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Aluvii POS: Transforming Leisure & Entertainment Management

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Aluvii POS: Transforming Leisure & Entertainment Management
Aluvii POS: a comprehensive review

Updated: March 21st, 2024. 

Aluvii point of sale (POS) is a remarkable solution that provides extensive features specifically designed for various industries, such as amusement parks, aqua parks, and family entertainment centers. Aluvii offers leisure and entertainment businesses a comprehensive solution, including streamlined ticketing and membership administration, adaptable payment processing, and user-friendly self-service terminals. The following review provides an in-depth look at Aluvii's point-of-sale (POS) system, emphasizing its distinctive features, benefits, pricing structures, and real-life customer experiences.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can make a well-informed judgment regarding whether Aluvii POS is the most suitable option for satisfying your business's POS system needs.


Specialized solutions
Flexible payment methods
Free demo


Limited features in their POS module
Lack of price transparency


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Business Size Supported
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Aluvii POS at a Glance

Aluvii is a complete POS software designed for the leisure and entertainment industry with a wide range of capabilities. They offer an all-in-one cloud-based amusement management software that simplifies administration operations for amusement parks, water parks, family fun centers, and similar leisure businesses. They were established in 2014 and have headquarters in Lehi, Utah. This comprehensive solution includes everything from online tickets and shopping to membership administration, time clock integration, and more.

Their unique selling point is how they integrate many technologies into one platform, allowing firms to run their operations efficiently and save money. All the essential features of the software—e-commerce, ticketing, admissions, and access control—work together to improve operations and the overall experience for guests.

Aluvii POS Features & Solutions

POS software

  • Inventory management: Real-time inventory tracking ensures precise stock management and, when combined with customized reorder limits, prevents shortages and optimizes supply chain operations
  • Order processing: Their kitchen order display improves the efficiency of food service operations. It enables the direct transmission of orders to the kitchen stations, resulting in faster food preparation and increased customer satisfaction
  • Reporting tools: They offer robust reporting functionalities that provide comprehensive insights and analytics into inventory levels, sales transactions, membership data, staff performance, customer data, and more, facilitating improved strategic planning and decision-making
  • Payment processing: Aluvii, acting as a payment processor, allows you to choose from various flexible choices, such as processing EMV chips and smart cards and accepting cash, credit, and gift cards. Aluvii guarantees fast approvals and next-day batch settlement by supporting major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Customers can rest easily knowing their payments are safe because of our PCI compliance and stringent security procedures
  • Gift card management: Businesses can provide flexibility to their customers and employees by securely storing gift card information and balances with this feature. Automatically monitor gift card usage, customer history, and balances with reporting options. Furthermore, Aluvii's gift card administration function is well integrated with other modules, greatly improving operational efficiency and ensuring visitors have a smooth experience
  • Hardware: Developed to complement the Aluvii software, these hardware solutions ensure that operators and visitors have a seamless experience. They give efficiency and dependability top priority. Aluvii's hardware portfolio accommodates diverse requirements, including self-service terminals and ticketing devices. Venues can optimize their processes and deliver an outstanding experience to patrons through straightforward installation and integration. Aluvii offers hardware solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and productivity through improvements in ticket sales, access management, the checkout process, and visitor interaction. Additionally, they integrate with other existing hardware if you do not want to buy their hardware 
  • Employee management: Integrated into their POS systems, businesses can easily manage workers, pay rates, and time cards, streamlining administrative tasks.  In addition to providing the option to limit module access and permissions, the system centralizes essential employee information, ensuring security. With the Time Clock feature, Aluvii further streamlines timekeeping by integrating time management features into a single platform, eliminating the need for separate applications. In addition to enabling accurate overtime calculations and real-time updates to time cards, the technology also makes it easy for employees to punch in and out from any device

Additional features

  • Self-service kiosk: By utilizing Aluvii's self-service kiosk, customers can purchase tickets, schedule sessions, and place meal orders easily. It provides various payment options, is user-friendly, and can be modified to suit your preferences. In addition, it reduces delay periods. Order fulfillment is simplified by integrating email receipts with kitchen operations, promoting sustainability. It maximizes revenue and productivity by revolutionizing leisure customer service through mobile accessibility and upselling signals
  • Party booking: Aluvii's party booking module simplifies event planning within amusement and leisure facilities. This function facilitates intuitively organizing and scheduling lessons, gatherings, and events. Also, capacity checking is simple, allowing you to prevent overbooking. Due to the mobile-friendly interface, businesses can accept online ticketing, allowing customers to conveniently reserve slots on their mobile devices. Moreover, the program facilitates administrative tasks for facility administrators by providing a unified platform for users to create custom fields, administer visitor lists, and process deposits
  • Ticketing system: With this solution, you can streamline customer management, ticket sales, and access control on one integrated platform. The system is adaptable to accommodate thermal and electronic ticket formats, accommodating the preferences of customers and thermal ticket varieties. To enhance security and productivity, their access controls allow venues to confirm barcoded tickets promptly, and they integrate turnstiles and other hardware into their platform. Additionally, numerous ticket types are supported for various events, sessions, and promotions, providing venues with greater flexibility
  • Membership management: A comprehensive set of tools for efficiently administering memberships, ensuring streamlined operations. Numerous options are available, including a global search function that enables fast access to guest accounts and recurring memberships featuring customized payment plans that renew automatically. In addition, businesses can modify templates and create membership cards at will. A straightforward checkbox simplifies the process of renewing visitor memberships. This functionality also permits guests to share memberships when utilizing the same account. Guests can conveniently administer their memberships, modify information, and perform necessary alterations through a guest portal seamlessly integrated with their accounts
  • Customer relationship management and marketing: The CRM and marketing features of Aluvii allow businesses to establish and sustain fruitful connections with their customers. Customer segmentation, automated email marketing, loyalty programs, and targeted discounts are all part of this strategy to increase engagement and loyalty

Pricing & Plans

Since Aluvii tailors their prices to the specific needs of each business, their pricing structure is not made public. Requesting a tailored estimate is the best way for interested parties to acquire price information. It is also unclear whether additional features, such as ticketing and party booking systems, come at an additional cost.

