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The Last Kingdom Season 4

The Last Kingdom Season 4: The Battle Is Real!

The Last Kingdom Season 4: The Battle Is Real!The Last Kingdom Season 4: The Battle Is Real!


If you have watched The Last Kingdom, you might think that Season 3 has been the closure of the series, but it's not. The Last Kingdom Season 4 came to lead the incidents to a bloodier and more complicated storyline. Unfortunately, it might not be available in all regions around the globe, but never let that stop you from watching the British series; our blog will list out the most convenient way to watch The Last Kingdom Season 4 wherever you are.

The historical fiction series first aired in 2015 on BBC America, and three years later, the series was available on Netflix. It is based on The Saxo series novel by Bernard Cornwell, and fortunately, a fourth season has been released to keep the battle going fiercer than ever.

The struggle goes on from the very early episodes. The fast-paced scene shows the protagonist, Uhtred, deciding to get back to Bebbanburg after knowing that it was under the Scots' raged attacks and was falling under their regime. However, things didn't go as expected, and he found himself forced to stay and defeat England's future, which was at stake due to the fierce battle between the Saxons and Danes. If you have watched any of the previous seasons, this shouldn't have surprised you since "Courage is finding the will to overcome your fear. Nothing more", that's what Uhtred has believed by heart and said to himself before getting back to one of the brutalist battles amongst the 4 seasons.

You shouldn't miss watching The Last Kingdom Season 4, and if you think you have seen enough in the first 3 seasons, we're here to tell you that Season 4 is where you will definitely get the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Can't Find The Last Kingdom Season 4 Online? No Worries!

If you have tried to watch The Last Kingdom Season 4 online, you must have realized that it might not be available in your region, even though it's said that the series is now available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Well, you must be facing this problem because of your geographical location, unfortunately, many streaming services impose restrictions on their content, and that's simply because they find that this particular content won't get them the expected profit of buying its licenses in those regions.

We do not deny the series success and huge popularity, but people from different backgrounds might have different interests and preferences to what they enjoy streaming online. While this saves the streaming service from getting into a wasteful investment, it's not very pleasant news for those who want to see the series from their region.

As for The Last Kingdom, the series has 4 different seasons. The first three are globally accessible, but unfortunately, season 4 is available on Netflix US and UK, and Amazon Prime Video only. So if you don't live in a location that allows you to access these platforms, you'll definitely need to read our last section.

Our good news is that you can watch The Last Kingdom Season 4 from your region using a virtual private network. You must have heard about the VPN services, especially the big names on the market, like CyberGhost, Private Internet Access (PIA), and NordVPN. You can totally rely on one of these VPNs to unblock the series in your location.

A VPN service allows you to sneak around the geo-restrictions and overcome the geographical location issue, which is the only snag that stands between you and the geo-blocked content on the internet. If you're wondering how it solves the issue, it's simply by faking your IP address, which normally indicates the user's geographical location and makes it possible to track his information and personal data.

Faking the IP address shows that a user lives in a different location, in which the geo-blocked content is accessible from that specific location. Moreover, the VPN service reliability matters and determines whether or not you can access the geo-blocked content.

The large number of VPN services can be perplexing; that's why we tested, compared, and brought you the best VPN services to watch The Last Kingdom Season 4 from anywhere.


Go Around Geo-restrictions Using These VPNs

Despite the fact that many streaming services impose certain content in certain locations, there is a solution to access any blocked content online using a VPN. Let's find out more about the following VPN services:

1. IPVanish

IPVanish has more than 1500 servers distributed over 70+ countries and unblocks Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, DAZN, and HBO Go. In terms of security, con totally depends on IPVanish's security features, including a true no-log policy, a kill-switch, and protocols that are both secure and private.

IPVanish allows torrenting and supports it on all its servers, it also offers unlimited P2P connections, which enables you to torrent safely and anonymously all the time. It offers 250 GB of secure cloud storage available to all subscribers through its collaboration with SugarSync.

It offers the following plans:

Plans VPN VPN +Storage
Monthly Subscription $3.49/month for the first month.
$9.99/month for the renewal price.
$3.84/month for the first month.
$9.99/month for the renewal price.
Yearly Subscription $2.62/month ($31.49/year) for the first year.
$89.99/year for the renewal price.
$2.29/month ($34.99/year) for the first year.
$99.99/year for the renewal price.


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2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost proved its efficiency in unblocking Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, Hulu, Kodi, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and HBO Max, besides offering more than 6,700 servers in 90 different countries.

Let's take a look at CyberGhost's plans and prices:

  • 1-month: $12.99/month
  • 3-year: $2.25/month- billed $87.75 every three years. (Save 83%)
  • 12-month: $3.99/month- billed $47.88 every year

CyberGhost also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee.

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3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access provides a kill-switch, true no-log policy, RAM-based servers, and secure WireGuard protocol. Let’s come to what PIA unblocks; it unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and many more.

Let's see what plans PIA offers:

Plan Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription 2 Years Subscription
Original price $11.95/month $143.4/month $310.7/month
Discount price N/A $39.95 ($3.33/month) $69.95 ($2.69/month)


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There's a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to try and decide if it's the VPN for you.



If historical fiction series is your cup of tea, you'll love to watch The Last Kingdom. However, the series isn't available in all regions, so we recommend using a trusted VPN service to overcome the geo-restrictions issue professionally.

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