • Warranty documentation

You can optimize your asset utilization with reports on overall operating costs and asset reliability and durability. Your whole team can have access to this data so that everyone stays informed. Furthermore, Fleetio will let you track your costs and spending over:

  • Fuel
  • Loan & lease payments
  • Insurance
  • Fees
  • Supplies
  • Administrative costs
  • Maintenance
  • Incidentals
  • Registration & taxes

Asset Assignment

Fleetio will make scheduling assets and operators fast and straightforward. The software will give you an overview of asset and operator assignment timelines, the duration and distance per assignment, and current assignees to assets and vehicles.

You can link small equipment and tools to vehicles and automatically notify operators in real-time as they get an assignment. In addition, you can also assign vehicles and equipment from anywhere using Fleetio’s mobile application Fleetio Go.

Fleet Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Fleetio will help you make data-driven decisions about asset acquisition and replacement. Fleetio offers its own Fleet Vehicle Replacement Formula tool that allows you to estimate when a vehicle should be replaced. You can easily track changes over their service costs, remarketing, utilization, and performance.

You get a 360-degree view over your upcoming replacement demand to better forecast replacement budgets and optimize vehicle utilization based on available capital. You can smoothly relocate activities based on under or overutilization to help ensure budget even use and budget needs.

Lastly, Fleetio will help you see how vehicle demand increases over the years to help you prepare for spending increases in advance.

Fuel Management

Fleetio allows you to log your fuel cards and spend to get insights into asset operating costs and high consumption vehicles. You can monitor fuel trends, spot deficiencies, optimize vehicle usage, all with an intuitive fuel management dashboard.

Fleetio will help you understand the fuel economy based on your preferred unit of measurement and understand the cost per mile for every asset. You will be alerted over any suspicious fuel activity regarding fuel capacity or transaction location.

Vehicle Location History

The most integral part of fleet tracking software is knowing your vehicles’ locations at all times. You can integrate any GPS third-party application to provide you with live tracking. Fleetio will provide you with information about your vehicles’ last locations based on their tasks and activities.

You can also integrate your fuel cards and telematics devices for further in-depth insights into your vehicle’s whereabouts. Lastly, you can create custom geo-fence sizes around areas of interest and receive notifications and alerts upon arrival or departure.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleetio offers a range of fleet management features that will help you automate maintenance triggers, handle service and resolve issues. Such solutions include:

  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Issue Management
  • Electronic Vehicle Inspections
  • Recall Alerts
  • Parts and Inventory Tracking
  • Purchase Orders Streamlining
  • Work Orders Tracking
  • Maintenance Vendor Network
  • Service History

Integrations and Collaborations

GPS and Telematics

Fleetio’s fleet tracking software and management system allow a variety of integrations to further boost its functionality. Fleetio allows you to connect your existing GPS hardware into its software to provide you with real-time telematics data. You can sync odometer readings, view vehicle location in real-time, manage DTC codes engine faults, and easily resolve failed inspection items.

Fuel Card Integration

For more streamlined fuel tracking, you can connect your fuel cards to Fleetio. The software will automatically provide you with an analysis of your fuel spending by vehicle, location, vehicle type, time frame, and more. Any invalid odometer readings will also be detected and automatically voided until corrected.

Fleetio integrates with the following fuel cards:

  • Wex
  • Intevacon

Roles and Permission System

Fleetio provides its entire customer account the ability to create an unlimited number of users. You can create job-specific roles and custom permissions for every user. You can also control who can edit, delete, view records, and more.

Mobile Application

Fleetio offers its customers its Fleetio Go mobile application for all Android and iOS devices. Fleetio Go allows you and your team to access asset details, manage issues and maintenance processes, and more or less perform most of its desktop version capabilities.

Fleetio Plans and Prices

Fleetio offers two simple plans for its fleet tracking software and management system, in addition to a 14-day free trial to test it out without any commitment or credit card information. Its subscription plans are:

Pro plan: $5 per vehicle per month, billed annually

The Pro plan’s top features include:

  • Asset Profiles & VIN Lookup
  • Fleetio Go Mobile App
  • Essential Maintenance Management
  • Inspections & Issues
  • Fuel Management
  • Driver & Vendor Management
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • TCO & Lifecycle Management
  • Integrations & API
  • Unlimited Users
  • Equipment Management (Add-on, Included in the trial)

Advanced plan: $7 per vehicle per month, billed annually

The Advanced plan includes everything in the Pro plan, plus the following:

  • Work Orders
  • Parts Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Purchase Orders
  • Webhooks
  • Custom Password Requirements

With both plans, Fleetio offers:

  • Best-in-class Support (via email, phone, chat)
  • Regular Training Webinars
  • Help Center Access
  • Customer Community Access

Customer Support

You can reach Fleetio’s team by phone or email at 1-800-975-5304 and [email protected]. Their website offers several resources, including White Papers, FAQs, Onboarding Services, Work Order Templates, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Fleetio’s fleet tracking software and management system offer a comprehensive set of features and solutions for fleet and equipment management, fleet maintenance, and countless other capabilities that will streamline your processes and keep you informed of every aspect and expense of your system.

You can try Fleetio’s software for 14-days to try out its software or request a live demo to see the software in action. You can also choose between monthly and annual billing, and annual billing will save you up to 17%.

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