By taking this approach, Aluvii can provide fair pricing tailored to each company's unique requirements based on size. By getting a price quote, businesses can better understand Aluvii's solution prices and select the most suitable pricing plan according to their requirements.


  • Self-service kiosk essentials: Prices for self-service kiosk essentials, including countertops and touchscreens, start at $2,283 and go up to $5,500
  • POS Bundles: Prices range from $2,709 to $3,614 for all-inclusive point-of-sale bundles that include computers, cash drawers, receipt printers, and other necessary accessories
  • Computers: Costing between $1,808 and $2,678, these PCs are designed for usage in leisure and entertainment facilities, guaranteeing seamless integration with Aluvii's software package
  • Ticket scanner: Available at $880, the scanner facilitates quick and accurate ticket validation within amusement and leisure facilities
  • Tablet: The tablet, which costs $2,188, allows employees more freedom and mobility to do a variety of jobs, including customer service and ticket scanning
  • Barcode scanners: From $107 to $112, you can choose between two barcode scanners that can scan normal barcodes and mobile barcodes 
  • Magnetic strip readers: Also priced between $107 and $112, magnetic strip readers enable the reading of data encoded on magnetic stripes found on cards such as credit cards, membership cards, and access cards
  • Cash drawer: Priced at $195, the cash drawer provides secure storage for cash transactions and is also compatible with different printer brands
  • Printers: The price of a printer can vary from $238 to $1,652, depending on the model and the key features

The Perks of Working With Aluvii

Specialized solutions

Aluvii provides industry-specific solutions for amusement businesses, water parks, family centers, indoor playgrounds, ski areas, trampoline parks, aqua parks, zoos, and aquariums to ensure that businesses receive individualized assistance and features that fulfill their distinct needs. While Aluvii states that their software and systems are adaptable to any business, they are particularly successful in certain niches.

30-day free trial

A 30-day free trial is available for businesses to try out Aluvii and see whether their offerings meet their specific needs, without any financial commitment. 

Flexible payment methods

They provide several flexible payment methods, allowing companies to offer customers various choices to suit their needs. Accepting cash, credit, gift cards, EMV chips, and smart cards are the payment methods supported. They also accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Free demo

Before committing, businesses can request a free demo of the Aluvii platform to acquire firsthand experience with its features and functions.

Live chat option

Aluvii provides a live chat feature that facilitates immediate and convenient communication between businesses and the support team to resolve inquiries or issues.

The Drawbacks of Working With Aluvii

POS module is limited

Although Aluvii provides a wide range of services and features, including thorough solutions for various business needs, the POS module's features seem relatively constrained compared to those of other providers. The supposed limit impedes the system's ability to accommodate particular business needs effectively.

Lack of transparency

The lack of transparency regarding Aluvii's software pricing can produce a state of ambiguity that prevents businesses from effectively budgeting. Although hardware prices are explicitly mentioned, the lack of transparent pricing for software may discourage prospective consumers.

Hardware costs

Businesses should consider the hardware expenses linked to implementing Aluvii's solutions. Such expenses affect overall budgetary planning and necessitate extra investment in addition to the software.

The Customer Experience

Aluvii does not receive ratings or accreditation on the BBB and Trustpilot platforms. Despite having a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Capterra, the number of accessible reviews is limited to two. The lack of feedback does not inherently indicate the business's quality; instead, it indicates that Aluvii customers might not directly post reviews on external platforms.

Capterra reviews account for a variety of experiences, both positive and negative. A reviewer complimented the software's ease of use but questioned its uniqueness compared to competitors. Another customer showed discontent with complications during the onboarding period, noting data migration and account management challenges. Users valued functionalities such as customer portals and account lookups despite encountering obstacles. However, challenges were identified about account duplication and merging.

How Can You Get in Touch With Aluvii?

You can reach their support team via live chat, phone at (801) 901-7900, or email at or Additionally, you can request a free demo by filling out a form on their website.

For personalized assistance, Aluvii offers one-on-one training sessions for software setup and implementation. Moreover, customers can access interactive self-help resources, including a blog, an FAQ page, and a learning center. The learning center features text explanations, walkthroughs, videos, and quiz assessments, providing users with a comprehensive toolkit for understanding Aluvii's software.


In conclusion, Aluvii, as a provider of customized features to suit a wide array of industries, with a particular emphasis on the leisure and entertainment sector, stands out as an exceptional solution. They provide a comprehensive range of functionalities, including membership management, payment processing, ticketing, and employee administration. The company's customized solutions meet specific needs in each industry, and the flexible payment options and 30-day free trial make things even more accessible.

However, businesses should carefully consider the possible downsides, such as the fact that the POS module has limited features and prices are unclear. However, users can gain significant knowledge regarding the offering's suitability for their specific needs by utilizing a free demo of Aluvii's products and services and interacting with the support staff for individualized guidance.

Look at our reviews of the best POS provider, comparison tool, and blog post if you're seeking a different provider that could better fit your business.

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