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GreenPath Debt Relief: The Right Path for Your Financial Wellbeing

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GreenPath Debt Relief: The Right Path for Your Financial Wellbeing

GreenPath is a financial company that empowers people to lead financially healthy lives. For more than 60 years, GreenPath has aided millions of people through their financial crisis, whether it was an overwhelming debt, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or credit card challenges. Overall, GreenPath will help you manage your debt, make smart housing decisions and improve your financial status. GreenPath is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.


Free counseling sessions
Friendly staff
Highly rated by the Better Business Bureau (A+)
Services all 50 states


Limited physical locations
May impact your credit score
Additional fees may apply

Quick Stats

Credit Score Impact
Not Available
Average Net Savings
BBB Rating
Up to $50 one-time setup fee
Minimum Debt Required
Money-Back Guarantee
Not Available
3 to 5 years

We all want to live our version of the American Dream, but one obstacle that stops us from doing so is a financial crisis and debt. GreenPath wants to help you achieve and live your American Dream by managing your financial issues and helping you settle your debts the best way possible.

GreenPath is on the road to transforming the culture of financial wellness. It does so by putting the people at the center of their work, asking themselves and the people new questions. "How is it doing so," you might ask; GreenPath has integrated a human-centered design process that works by:

  1. Learning and understanding people’s behaviors and experiences.
  2. Brainstorming ways to meet people’s needs.
  3. Testing ideas to identify barriers and strengths.
  4. Iterating the ideas and repeating the process.

GreenPath Debt Management Plans

GreenPath helps you reach your financial goals, and it all starts with one free call. GreenPath offers free debt counseling with compassionate and caring experts that will provide you with your best solution and if you qualify for the GreenPath Debt Management Plan.

How do the debt management plans work?

It is quite simple, really; the debt management plan consolidates your debt into a single payment. After that, you will have to deposit money into your GreenPath account, and they will use that money to pay your creditors on your behalf.

Benefits of the debt management plans

  1. Stop debt collection calls.
  2. Lower interest rates.
  3. Lower monthly payments.
  4. Waive late fees and over-limit fees.
The debt management plan is designed to pay off your entire debt in three to five years, in most cases.

GreenPath Student Loan Counseling

The overall average student loan debt in 2020 and 2021 accumulates to $1.57 trillion, and over 44 million people still owe to student loans. If you are one of those 44 million, GreenPath will help you out the best way it knows how.

Student loan counseling is free as a part of GreenPath’s counseling services. GreenPath offers two tiers of service to help you out:

Tier 1: Student Loan Counseling (Free of charge)

With this free student loan counseling, a certified expert will:

  • Review your student loans and determine the best payment options for you
  • Inspect your repayment options and aid you in understanding the pros and cons of each one
  • Develop a personalized plan to help you pay your bills

Tier 2: Student Loan Enhanced Support ($200)

The enhanced support session includes all the services listed above in addition to:

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of your financial situation
  • Creating a personalized plan to make your difficult loans manageable
  • Aiding in completing the application process for a student loan repayment program
  • Contacting your student loan servicers and be your advocate and partner until reaching a final commitment
Free counseling is available through a phone call, without scheduling an appointment, or in-person with an appointment.

GreenPath Housing Services

Unlike other debt relief services that do not bother with mortgage and foreclosure, GreenPath understands your situation and problems and will help you with your mortgage debt.

It’s simple, all the help you can get with GreenPath starts with a phone call. Their housing experts will review your situation and explain your options for either keeping your home or moving out.

In addition to foreclosure prevention, GreenPath also offers:

  1. Homebuyer Counseling
  2. Reverse Mortgage Counseling
  3. Resources for Renters
  4. Housing Classes


GreenPath is committed to supporting your financial wellness, and it offers a variety of resources such as budgeting tips, articles, webinars, and educational classes. In addition, a 3-minute financial assessment test is available for free to give you a clear image of your financial health.

Finally, financial calculators are there to help you answer some questions and crunch the numbers. They can help you budget, save and prepare for your financial wellbeing journey with GreenPath.


  • Debt and credit counseling: Free
  • Debt management plan:
    • Up to $50 one-time setup fee
    • Up to $75 monthly fee
  • Bankruptcy counseling
    • Up to $50
  • Student loan counseling:
    • Free standard session
    • $200 for an enhanced session
  • Credit report review: Free
  • Simple payment plan:
    • Free for the first 12 months, then $19.95 per month
  • Housing counseling:
    • Foreclosure prevention counseling: Free
    • Mortgage delinquency counseling: Free
    • Rental counseling: Free
    • Pre-purchase counseling: $150 (could be waived for credit union members)
    • Reverse mortgage counseling: $150
  • Housing online classes:
    • My Path to Financial Freedom: Free
    • eHome Money financial education: $99
    • Framework homebuyer education: $75
    • eHome Foreclosure homeowner education: $25
    • eHome Money homebuyer education: $99

Customer Support

As GreenPath encourages you to make the first step and give them a call, professional and compassionate employees will receive your ring. You can also fill in a form and let them call you if you prefer they contact you first.

Guides, FAQs, and client stories are also there to help you out in answering your questions or if you have any doubts about GreenPath.


Final Thoughts

GreenPath has received uplifting reviews from its customers about its staff and services. Its free counseling services are a great start to your financial wellbeing journey. With over 60 years of experience in helping people and putting you in the center of the work, GreenPath makes an excellent debt relief business to put your trust in.

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