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How to Watch Monk from Anywhere

How to Watch Monk from AnywhereHow to Watch Monk from Anywhere


You must have thought of Adrian Monk at least once during quarantine. So whether you planned to watch Monk again and forgot about it, or you've decided to watch it for the first time, you are on the right track.

It is never a bad time to watch Monk, the long-running American comedy-drama originally aired from 2002 to 2009 and brought us all to tears of laughter. 

To watch Monk is to slip into your pajamas after a long, weary day of dealing with the real world (we all deserve a nice break from that).

Fans and lovers of Monk are always wondering how and where to watch Monk. 

Well, I have great news for you! All 8 seasons of Monk are now available on Amazon Prime.

Except, it can be a little difficult to watch Monk if you live outside of the U.S. But don't overthink it! We've got you covered.

How to Watch Monk on Amazon Prime

You grabbed your popcorn, prepared all your favorite snacks, and sat down to watch Monk on Amazon Prime. 

But, this message popped up.

Relax, your party isn't over yet! Let us guide you through.

The Simplest Steps to Watch Monk on Amazon Prime

1. Select a VPN provider (we recommend one of these VPNs in this list as we have tested and reviewed all of them)
2. Sign up and download the app.
3. Open your VPN and select a server located in the U.S, for example.
4. Open Amazon Prime and enjoy the show!


You might be wondering now, What VPNs should I use in order to watch Monk? We have them ready and listed for you to view conveniently!

What Type of VPN Should I Use to Watch Monk

Free VPNs might be your first option when you think of selecting a VPN provider. However, you might want to reconsider.

Using a Free, unreliable VPN is all fun and games until your data gets hacked, and Amazon Prime blocks your IP address.

An unpredictable VPN will almost always put your device at risk of being exposed to spyware, malware, and viruses. And let us not start on the slow speed and all the lagging. 

You don't even need to pay a fortune to subscribe to an excellent, reliable VPN; we tested a list of VPNs for ourselves. We came with a list of VPNs that are safe for you to use, almost impossible to detect by Amazon Prime, and lightweight on your device (and on your wallet).

Remember what Monk always says? "You'll thank me later."

Recommended VPNs 

We have come to terms with the fact that using a free VPN is not worth it.

So, here is a list of trustworthy VPNs that we tested out:

1. CyberGhost


With more than 6,700 servers in 90 different countries, CyberGhost is one of the best options for you to watch Monk from anywhere in the world.

CyberGhost is undoubtedly one of the best VPNs on our recommendation list. It provides you with the speed, privacy, and security you need to have the perfect streaming experience. 

How is that? You might wonder. CyberGhost uses 256-bit AES encryption on all its servers to ensure top-notch privacy and security.

CyberGhost can offer you various long-term as well as short-term subscription plans for an affordable price.

You can either subscribe to their one-month plan for only $12.99. Or you could subscribe to their 39-long month plan, for which you will pay $87.75 (that is $2.25 per month).

CyberGhost will offer you a 45-days money-back guarantee so you can never go wrong with subscribing to it.


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Learn more about CyberGhost by reading our CyberGhost full review.


2. Private Internet Access

Rest assured that Amazon Prime will never detect that you are using a VPN while using Private Access Internet (PIA) because it provides military-grade AES-256 encryption that neither Amazon Prime nor any other streaming service can detect. 

Private Internet Access is popular for its highest number of servers among VPN providers, with a large-scale network of 35,000+ servers in more than 77 countries. So wherever you are, you will be able to watch Monk easily.

What will surprise you more is that PIA is one of the cheapest VPN providers on our list and will never disappoint you when it comes to prices.

You can subscribe to PIA's 24-month plan and get an extra three free months for around $70; that's approximately $2.7 per month. Not only that, but PIA also provides you with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Watch Monk Now

3. HideMyAss (HMA)

What you need to know is that, whether you realize it or not, you always have something valuable on your device. So HMA is our perfect pick for you to watch Monk without risking your data getting stolen or your device getting hacked.

HMA uses the highest level of encryption until this day (AES 256-bit encryption), so nothing can invade your privacy while watching. 

HMA is guaranteed to bypass geo-restrictions with fast connection and good streaming quality. HideMyAss VPN has more than 1060 servers in 290 locations around the world.

HMA is simple and easy to use with over seven languages supported and phone, email, and live chat support available all day to help you out with any questions you might have.

HideMyAss VPN accepts various payment methods (including PayPal). You can either subscribe to their 36-moths plan that supports 5-connections for just $130.65 (that is $3.63 per month). Or you can subscribe to their 36-month plan that supports 10 simultaneous connections for only $218.04 (that's $6.06 per month).

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Want to know more information about HideMyAss to help you decide? Read our HideMyAss full review.

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