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Museum Ticketing and Point of Sale Systems

Museum Ticketing and Point of Sale SystemsMuseum Ticketing and Point of Sale Systems

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About Museum Ticketing and Point of Sale Systems

Your museum's ticketing and the point-of-sale system should not be relic as you display items. On the contrary, a new and powerful ticketing and point-of-sale system can highly benefit your museum in several ways, such as optimizing admission desk efficiency with faster check-in and ticket printing, increasing sales, and, most importantly provide a pleasant guest experience.

Many museums now run their operations with one point-of-sale system that can handle and streamline all their operations. In addition, they can also have integrated customer relationships management and ticket management software. All of which work hand in hand to give you and your team ease of mind and better performances.

Cloud-based ticketing systems provide faster transaction processes and ticket printing. The best museum ticketing systems also offer the ability to validate tickets purchased online from the customer's phone, which helps in cutting down long queues at the entrance. As such, online tickets can be sold online through the point-of-sale and ticketing system provider's ecommerce platform.

In addition, a museum ticketing system will allow you to customize tickets, passes for schools and families, and memberships and provide discounts on the go.

A comprehensive museum point-of-sale system could also seamlessly manage your museum's gift shops and their inventory. Your inventory count will also be updated in real-time with every purchase, and you can set reminders when an item gets low on stock so you can reorder in time.

Moreover, customer relationship management tools are integrated with most museum ticketing and point-of-sale systems; CRM tools help you understand your guests with valuable analytics and data. For example, you will have access to data that presents you with your visitor's demographic information, sales trends, guests' type, and much more metrics.

Some museum ticketing and point-of-sale systems also provide you with turnstiles for extra security and professionalism, so entrances to your museum can be performed in a civil manner, especially during hectic days.

We did our homework and found the best museum ticketing point-of-sale systems for you to choose from, so your museum can be swiftly operated.

Best Museum Ticketing and Point of Sale Systems


Korona POS and ticketing system is simply one of the best suited for museums to keep them running smoothly while providing your guests the best experience. Korona's POS and ticketing system are cloud-based and come hand in hand to ease your transaction processes and gift you features to streamline your operations.

For example, you get to customize your tickets' prices depending on the time of day or the day of the week. You can also sell memberships or group passes for schools, families, or touristic groups. Moreover, it also allows you to print tickets at will-call, and validate online purchased tickets easily, so your customers do not get held up in long queues.

Another specialty of Korona's point-of-sale is its ability to manage all your mini-stores inventory, such as gift shops, quick-service stops, and convenience stores at once. Your inventory can be segmented for easier lookup and checkout processes. The system also updates its count automatically in real-time and can remind you when a product is running low on stock so you can reorder more in time.

Korona also has Quickbooks accounting integrations that simplify your HR and payroll operations, so you keep track of your employee's working hours while the system automatically calculates their overtime according to your set rules. You can also set access restrictions for your employees, so you keep them from accessing certain areas of your system and keep any sensitive data safe.

Korona gives you the gift of understanding your customers and guests, who they are, and where they come from. You can send them special promotions and discounts using Korona's marketing tools to make their visits more personal. Gift cards and loyalty programs are also offered to encourage your guests to visit again and spread the word about your museum.

Korona's ticketing and point-of-sale system pricing start at:

  • $49/month for its Core plan
  • $59/month for its Advanced plan
  • $79/month for its Plus plan that comes with the most features

The Enterprise plan is quote-based and comes fully featured.

Read our full Korona POS review to know everything it offers.

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The Roller is our second pick for the best museum ticketing and point-of-sale system. Roller offers brilliant services to make your museum's experience unforgettable for both your visitors and employees.

Roller manages group bookings and tour groups brilliantly; it allows you to create customized tickets, group passes, and memberships to be sold both onsite and online with its ecommerce integration. 'Buy now, Pay later' payment options are also offered by Roller's ticketing system for your guests to choose from in your online ecommerce portal.

Roller gives you clear visibility of your museum's capacity, so you do not overcrowd it in times where social distancing is a vital healthcare measure.

Roller's point-of-sale system can also manage and keep track of all your onsite stores, convenience stores, and gift shops, so you won't need a separate point-of-sale system for each. Instead, your inventory will be segmented by shop type, and each item can be easily looked up and accounted for. Roller's POS system will also automatically update inventory count when any product purchase is made and will remind you when a product is reaching out of stock levels.

Last but not least, Roller provides you great insights not only about how your museum is performing but also about your customers with its customer relationship management tools and guest experience insight tools. You get to know your customers; customize personalized email for them, and provide them with surveys to fill out about their experience and leave any feedback.

Roller offers three plans for its ticketing and point-of-sale software:

  • The Lite plan costs $200/month, billed $2,400 per year, or $240/month billed monthly.
  • The Pro plan costs $500/month, billed $6,000 per year, or $600/month billed monthly.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $2,500/month, billed 30,000 per year, or $3,000/month billed monthly.

Roller does not charge any fees for setup and implementation, and you can get a free demo to try out its system before committing to a subscription.

Read our full Roller POS review to know everything it has to offer.

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