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How I Met Your Mother Streaming

How I Met Your Mother Streaming on Netflix

How I Met Your Mother Streaming on NetflixHow I Met Your Mother Streaming on Netflix


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Watching TV seems a thing of the past now, with the emergence of online streaming platforms that more or less stream all of our favorite shows and movies of all time. With these streaming services, we have surely witnessed the revival of many old shows like Friends, House, ER, How I Met Your Mother, and many more.

Speaking of HIMYM, it is always the right time to watch and rewatch the timeless American sitcom. And the good news is, How I Met Your Mother streaming is now available through multiple streaming services including Netflix. 

However, due to Netflix's geo-restrictions, HIMYM is available in some countries, but not in others. Fortunately, though, by using a VPN and masking your IP address, you will be able to switch to a server where How I Met Your Mother streaming is available.

Why Can't I Find HIMYM on Netflix?

How I Met Your Mother streaming on Netflix needs a streaming license. In fact, all shows and movies on Netflix need these licenses, which are bought for each region separately based on the target audience's needs. 

Licensing agreements are quite expensive. So, Netflix surveys how many people watch a certain movie or show before buying the license to stream it. This way, Netflix ensures that the money it gets from viewers is more than the money paid for the license. Due to these agreements, your favorite shows might not be available in your country. 

Even after buying the streaming license for a movie, Netflix has the right to stream it only for a certain period of time, and then it will be taken down in case the license doesn't get renewed.

I Use a Free VPN, But I Still Can't Access Geo-Restricted Content

Free VPNs are easy to detect. And because Netflix doesn't want you to access geo-restricted shows and movies due to copyrights, once the system detects you're using a VPN, you will get a Streaming Error message and will be temporarily blocked from streaming.


This is why paying for a reliable VPN is worth it. After testing them for ourselves, we came with a list of VPNs that are on high-security levels, making it almost impossible for Netflix to detect them.


Recommended VPNs

Because you now know why using a free VPN is not as useful as you might have thought, here is a list of our top picks of reliable VPNs.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our top pick for How I Met Your Mother streaming on Netflix.

The most important thing when streaming is speed. ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available, giving you an amazing streaming experience with no lag.

ExpressVPN runs more than 3,000 servers located in 94 countries in 160 server locations, making it a perfect choice for bypassing Netflix's geo-restrictions. 

ExpressVPN has a high encryption level (AES 256-bit military-grade encryption) and has a kill switch. It also provides RAM-based servers. 

With ExpressVPN's 12-month plan, you get a 49% discount, meaning that for $99.95 ($6.67 per month), you will get 15 months of ExpressVPN.

Get a 49% Discount Now

Want to know more information about ExpressVPN to help you decide? Read our ExpressVPN full review.

2. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is, without a doubt, one of the fastest VPNs out there. It scores top points with its ultra-speed levels, making it a perfect choice for How I Met Your Mother streaming.

CyberGhost is also ideal for bypassing geo-restrictions. With more than 6,700 servers in 90 different countries, you have a wide range of servers to choose from.

CyberGhost VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption on all its servers.

The long-term plan with CyberGhost saves you tons of money; for $87.75, you get 39 months. However, if you're worried about the commitment, you can get the one-month plan for $12.99.

​​​​​​Start Now And Save 83%

Learn more about CyberGhost by reading Our CyberGhost full review.

3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN stands out for its exceptional security, something you really need to beat the Netflix VPN block mentioned before.

Private Internet Access offers an automatic kill switch, which will keep your activity secure even if the VPN connection surprisingly drops.

Private Internet Access has the highest number of servers among VPN providers, with an extensive network of 35,000+ servers in more than 77 countries.

However, it can only unblock content from Netflix US, UK, Australia, and not Asia or South America. So, before choosing a VPN provider, you need to decide the server you want to switch to.

Their best plan is the two-year plan for $69.95 ($2.69/month). Even though there’s no free trial, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to decide. 

Start Watching Your Favorite Shows Now


Steps for How I Met Your Mother Streaming on Netflix

1. Download a reliable VPN that’ll unblock Netflix. We recommend one of the above, as they have all been tested by us.

2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.

3. Run the app and sign in. You might receive a confirmation email.

4. Select a server of your choice.

3. Log into your Netflix account and enjoy!

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