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Ghostbusters Streaming

Where is Ghostbusters Streaming?

Where is Ghostbusters Streaming? Where is Ghostbusters Streaming?


It’s the time for all that’s spooky and scary, and Ghostbuster is the perfect movie to watch this Halloween season! So do you want to start your holidays binge-watch, then read along to find out where is Ghostbusters streaming?

There is no better way to celebrate the season than watching a series of movies that fits the theme. Of course, this isn’t exclusive for Halloween, as we do the same for Christmas and Valentine’s.

We have gone through our checklist of all of our favorite spooky movies and found nothing better than the Ghostbusters with all of its sequels and reboots.

Check out where you can get Ghostbusters streaming this Halloween, as well as the other franchise movies.


The Ghostbusters franchise has brought in a few movies since 1984; here is a quick recap to help you decide which one to start with. 

Ghostbusters (1984)

Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler, three odd-ball scientists, all find themselves out of work at some point after years of researching the paranormal. Everyone thinks they have lost their minds, and to prove them wrong, the three start their own business, “Ghostbusters.”

The business offered services to help search for the paranormal and to capture them in the heart of New York. It was all going great until they were forced to face an ancient Hittite god, Gozer the Destructor, who wanted to bring in a new era of evil.

This marks the first time in their career where they are finally on to something big when a downtown skyscraper becomes the focus of paranormal activity, and the survival of the Big Apple is left upon them.

GhostBusters 2 (1989)

After saving the city of New York five years ago, their business has been struggling after losing their status and credibility, and they all find themselves having to take on odd jobs to stay afloat.

This is all until Dana starts having ghost problems again and is targeted by a demonic force; the scientists must come back from retirement when they realize there is a river of psycho-reactive ectoplasmic slime running underneath the city of New York. Even worse, a sorcerer is trying to possess Dana’s baby, and a manifestation of the 16th-century tyrant, Vigo the Carpathian, threatens to take control of the city, making it his own.

Who better to call the fireless Ghostbusters when your city is plunging into the depths of Hell.

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (2016)

This version is a bit distinct from the previous two as it has a twist; they are all played by the opposite gender. Erin Gilbert is a brilliant physicist who is a professor at Columbia University. However, after her radical ideas on the supernatural, especially ghosts, she soon finds herself as an unemployed academic. She is soon reunited with another disgraced academic, Abby Yates, who is her former partner.

The bills have to be paid, so they decide to look for evidence that the ghosts exist. Their team grows as they recruit tech expert Jilian Holtzmann and Patty Tolan, a rookie. The four women join forces as the city of New York is under attack once again.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

Once again, the Ghostbusters are on call, as the official third Ghostbusters movie is set to be released this year. This continues the first two stories told in the 1984 and 1989 versions. It does not fit the same storyline as the 2016 remake. This movie has been pushed back for a year now due to the novel coronavirus, but it was announced that it would soon hit cinemas this November.

The official synopsis by Sony is “A single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town; they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.”

Where is Ghostbusters Streaming?

Streaming is great; you get to pick and choose any movie you want at any given time. The hard part is finding out what movie is available on which platform, as we understand that you do not pay a subscription fee for every platform out there. This is why we compiled a list of streaming platforms for you and checked off which one of the Ghostbusters movies is available.

Before going into the other three, remember that the final one has not been released yet. Sony has also announced that it will only be making it a cinematic exclusive, and they do not intend to add it into any streaming platform.

Is Ghostbusters streaming on Hulu?

Ghostbusters 1984: Not available on Hulu.

Ghostbusters 1989: Not available on Hulu.

Ghostbusters 2016: Not available on Hulu.

Is Ghostbusters streaming on Vudu?

Vudu does not offer a base subscription; instead, you have to purchase or rent per content.

Ghostbusters 1984: Vudu offers this classic as a rental for the price of $2.99, or you can purchase it for $13.99. 

Ghostbusters 1989: Luckily, Vudu has this sequel as well for $2.99 if you are renting out our, or to buy for $13.99. 

