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Best Email Marketing Services in 2024

Best Email Marketing Services in [y]Best Email Marketing Services in [y]


Trust is an essential issue between customers and their service providers. To bond better with customers and earn their trust, let them recognize your constant presence. Email marketing is just one way, yet an effective one, to let your customers feel your brand's strength and show appreciation for their contribution to your success. It also increases brand awareness, encourages customers to check your products constantly, and it’s affordable. Motivated by all of that, we decided to lead your way towards the best email marketing services in 2021.

Let Your Customers Know You Better

As one of the digital marketing types, many service providers have widely used email marketing for many purposes, such as informing customers of new products, services, and discounts.

This makes them feel appreciated and noticed by their business owners. Moreover, it is an essential marketing tool to get new customers and the publicity you deserve with the least effort and cost.

The Best Email Marketing Services

As said earlier, email marketing, as a part of digital marketing, is an effective tool to engage customers in your business without the need to pay a fortune. We decided to bring you the best email marketing services you can get in 2021 and let you pick the most suitable one for your business.

1. Mailchimp


The company was founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut, Dan Kurzius, and Mark Armstrong to provide marketing platforms and email marketing services for small businesses. Later on, their services expanded to include domain registration, website builder, postcards, digital ads, and surveys to test and evaluate customer satisfaction.

• Email Marketing Isn’t Hard

Mailchimp offers multiple easy and professional tools to make your business look elegant and desirable. From drag and drop email builder that makes creating emails as easy as ABC to the Content Studio that you can use to keep all you need, whether files, images, or any other tools you could use in your campaign.

Get directed and tailored marketing with Mailchimp marketing automation. With this option in hand, you can deliver relevant and personalized messages to your customers based on their interactions and behavior. You can also use tags to organize your contacts based on your customers' level of engagement. 

Monitoring your progress is essential to make the needed steps or make the right changes at the right time. This is one reason you need Mailchimp to guide your improvement by sending email reports comparing your customers’ clicks, subscribe and unsubscribe rates to your counterparts in the field.

You can also track purchases made after opening your campaign, see what they purchased and how much money you have earned.

• Prices and Plans

Mailchimp offers three packages that differ in features and price, and one more free plan has all the essential tools to get started and build a good customer base.

What does Mailchimp offer for free?

The free plan offers all essentials for businesses that are taking their first steps. The plan equips marketers with 7 marketing channels, single email automation, 5 email templates, and it also works for up to 2000 contacts and 10,000 monthly email sends.

Businesses with more contacts and demands require picking out from the other three premium plans: Essentials, Standard, and Premium.

Get around-the-clock support via email and live chat, a decent number of email templates, custom branding, and A/B/ testing. You can get all the features for $9.99 per month when subscribing to the Essentials plan. Keep in touch with up to 500 contacts and 5000 email sends.

Standard plan features are geared to businesses that want to grow faster using data-driven automation and optimization tools. It includes customer journey builder, send-time optimizer, behavioral targeting, custom templates, and dynamic content. The plan works for up to 500 contacts, and 6000 email sends for $14.99 per month.

For experts who need more customization and better support, including phone besides live chat and email, you can head off to Premium plan that includes advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, and unlimited role-based access. The plan works for up to 10,000 contacts, and 150,000 email sends for $299 per month.

2. Shopify

Shopify is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company based in Ottawa since 2006. The company offers many services, including online stores, point of sale, email marketing, and website building. 

Email marketing services are just an additional free feature that comes with Shopify web-building plans. If you aim for an email marketing service without subscribing to a web-building package, then Shopify might not be the best choice for you. In that case, we recommend skipping to our next option. 

• Create Your Email Marketing Campaign With Shopify

Since 2019, Shopify has included an email marketing application for free for all plans, and it is available at an affordable price as well.

Using Shopify allows customizing branded templates or building your own ones, and you can control which of your customers will receive your emails. Shopify saves your emails while editing as a draft and asks for your confirmation before sending any. If you don’t want to repeat the process every time, you can schedule emails to help you plan ahead for your store.

Additionally, Shopify equips users with a comprehensive guide to those who don’t know how to create or manage their email marketing. It includes everything you need, from setting up an email and customizing its body to sending a scheduled email and more. Take a look at the following snippet from their guide:

As said earlier, Shopify provides free email marketing for all plans. It allows sending 2,500 emails every month, but if your sent emails exceed 2,500, you can get 1000 additional emails for $1.

