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How to Watch Hannibal from Anywhere

How to Watch Hannibal from AnywhereHow to Watch Hannibal from Anywhere


To learn how to watch Hannibal on Hulu from anywhere, click here to skip to the steps.

You might be here because you want to watch Hannibal after you just finished reading one (or all three) of Thomas Harris' novels which have been the inspiration behind the TV show Hannibal.

Or, maybe a friend recommended the series to you. Maybe you’re interested in criminal-psychological television series. In that case, you are on the right track to watch one of the most exhilarating series in the history of horror-thriller series.

The American horror-thriller television series which aired in 2013, has taken us on a journey through the lives of and the peculiar relationship between the FBI profiler Will Graham and the forensic psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Die-hard fans of the TV show and casual watchers always wonder whether they can watch Hannibal on Hulu.

All three seasons of Hannibal are now available on Hulu. That sounds like great news if you live in the U.S, Puerto Rico, or on a U.S. military base!

However, if you live outside of the U.S; worry not! With a trustworthy VPN you can now easily watch Hannibal on Hulu from anywhere in the world.

What Happens If I Use a Free VPN on Hulu?

Using a free, unreliable VPN might not be your best option when streaming on Hulu.

An unpredictable VPN will almost always put your device at risk of being exposed to spyware and viruses. Not to mention the frustration it causes by its slow speeds and unreliable server connections.

Most importantly, Hulu is fast to detect a VPN, and once that happens, you will get an error message followed by having that IP address blocked and therefore not being able to watch on Hulu anymore.


Now that you know that using a free VPN can be more of a nuisance than anything else, what can you do?

In order to save you time and effort, we tested a list of VPNs for ourselves and came with a list of VPNs that are on high-security levels, making it almost impossible for Hulu to detect them.

Recommended VPNs 

Let us put aside any thought of using a free and risky VPN that will only cause you more problems than it solves.

Instead, here is a list of reliable VPNs:

1. CyberGhost


CyberGhost is undoubtedly one of the best VPNs on our recommendation list. It provides you with fast and stable streaming to guarantee you a relaxing and enjoyable time watching Hannibal.

Not to mention that CyberGhost uses 256-bit AES encryption on all its servers to ensure top-notch privacy and security.

With more than 6,700 servers in 90 different countries, CyberGhost is your perfect pick for watching Hannibal anywhere outside the U.S.

Whether you're looking for a long-term subscription plan or a one-month plan for a suitable price, CyberGhost offers you one of the cheapest subscription plans.

You can save up by subscribing to their 39-long month plan for only $87.75. However, if you choose to subscribe to their one-month plan, you will only be paying $12.99.

But worry not about spending your money! Because CyberGhost offers you a 45-days money-back guarantee feature that will save you much overthinking.


​​​​​​Start Now And Save 83%

Learn more about CyberGhost by reading Our CyberGhost full review.


2. Private Internet Access

If you want to push aside all your worries about your VPN being discovered by Hulu while watching Hannibal. Then, you are on the right section of our informative blog.

Private Internet Access is popular for its highest number of servers among VPN providers, with a large-scale network of 35,000+ servers in more than 77 countries. So you never have to worry about finding the perfect server for you.

You might think that such a high level of security and privacy would cost you a fortune to use, but this is where Private Internet Access (PIA) surprises you.

Private Internet Access (PIA) provides military-grade AES-256 encryption that neither Hulu nor any other streaming service can detect.

You can subscribe to PIA's 24-month plan and get an extra three free months for around $70; that's approximately $2.7 per month. Not only that, but PIA also provides you with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Watch Hannibal Now

3. IPVanish

The most important feature of any VPN is its ability to bypass geo-restrictions and blocked content without being detected.

IPVanish is proved to unblock Hulu with a fast connection and good streaming quality. With 1500+ servers in more than 75 locations worldwide, IPVanish allows you to stream and watch Hannibal on ten simultaneous devices.

IPVanish is user-friendly and easy to access and install with its instant setup.

IPVanish is quite affordable; its best price comes with an annual subscription beginning at $44.99 (that is $3.75 per month) along with a free trial and a money-back guarantee.

Grab The Best Offer Now

Want to know more information about IPVanish to help you decide? Read our IPVanish full review.

Read more about the top VPN services in 2021, rated and ranked.

How to Watch Hannibal from Anywhere

1. Download a reliable VPN that'll unblock Hulu. We recommend one of the above, as they have all been tested by us.

2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.

3. Run the app and sign in. You might receive a confirmation email.

4. Select a server of your choice.

5. Log into your Hulu account, grab your snacks, and enjoy!

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