Ghostbusters 2016:This platform strikes again as they have this gem as well for the same prices as the two movies above. 

Is Ghostbuster streaming on Netflix?

Ghostbusters 1984: This streaming platform has a great library, including this version of Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters 1989: Netflix has this film available on their platform. 

Ghostbusters 2016: Once again, Netflix proves to have so much content, even this Ghostbuster remake.

Like all things in life, this movie is a bit difficult to get even on Netflix, as it is available but not available at the same time. You can only watch this on your Netflix account if you live in the UK or Canada because of your geo-location. 

Continue reading to find out how to get access to any Netflix content!

How to Access Netflix from Anywhere? 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see which country your Netflix belongs to. If you want it to seem like you are changing your location without having to change your location, then you’ll need the help of a VPN. A VPN will spoof your current location, and you can connect to a different server. 

If you struggle to access all entertainment content on Netflix because of their geo-blocking technique, which allows specific content to be shown in certain countries. Netflix blocks its content based on your geo-location because it is not theirs and is bought from other vendors. In addition, all these films and series usually have licenses and copyrights.

The vendor puts the terms on whether or not their products are exclusive to a specific region, and they can restrict Netflix from offering their entertainment options in different regions. Furthermore, these contracts between vendors and Netflix can be cut off or changed at any given time. Therefore, showing their content everywhere is against these contracts.

How to get Ghostbusters streaming on your Netflix: 
1. Sign up for a VPN.
2. Download the VPN.
3. Runthe app and log in.
4. Choose a different server.
5. Now, the three Ghostbusters movies are available for you to watch from anywhere.

Can I use a free VPN?

Free VPNs aren’t the best services out there to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions for a couple of reasons:

  1. They usually have limited data that can be transferred in a specific time frame.
  2. A limited number of servers.
  3. Low-speed browsing.
  4. Streaming platforms can easily detect these VPNs.

If you are looking to upgrade your VPN service, go through our recommendation list of the best VPNs on the market that offer their services for a fee.

Recommended VPNs

1. CyberGhost

Want to watch Ghostbusters from anywhere CyberGhost is here to answer your call. It gives you high-speed browsing, which is what you need for streaming. It’s also fast enough for torrenting, gaming, and bypassing geo-restrictions.

They have proven to bypass geo-restrictions, including the ones set by Netflix. They also own more than 6,700 servers in 90 countries, so you will have you’ll get so many options to choose from no matter where you are.

CyberGhost takes your privacy seriously as this VPN uses military-grade 256-bit encryption on all its servers. This encryption provides top-level security, used by governments, banks, and other high-profile clients to protect their data. 

The long-term plan with CyberGhost saves you a lot of money; for $87.75, you get 39 months. But, if you’re worried about the commitment, you can get the one-month plan for $12.99.

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Read more about CyberGhost by reading Our CyberGhost full review.

2. Private Internet Access

The more servers, the more likely you’ll find one near you the faster it will be. PIA is known to have the highest number of servers, with over 35,000 servers in 77 countries. Along with a large number of servers, they also offer different security tools like an automatic kill switch; this tool will keep you safe if your VPN connection drops suddenly stops.

With this VPN, you will only be able to unblock three countries, Netflix USA, UK, and Australia. So make sure to find out which region you want access to. 

Their best plan is the two-year plan for $69.95 ($2.69/month). Although they currently don’t offer a free trial, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to decide.


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3. IPVanish

IPVanish is proven to provide high-speed internet, which is exactly what you need to stream all the content you want. It has also proven to be able t bypass Netflix's geo-restrictions as well as some other major streaming platforms.

This VPN service also offers AES-256-bit encryption on all of its servers; as mentioned earlier, this is top-notch security encryption that banks, governments, and militaries use to protect their data, can guarantee your privacy. Another feature they offer is a true zero-log policy; this means they do not store any user information or details on their databases.

They have a starting price of $3.49/month renewed at $10.99 for the 1-month plan, an initial price of $44.99/year renewed at $89.99/year for the 1-year plan, and $89.99 for the first two years, renewed at $89.99 for the two-year plan.


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