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3. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is an online marketing company started in 1995 with a strong determination to help small businesses grow fast and get actual results that reflect on the sales rates.

Constant Contact provides many marketing tools include website building, online stores, landing pages, and email marketing services.

If you don’t know where to start, Constant Contact has got your back with a dedicated support team via calls, knowledge base, blogs, community, or social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram).

When it comes to your business success, you can also depend on Constant Contact’s personal advisors to manage your marketing campaigns for you.

•Launch Your Email Marketing Campaign

You can customize and design your emails easily with the Constant Contact smart email editor. It also ensures that your customers always feel appreciated and engaged by sending emails for new subscribers, resend emails to non-openers, and triggered email series.

Your social media presence is also guaranteed using Facebook and Instagram ads that create more awareness of your brand and bring more website traffic and sales. You don’t even have to worry about uploading your contacts. You can upload lists from Outlook, Excel, or Salesforce. 

Keep a keen eye on your progress and the results of your marketing strategies by tracking who’s opening, sharing, or clicking on your emails. By doing so, you will create more targeted lists based on their interactions and clicks.

• Plans and Prices

Constant contact offers two email marketing plans: Email and Email Plus. Both are available with a 30-day risk-free trial to try and judge whether it is your pick or not. 

Compare Constant Contact's plans:

  Email Email Plus
Unlimited sends Available Available
E-commerce marketing Not available Available
Advanced E-commerce Not available Available
Surveys Not available Available
RSVP Not available Available
Polls Not available Available
transaction fees 1.5% 1.5%
Support Knowledge base, phone, and live chat Knowledge base, phone, and live chat
Google ads Available Available


Email plan is the best choice for small businesses that want to build customer relationships and create professional emails for an affordable price that starts at $20 per month. The plan includes unlimited email sends, customizable templates, tracking and reporting, automated email resend to non-openers, A/B testing, online donations, and advanced E-commerce marketing.

Email Plus is a better choice if you are looking for more customers, better results, and powerful features. The plan includes all Email plan features plus automated email behavioral series, automated email welcome series, customizable pop-up forms, surveys, polls, coupons, dynamic content, and new customer consultation. 

The price starts at $45 per month.

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4. Wix Email Marketing Services


Wix is mainly a website builder with many other services geared to strengthen your online presence and get better advantages out of your website. The services include social media marketing, online advertising, web building, and email marketing services.

• Connect To Your Customers With Wix

Wix offers a user-friendly editor that allows creating and optimizing attractive mobile emails in a few minutes. You can easily design your email with a font, color, background, and video of your choice, or take the short way and choose from Wix pre-designed email templates. 

Save time and schedule emails that keep your clients updated with the recent discounts, products, and more. You can also narrow your targeted clients with Wix’s dynamic values that personalize emails with your contacts’ names to achieve the maximum engagement level. 

Keep an eye on your campaign with Wix! Track your email campaign in real-time with integrated analytics that let you know more about the delivery rate, open rate, and clicks. By doing so, you can build a better knowledge of which content is getting the best results, allowing more targeted optimization in the future.

Wix email marketing free plan offers 5,000 email sends per month, and the email sending limit is resent on the first of every month, regardless of your first newsletter date. 

The good news is that you will never be limited to a specific number of templates, and even if you are getting it for free, features like marketing automation and decent customer support aren't left out.  Wix provides three paid plans for more advanced offerings: Ascend Start, Ascend Professional and Ascend Unlimited.

Ascend Start Essential features:
• 50 forms.
• Real-time customer details.
• 5 email marketing campaigns per month.
• 9500 emails per month.
• 5 social post campaigns per month.
• Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger.

Ascend Professional Essential features:
• 150 forms.
• Scheduled chat hours.
• Real-time customer details.
• 20 email marketing campaigns per month.
• 50,000 emails per month.
• 20 social post campaigns per month.
• Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger.

Ascend Unlimited Essential features:
• Unlimited contributors.
• Unlimited forms.
• Scheduled chat hours.
• Unlimited, customizable forms.
• Real-time customer details.
• Unlimited email marketing campaigns.
• 1,000,000 emails per month.
• Unlimited social post campaigns.
• Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger.
• VIP support.
• Chat automation.

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Digital marketing is your key to more clients and better publicity. Get your clients to know more about your services, discounts, and news using email marketing services. It is cheap yet an effective way to grow. You can choose your perfect fit for your business requirements and the number of your clients.

Our suggestions are affordable and ready to lead your way...

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