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Mozello : For Online Stores and Personal Websites

Mozello : For Online Stores and Personal Websites

Start your business worry-free with Mozello. Mozello is a privately held software company based in Latvia, Europe. It aims to simplify your website building experience and make it both smooth and creative. Mozello is available at an affordable price, considering its features (free SSL certificate, dedicated customer support, multilingual websites, and free domain name.

That's not all, Mozello offers a free plan that has all the essential features to create your website with ease.

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Free plan packed with all the essential features
Affordable prices


Phone support is not available
Lacks drag and drop tools
No money-back guarantee


Quick Stats

Best Price (Per Month)
eCommerce Plan
Free Domain
Storage Space
50 GB-Unlimited
Via live chat and email

For personal projects, online stores, and blogs, Mozello has solutions for building your website. It also offers a free plan to help you test the tools and get the basic features to create a website for your personal project, portfolio, or blog.

Pricing and Plans

Besides two featured plans (Premium, and Premium Plus), Mozello offers a freemium plan that you can use to test the tools and start building a small online store or personal website with minimal requirements. If your business or project requires better features, more storage, and traffic, then you'll need to head off to one of the other premium options (Premium and Premium Plus). It is also recommended for developers, thanks to its high customizability giving access to Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

Look at the comparison table below for further details:

  Free Plan Premium Premium Plus
Free individual domain name N/A Available Available
Mobile device support Available Available Available
Multilingual websites Available Available Available
Marketing features Available Available Available
Website address
SSL certificate Available Available Available
Storage 0.5 GB 50 GB Unlimited
Redirect of pages N/A Available Available
Price per month Free $7 $14


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Mozello's premium plans support online stores with up to unlimited products, multilingual websites, and various payment options, including transfers to bank account, cash, and online payments.

For online stores, Mozello offers the following features:

  Free Plan Premium Premium Plus
Online Payment N/A Available Available
bank transfers Available Available Available
Cash payment Available Available Available
Products Up to 15 Unlimited
Transaction fees 0% 0% 0%
Product variants Up to 5 Up to 20 Unlimited
Discount coupons N/A N/A Available
Customizable checkout form N/A N/A Available
Digital product delivery N/A N/A Available
Order export N/A N/A Available

The great news is that all these features for your online store are included with every plan and the same subscription fee, which means you won't pay any extra money.

Unlike many other website builders services, Mozello doesn't provide any refunds in case of cancellation, but you can unsubscribe at any time and cancel your purchase before the date of renewal. Considering that Mozello doesn't require yearly payment, customers won't risk much when trying the premium plans for a month.

Besides, the free plan can help you decide whether you want to upgrade or not. Using the freemium plan gives you a chance to generally judge the service before upgrading to one of Mozello's premium plans.

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Payment Methods

Mozello accepts various payment options, including:

  • Bank transfer
  • Checks
  • PayPal
  • Credit cards


Ease of Use


Creating an account with Mozello is easy and only requires an email address, password, and choosing what types of websites you'd like to create (blog, online store, basic website, or other). When entering the dashboard for the first time, you'll feel comfortable with the interface.

The main struggle with Mozello's website builder is the lack of drag-and-drop tools. Instead, it uses inline editing tools, which mainly allow moving elements up and down only; this puts limitations on what you can do with your website. Other than that, the themes are impressive and go with almost all purposes.

Let's not forget to mention the multilingual website's option when choosing Mozello. Having a website with multiple languages makes your website more inviting for visitors from all around the globe.

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Customer Support

Considering that Mozello does not require any technical skills, customers should not be in trouble with creating their websites. This could be one of the reasons why Mozello doesn't provide multiple support options.

In case you need assistance, Mozello assists customers via email, live chat, and an extensive knowledge base. In the knowledge base, there is information regarding eCommerce, website address, domain name, subscriptions and payments, and some other tips and tricks.

Breifly, Mozello offers support via:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Knowledge base

Support is also available on Mozello's social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.


Website Design



One of the best upsides of Mozello is offering free and paid plans. The editing tools are not highly intuitive, but they are easy to use and customizable. Themes fit all businesses and suit all types of websites, including restaurants, online stores, gyms, etc... You can choose from 48 templates that are compatible with the majority of platforms.


Security Features

Keeping your website secure protects both your databases, files, content and your customers' information. Online stores also require high security since they receive sensitive data like credit card and bank account information, email address, username, etc... Then what can be done to guard my website? Simply make sure that the website builder has security features to protect your website.

Mozello might not be the best website building solution ever in terms of security; it doesn't provide advanced security features like site backups, SpamAssassin, or malware protection. The only security feature it provides is a free SSL certificate, which essential but not enough to prevent any cyberattacks.

Free SSL certificate

Once the website has all your work and effort, it also has personal information; it could be an inviting prey for hackers and cyberattacks. A free SSL certificate encrypts all your data traffic. When data is encrypted, it means no one can see or recognize what it is all about. It will appear as total gibberish.

Using an SSL certificate enhances the website's result on Google. How? Google flags the website as secure when it has an SSL certificate and insecure when it doesn't have it. As a website visitor, a website flagged as insecure would not be the best place to visit or shop online.

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Mozello Features

Having plenty of options makes it hard to decide which website builder service can serve your needs the best, but listing out all features and pointing out what is missed makes it easier for you to know what fits you.


Mozello has tailored features for online stores, which allows sending a payment through multiple options and a wide range of currencies. Payment options including cash, transfer to a bank, and online payments.

The Premium Plus plan allows up to unlimited products and includes discount coupons, customizable checkout form, digital product delivery, and order export. Deducting the transaction fee from your payment is really annoying. The good news is that Mozello imposes a 0% transaction fee.

Mozello's contact form is also customizable and accepts adding as many elements as you wish, which is a great option for small businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools

All Mozello's plans come with marketing features that give suggestions on how to get the best reachability and search results on the search engines. You can also track your website's performance indicators by integrating Google Analytics.

Features with all plans

All Mozello's plans come with the following features:

  • Mobile device support
  • Marketing features
  • SSL security
  • Design variations
  • Multilingual websites
  • 0% Transaction fees

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Mozello is a great option for developers, beginners, and experts. It is easy to use, affordable and has a freemium plan with all the essential features a user may need. The freemium plan is suitable for both basic websites and online stores.

Still, Mozello has some shortcomings, like the lack of drag and drop building tools, phone assistance, and advanced security features.

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