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Is Protonvpn Safe

Is ProtonVPN Safe to Use?

Is ProtonVPN Safe to Use?Is ProtonVPN Safe to Use?


Is ProtonVPN Safe?

Are you using ProtonVPN, and you are wondering is ProtonVPN safe? Continue reading to find out.

The idea of wondering whether a VPN is safe to use or not can be a little foreign. Because the whole idea of having a VPN is to stay safe and protect your online identity and data, however, some VPNs are better at protecting your data than others, and some are downright bad at it.

So what are the factors that you need to consider before subscribing to a VPN? How do you become an expert at judging the safety of your or any VPN you consider?

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Safety Factors

1. VPN Headquarters Location

You may not think a lot of it, but where the VPN you are using is based makes all the difference in the world. ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, which is outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance.

The 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance is a group of countries that can spy on your data. Countries in those alliances can spy on your outgoing internet traffic and can request your data from your VPN service. So always, keep an eye out for where your VPN is based.

2. Logs Policy

The best and safest VPN services have a no-logs policy, simply put, they do not store any kind of user data on their servers or databases. Is ProtonVPN safe? In this department, yes, it is. ProtonVPN has a no-log policy that is supported by Swiss law.

3. RAM-based servers

RAM-based servers are like a cloud alternative to SSD servers, where data is stored. VPNs with RAM-based servers have their data wiped every time the server boots, while on the other hand, SDD servers need to be wiped manually, and they rarely are, which puts a risk on storing user data. Unfortunately, ProtonVPN uses SSD servers and not RAM-based ones.

4. Warrant Canary

A Warrant Canary is an excellent measure to determine is ProtonVPN safe? A Warrant Canary is an indirect way for the VPN service to let its users know whether the government has requested their data or not. If a VPN has a Warrant Canary and it disappears from their website, it means they have been asked about your data.

ProtonVPN has a Warrant Canary, and it is still showing, which means they were not asked about your data yet.

5. Encryption and Protocols

The encryption and protocols your VPN uses are a considerable factor in their safety. For example, ProtonVPN uses AES-256-bit encryption on all their servers, which is the highest available standard that militaries and banks use to protect their data.

ProtonVPN uses an encryption feature and method that changes the encryption key with each connection, so no encryption key is used twice; thus, your traffic stays super protected from third-party collectors. Moreover, in 2020 they announced a new feature, Full-Desk Encryption, that prevents any sort of attack from governments or agencies.

As for Protocols, ProtonVPN uses IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN. They both ensure your traffic is going through an encrypted tunnel.

6. Kill Switch

The Kill Switch feature is quite handy in keeping your IP address and online identity safe if your VPN connection suddenly drops. When your VPN server connection drops, it simultaneously cuts your internet connection, reconnects you to another server, and then restores your internet connection; this way, your IP address will not be leaked, and you stay protected.

ProtonVPN packs this feature, which gives it more points to its security.

7. Core Servers

Still wondering, is ProtonVPN safe? You might be glad to know their core servers are protected 1000 meters below the surface in a former military base and an army fallout shelter; that is how seriously ProtonVPN considers security. Their physical servers are super secure, and the chances of them being hacked are very slim.

8. Scandals

We have found no scandals relating to ProtonVPN in the past regarding sharing user data, and as for other reviews, it is highly trusted and recommended by everyone.

Final Thoughts

So is ProtonVPN safe? We believe so. It has high-security measures and top encryption methods that protect all its user's data. Its extra features and protocols also work together to maintain that security and keep your online identity and traffic safe and secure.

If you are interested to know more, make sure to read our full ProtonVPN review.


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