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Where To Watch Vinland Saga

Where to Watch Vinland Saga?

Where to Watch Vinland Saga?Where to Watch Vinland Saga?


This anime is the perfect combo of Nord mythology and Japanese anime, as this is set in 11th century Europe, and it tells a bloody epic of an era where the Vikings existed. Wars were everywhere; violence, injustice, and death were inevitable. So it was the perfect setting for the Vikings and hell for everyone else living in it.

Want to know where to watch Vinland Saga? Read along to find out which popular platform has this series available.


Thorfinn is a young boy, son of one of the Vikings’ greatest warriors, who grew up listening to legends about sailors that had traveled beyond the ocean and reached a place called Vinland. This place is told to be. It’s said to be warm and peaceful; this is entirely different from the place he lives in now, as he was born in a cold place where fighting is the norm and definitely different from his life as a mercenary.

Although constant wars surrounded him, his father taught him this was temporary; he taught his son, “You have no enemies, nobody does. There is nobody who it’s okay to hurt,”

Death is everywhere as the Danes, and England never stopped killing each other throughout the years. The only ones benefiting from this are the mercenaries, as the spotlight is away from them, and they can freely go through places and take any spoils along the way.

Thorfinn is tagging along with them, as he is young and defenseless on his own. He is training himself with these Viking mercenaries in a community where fighting comes as naturally as breathing. His plan is to gain the skills to fight so he can build up a plan to kill Askeladd, the man who murdered his father, in a fair duel.

Want to watch this epic battle? Find out where to watch Vinland Saga?

Where to Watch Vinland Saga?

Owning a subscription to every streaming platform on the internet is impossible; this is why we put in a list of the most popular streaming services available and whether or not they have this series available. Follow through to find out where to watch Vinland Saga?

Where to watch Vinland Saga on Hulu?

Unfortunately for Hulu subscribers, this epic anime is not currently available on their streaming platform, but if you look through their community platform, there have been many requests for this series to be added. So if you are truly interested in watching this series then join that platform and request for it to be added to their library. So this could be added in the near future. 

If you are looking for something within your subscription, go for Cautious Hero.

Where to watch Vinland Saga on Amazon Prime?

All 24 episodes of Vinland Saga season 1 are currently available on Amazon Prime within your subscription. Subtitles are offered in Engish as the original language is in Japanese, so go to your Prime Video account and watch this anime anytime you want.

Where to watch Vinland Saga on Netflix?

Netflix users, this mega streaming platform has it all as they are currently offering this series to their subscribers. The only issue you’ll face watching this series is that it is geo-restricted, meaning you can only watch it if you are in Japan.

For everyone living outside Japanese borders, there is a way to access their content abroad. 

How to Access Vinland Saga on Netflix from Anywhere?

Let’s go through why this series isn’t’ available in your country. The reason behind Netflix blocking their content based on your geo-location is that the shows and movies in their library are mostly o owned by other vendors. So these content you have access to have licenses and copyrights attached to it.

Those content owners put the terms on where their content can be shown, and they can stop Netflix from offering their content in different regions. The contract between a vendor and Netflix can be severed or changed. So, if Netflix does not want to get in trouble with these vendors, they need to stick to their contracts. 

To unlock thousands of new content and get worldwide Netflix with no restrictions, get a VPN. This service will hide your current location, and you get to choose a different server (Japan) and pretend you are in that country. 

Where to watch Vinland Saga on Netflix: 
1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN. 
2. Run the VPN to the device you use Netflix on. 
3. Open the app and log in. 
4. Choose a Japanese server.
5. Enjoy this epic anime. 

Can I use a free VPN?

Free VPNs can be attained easily, and as the name suggests for free, the only problem is that they cannot be used to bypass Netflix’s restrictions. 

A few reasons why you should avoid using a free VPN for streaming: 

  1. Limited data can be transferred in a specific time frame.
  2. Limited amount of servers.
  3. Browsing speed is low, which means video buffering.
  4. Netflix invests a lot of money to detect these VPNs.

Look at our recommendation list of the best VPNs on the market that offer their services for a small fee to give you the best streaming experience out there.

Recommended VPNs

1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers you the best experience when it comes to streaming because of how fast the speed is. Not only that, they have been able to provide great torrenting, gaming, and bypassing geo-restrictions experience for all their users. 

This VPN can bypass geo-restrictions because of how many servers they own; this includes the ones put up by Netflix. As they own more than 6,700 servers in 90 countries, so you will have you’ll get so many options to choose from no matter where you are.

CyberGhost takes your privacy seriously as this VPN uses military-grade 256-bit encryption on all its servers. This encryption provides top-level security, used by governments, banks, and other high-profile clients to protect their data. 

The long-term plan with CyberGhost saves you a lot of money; for $87.75, you get 39 months. But, if you’re worried about the commitment, you can get the one-month plan for $12.99.

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2. Private Internet Access

Owning a lot of servers means that it will increase the likelihood of you finding one near the location you want to stream from; in this case, it is Japan. PIA VPN is known to have the highest number of servers, with over 35,000 servers in 77 countries. 

Not only do they own all these servers, but they also have different security tools like an automatic kill switch; this tool will keep you safe if your VPN connection drops suddenly stops.

The only downside is that this VPN has only been able to unblock Netflix USA, UK, and Australia.

Their best plan is the two-year plan for $69.95 ($2.69/month). Even though there’s no free trial, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to decide.


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3. IPVanish

IPVanish is known for its unlimited bandwidth and high speeds, as well as its ability to unblock geo-restrictions and unblock Netflix; this is exactly what you need to figure out where to watch Vinland Saga. Additionally, if you live with your family and you all want to watch this show, this specific VPN can simultaneously be used on ten devices. 

This VPN service also offers AES-256-bit encryption on all of its servers; as mentioned earlier, this is top-notch security encryption that banks, governments, and militaries use to protect their data, can guarantee your privacy. Another feature they offer is a true zero-log policy; this means they do not store any user information or details on their databases.

They have a starting price of $3.49/month renewed at $10.99 for the 1-month plan, an initial price of $44.99/year renewed at $89.99/year for the 1-year plan, and $89.99 for the first two years, renewed at $89.99 for the two-year plan.


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