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Virus Scanners & Removers: Best Four in 2024

Virus Scanners & Removers: Best Four in [y]Virus Scanners & Removers: Best Four in [y]


Malware, viruses, ransomware are everywhere. You can get them from spam emails, programs, websites, and so much more. That’s why to keep your device safe; it’s better to install virus scanners and removals. Only there aren’t any virus scanners, only phishing sites that try to steal your data.

Don’t give up! There’s a solution to every problem. In that case, you can download some tools that will help scan viruses from your device. If you’re looking for a tool that shows if your device is infected, here’s our top 4.

Don't have time? Here's a quick summary:
1. Norton Power Eraser: A free feature offered by Norton to scan for viruses, it's fast and easy to use. 
2. Bitdefender Free Mac Virus Scanner: Made to scan viruses for Macs
3. Avira: Avira's free antivirus has everything you need to keep your device safe from viruses and malware. 
4. VirusTotal: An online example of virus scanners that will track any virus in a specific file you upload online and alerts the global cybersecurity community if there's a new malware.

Top 4 Virus Scanners & Removers

1. Norton Power Eraser

Norton 360 is our top antivirus, and their Power Eraser is just as perfect. You can download the Norton Power Eraser for free, it scans for any virus like other virus scanners. Just like the antivirus software, using Norton Power Eraser is a piece of cake. It doesn’t require a tech-savvy to understand how to use it. Once you download it, you get to choose a full rootkit scan or 1 of 4 scanning options:

  • Reputation Scan: Scans specific folder for malware defined by Norton’s malware database.
  • Unwanted Application Scan: Scans program files for PUPs and offers to remove them.
  • System Scan: Scans operating system for any malware
  • Multi-boot scan: Advanced system scan for devices with multiple operating systems.

The best part about using Norton Power Eraser is it’s fast, easy-to-use, and reliable. It’s a good feature to have for free, but we usually recommend paying a small amount to get better security for your device by purchasing Norton’s antivirus. Their antivirus includes excellent malware scanning, unlimited VPN, Password Manager, and it won’t impact your system. Give it a try; there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re interested to know more, read our full Norton Antivirus review.

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2. Bitdefender Free Mac Scanner

With over 500 million users in 150 countries, I think it’s safe to say Bitdefender’s antivirus is reliable. So, what about its free scanner? Well, it’s made for Macs. With the increase in the number of macOS hackers, I think it’s better to download Bitdefender’s Free Mac Scanner.

You can choose from 3 different scans:

  • Critical Locations Scan: Quick scans for common malware and viruses’ locations
  • Deep System Scan: Scans the full system; it’ll take a few minutes.
  • Customer Scan: Choose specific files or folders to scan.

Just like Norton, we recommend purchasing the full Bitdefender antivirus for advanced features. It’s strong, fast, light on your device, and easy to use. Prices start for Macs from $29.99, but it’s worth it. Give it a try; there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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3. Avira

Avira isn’t a virus removal; it’s a full antivirus. It has excellent features that will protect your device from anything. The German antivirus is one of the best antiviruses on the market. Its free version is well-known for:

  • Real-time scanner: Runs continuously in the background and protects your device from any virus.
  • Avira’s Browser Safety: A plug-in for browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) that blocks any phishing websites and checks for any suspicious links in social networks and emails.

On the side, you can download Avira’s free Phantom VPN, which is limited to 500MB/month, to browse the internet privately.

If you’re using Avira’s free version, you’ll get to scan your device for viruses and protect it, but you will get limited support. It won’t be a problem because the Avira antivirus is easy to use and set up. However, we recommend their paid plans for better security.

If you want to know more about Avira, read our full review.

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4. VirusTotal

VirusTotal is an excellent example of virus scanners, and the best part you wouldn’t have to download it is available online for FREE. What makes it better is any malware detected will be shared with the global cybersecurity community; hence, you’ll save other users worldwide if you use it.

Unlike other antiviruses, it doesn’t automatically scan your device for viruses. Instead, you’ll have to upload the file online to scan any virus. VirusTotal relies on 70 different malware and anti-phishing engines worldwide. These include Norton, Panda, McAfee, and more.

Overall, it’s easy to use and reliable. Unfortunately, it won’t remove any malware from your device. If you want a malware-removal, read our full article about the Best Free Malware-Removal Softwares. Or, if you’re looking for a full antivirus VirusTotal is not your answer.

It's not the best. That's why using Norton, Bitdefender, or Avira is better for your device. 

Bottom Line

All in all, no one wants their information to spread all over the internet, or worse, for their device to slow down. That’s why these programs are available to protect your device. Of course, if you’re looking to take extra security steps rather than just using virus scanners, download a fully-featured antivirus like Bitdefender, Norton, or McAfee. The decision is yours.

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