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How to Ensure Your Driver's Safety with Telematics Software

How to Ensure Your Driver's Safety with Telematics SoftwareHow to Ensure Your Driver's Safety with Telematics Software

Telematics software or fleet tracking software can do so much for your fleet business, such as live track your vehicles, optimize your fuel spending, and streamline your operations for maximum efficiency.

Fleet tracking software can also alert your fleet managers of risky driver behavior and offer security measures to ensure your driver's safety and provide protection for any insurance premiums. In addition, telematics software can help you incentivize your drivers for safer driving behavior with scores and rewards programs.

How Does Telematics Ensure Driver Safety

1. Reports and Data

You can leverage the robust data and reports provided by your fleet tracking software and gain valuable insights into your drivers' driving behaviors. The reports and data you get can vary between:

  • Time spent on jobs
  • Driver's speed while driving
  • Vehicles' mileage
  • Trip logs
  • Time spent on stops or idling
  • Fuel spending

You can use data provided by reports of this kind and more to understand your driver's behaviors, conduct training sessions to demonstrate the effects of poor driving behaviors, and encourage your drivers to perform better.

2. Alerts and Notifications

Fleet tracking systems are equipped with the ability to send real-time notifications to your fleet managers and drivers autonomously. Such alerts can refer to:

  • Speeding
  • Improper lane change
  • Harsh braking
  • Long idling times
  • Out of route movement
  • Rough cornering

With these alerts, you will know which drivers using which vehicle was not driving safely, so you can inform them later and demand safer driving habits.

3. Scores and Rewards Program

Some fleet tracking software allows you to set up scoreboards for your driver to earn points for driving safely, performing well, and their general productivity. You can also set up the rewards threshold and how much they can earn extra. Telematics software can also generate reports for your best drivers, so you can reward them accordingly.

The rewards program will incentivize your drivers to drive better and allows you to set up a friendly competition between your driver workforce to reward improved behavior and productivity.

4. Dash Cameras

Most fleet tracking companies offer their customers smart dash cameras that can be installed inside the vehicles to monitor drivers on the road fully. Dash cameras can provide you with HD quality videos and real-time snapshots during journeys.

Such video-based safety measures can help your drivers prevent road accidents, as smart dash cameras can offer in-cab audio alerts for speeding, tailgating, seatbelts, and more. You can also expose any staged accidents, as you will have complete footage of the journey. This also could be useful in analyzing road incidents.

5. Written Safety Policies

Written safety policies are important to be presented to drivers and have them attached to the inside of their assigned vehicles. So it is made clear of what is expected from them and what safe driving habits entail.

You can also outline what kind of data the fleet tracking software will gather from their journeys and driving when such data will be used and the consequences of poor driving behaviors.

Now that you are familiar with how to ensure your driver's safety with telematics software, we will present you with our top three fleet tracking software recommendations, their top features, and prices.

Top Fleet Tracking Software Recommendations

1. Samsara

Samsara is our top recommendation for the best fleet tracking software. It is packed with rich features that will ensure your drivers' and vehicles' safety. It can provide you with real-time alerts, rich data and reports, video-based safety, and much more.

Samsara's fleet tracking software's best features include the following:

  • Integrated routing and dispatch tools
  • Custom reporting
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance workflows
  • Mobile fleet tracking application
  • Dash Cameras
  • Integrations

Samsara does not advertise any plans or prices for its fleet tracking software, as it tailors unique quotes for its customer businesses depending on their needs, vehicle types, and numbers. We recommend you contact Samsara's team to discuss your business requirements, and they will take care of the rest.

Read our full Samsara review to know everything its fleet tracking software can offer your business.

Get Started With Samsara

2. AUTOsist

AUTOsist is our second recommendation for one of the best fleet tracking software on the market. AUTOsist offers competitive prices for its software and promises great use for streamlining your fleet operations.

Its fleet tracking software is easy to use and is packed with a centralized document storage system that will make it easy to store your forms, service history, receipts, insurance warranties, and data and keep them synchronized between your team and customers.

AUTOsist's fleet tracking software's best features include:

  • Maintenance tracking
  • Web Portal
  • Offline Use
  • Automated maintenance scheduling
  • Fuel management
  • Real-time communications with drivers
  • Detailed trip log
  • Customized reports

As for its subscription plans, AUTOsist allows you to choose from two payment plans; you can either by the number of users you want to have on the software or by the number of vehicles you want to track. For the sake of simplicity, we will present you with the 1-user plan and the 5 vehicle/asset plan.

1 User Plan: $149/month, plus two free months with annual billing.

The 1 User plan will provide you with the following features:

  • Up to 1 User and Sync 2 Devices
  • Manage Unlimited Vehicles/Assets
  • Unlimited Records & Storage
  • User Permission Control
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support

5 Vehicle/Assets Plan: $59/month, plus two free months with annual billing.

This plan will provide you with the following:

  • Manage up to 5 Vehicles/Assets
  • Unlimited Users & Devices
  • Unlimited Records & Storage
  • User Permission Control
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support
Read our full AUTOsist review to know more about what it can offer you with its scalable plans.

3. NexTraq

NexTraq is our last pick for one of the best fleet tracking software. A wide range of industries will find great use of its software with its feature-rich solutions. NexTraq will do a great job at keeping your drivers safe with its own smart Dash Cameras that will provide you with HD videos and real-time snapshots.

Such travel footage can help you expose staged road accidents, protect you against insurance fraud, and reduce poor driving habits. More of NexTraq's best features include:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Full fleet visibility
  • Fuel management
  • Integrations
  • Geo-fencing and mapping
  • Mobile fleet tracking application
  • Multi-stop routing
  • Time and Attendance
  • Dispatching tools

As for its plans and prices, NexTraq will offer your small business a unique quote depending on its needs, so you only pay for what you need. You can also request a live demo of its software, so it is in action as no free trials are available.

Read our full NexTraq review to know more about its features.

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