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The Best Russia VPN Services in 2024

The Best Russia VPN Services in [y]The Best Russia VPN Services in [y]


Russia VPN Services: To access geo-blocked content in Russia, skip to our most recommended VPNs.

Whether you're seeking to secure your online browsing in Russia or traveling abroad, and you want to access Russian content, you're on the right page.

The best way to do both of the above is to use a reliable VPN. We tested and reviewed around 30 VPNs and found the best 3 Russia VPN services. 

Lately, the Russian government has been leaning more towards complete censorship of the internet. It is silencing the general public's opinions online and arresting those who dare speak up about it. 

Consequently, people in Russia are resorting to VPNs in order to protect their online activity from the prying eyes of the system. 

Is It Necessary to Use a Russia VPN?

You can use the internet in Russia without using a VPN. However, you need to know that you will be subject to tracking and monitoring like anyone living in Russia.

As online freedoms decline, it has become a necessity to use a Virtual Private Network, VPN in short, in order to protect your online browsing.

A couple of years back, the Russian government banned many VPN services because they refused to comply with their governmental content filtering.

A VPN will encrypt data flowing to and from your device through a virtual, invisible tunnel so that no one can track your activity. It can also hide your IP address and protect your device from possible malware.

But security and privacy aren't the only reasons for using a VPN; people in Russia use VPNs to access geo-blocked and exclusive content.

As is known, streaming services cannot make shows available everywhere because of streaming licenses which can be really pricy. 

The legality of using VPNs in Russia is limited.

In 2017, the Russian government banned a few VPN services because they refused to sign their filtering of websites and content laws.

That happened because the government didn't want people to access certain content and websites on the internet, which is arguably a way of stifling people's freedom online. 

It is legal to use VPNs in Russia, but it's illegal to use these VPNs to access blocked websites and content. 

Read more about VPN laws worldwide.

Features in Our Top Russia VPN Providers

We carefully picked our list of VPNs according to the availability of the most important features, such as:


After we tested and reviewed a number of VPNs, we listed only the fastest VPNs that proved to be consistent in speed in various server locations.

Security and Privacy

We ensured that our Russia VPN services have a true no-logs policy, military-grade encryption, and apply multiple security protocols. A strong, reliable VPN would conceal your info from the prying eyes of your ISP (Internet service provider) and the government. 


All the VPNs on our list offer great services for an affordable price. In addition, a good VPN will offer you multiple plans with various features for you to choose from. 

Number of device connections

The best feature about a good VPN is that it allows you several connections at once. So you can subscribe to one account and use it on multiple devices. 

Number of servers

The best VPN services will offer you a wide number of servers to choose from. This can be convenient for when you want a faster network connection.

Number of server locations

This is a great feature because the more server locations a VPN has, the more options you will have at hand. By having various locations available, you can watch more geo-blocked content using your VPN.

Money-back guarantee

This feature ensures you a risk-free VPN experience. In case you decide this VPN isn't the one for you, you can get a full refund within 2-3 days.

Customer Service

Any VPN service needs to have reliable and multiple customer service options. Therefore, we chose the VPNs with the most helpful websites.

These are our most recommended Russia VPN:
1. CyberGhost 
2. SurfShark
3. Private Internet Access


1. CyberGhost



Number of Servers: 7200+
Money-back guarantee: 45 days
Server Locations: 110+
Number of Devices Per Account: 7
Speed: Excellent
Security and privacy: Military-grade encryption, no logs policy, kill switch
Price: $3.99/mo - $12.99/mo
Customer Support: Live chat, FAQs section, help guides

CyberGhost is our #1 choice for Russia VPN services. It is fast, secure, and guarantees you a private connection.

Because CyberGhost uses various safety measures, including AES 256-bit encryption, we always recommend it for users who are seeking top-notch privacy.

Their best plan is their 39-month plan for $87.75/year ($2.25/mo).


For more info about CyberGhost, read our CyberGhost full review.

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2. SurfShark



Number of Servers: 3200+
Money-back guarantee: 30 days
Server Locations: 100+
Number of Devices Per Account: Unlimited
Speed: Excellent
Security and privacy: Military-grade encryption, no logs policy, kill switch, RAM-based servers
Price: $2.49/mo - $12.95/mo
Customer Support: Help guide, FAQs section, email support

SurfShark has proved to be one of the fastest Russia VPN services on our list. 

SurfShsark has three plans as follows:

  • 1-month plan: $12.95 per month.
  • 6-month plan: $6.49 per month (billed $38.94 every 6 months).
  • 24-month plan: $2.49 per month (billed $59.76 annually).


Check out our Surfshark full review.

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3. Private Internet Access

Number of Servers: 35000+
Money-back guarantee: 30 days
Server Locations: 77+
Number of Devices Per Account: 10
Speed: Excellent
Security and privacy: Military-grade encryption, kill switch, ad blocker
Price: $2.19/mo - $9.95/mo
Customer Support: 24/7 live chat, FAQs section, installation guide

Using Private Internet Access (PIA) is quite easy and straight to the point.

PIA's best plan is their 24-month plan for around $70. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Russia VPN

How can I watch Netflix in Russia?
Netflix is currently available in Russia, and you can subscribe to watch it anytime.

However, if you're looking to watch US Netflix, all you have to do is choose a reliable VPN provider, sign up, and open Netflix to start watching!

Can I use free Russia VPN providers?
Yes, you can.

But free VPN services are usually easy to detect, unsafe, wavering in connection, and frustratingly slow.

We don't recommend that you use a free VPN in Russia. The better option is to invest in a strong, budget-friendly VPN.

What Is the Most Secure Browser to Use in Russia?
While Chrome is rich in advanced features, it still lacks a trustworthy adblocker.

Their adblocker is weaker than other browsers' (see Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome).

What’s the best Russia VPN service?
All of our recommended Russia VPN services will satisfy your needs. But it is fair to say that our best pick is CyberGhost VPN.

It provides you with the speed, privacy, security, and support you need for a good browsing experience.


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