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Whatsapp And Facebook Calling In Uae

Unblocking WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in UAE

Unblocking WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in UAEUnblocking WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in UAE


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If you're here, you probably know that Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in UAE are all banned. And, you're probably also looking for a way to unblock this ban.

Now, let's backtrack a little;

How Does VoIP Ban Affect The UAE Citizens?

The UAE population has come to 9.771 million by the year 2019; 89% of them are expats. This means that around 8.84 million UAE citizens come from different parts of the world, leaving their families and loved ones behind.

Technology has, as goes the cliché, turned the world into a small town. It has provided us with multiple means of communication to make us feel closer to those who are physically so far away from us through online chat, phone calls, and video calls. 

So, this is supposed to make expats in the UAE feel at home, no? No. This is because all VoIP services are, unfortunately, banned in the UAE. 

Besides, with the whole Coronavirus lockdown, VoIP services have become a vital part of people's lives, so that they can stay in touch with each other. But, again, not for the UAE citizens. 

However, there are always loopholes. This is where VPNs come in handy. Using a VPN will allow you to unblock this ban and use all these services so freely. 

Why Is There a Ban on WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in the UAE?

The simplest answer is: it's all about money.

The ban forces people to use paid services that benefit the domestic telecoms sector. So when people have no free means of communication, they will have to resort to paid services. And since international or long-distance calls are always expensive, telecom operators will not give up this money.

The other reason, which is the explanation provided by the government, is that VoIP services bring cyber-terrorism threats and cause political protests.

So how can you utilize VPNs to bypass the block on WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in UAE? 

How to access WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in the UAE 

1. Download a reliable VPN to unblock the ban. We recommend one of the VPNs below, as they have all been tested by us. 

2. Connect to the server of your choice.

3. Log into your Facebook/WhatsApp account and enjoy calling your loved ones for free!

Recommended VPNs

While it can be tempting to use a free VPN, it's not secure. Free VPNs are easy to detect, and if detected, will be blocked, which defies the purpose of using them. 

For this reason, we have tested paid VPN providers and made a list for you of our top picks.

1. ExpressVPN

Here is why ExpressVPN is our top pick for unblocking the ban on WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in UAE:

ExpressVPN uses the highest encryption level, the AES 256-bit. It is so secure to the point that governments, militaries, and banks utilize this type of encryption to secure their data. This security is vital for making sure the government doesn't detect your VPN, so you can use it with no interruptions.

ExpressVPN also has a kill switch, adding another layer of security. A kill switch is a feature that disconnects your device from the internet if the VPN connection drops out, ensuring your real IP address never gets exposed.

ExpressVPN runs more than 3,000 servers located in 94 countries in 160 server locations, making it a perfect choice for bypassing the ban.

With ExpressVPN's 12-month plan, you get a 49% discount, meaning that for $99.95 ($6.67 per month), you will get 15 months of ExpressVPN.

Grab Your 49% Discount Now

Want to know more information about ExpressVPN to help you decide? Read our ExpressVPN full review.

 2. NordVPN

NordVPN is another great choice for bypassing geo-blocking.

NordVPN also provides a high-end encryption level (AES 256-bit military-grade encryption).

With 5,400 servers spread around the world, NordVPN so efficiently bypasses bans, allowing you to access WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in UAE.

NordVPN is relatively cheaper than ExpressVPN. With the 2-year plan and the 65% discount, you will be charged $99.00 ($4.13 per month).

Save 65% Now

Want to know more about NordVPN? Read our NordVPN full review.

3. Private Internet Access

Speaking of high-level security providers, Private Internet Access VPN stands out for its exceptional security.

With Private Internet Access VPN, you can customize the encryption; you can choose between the AES 128-bit and the AES 256-bit encryption. Simply put, both are perfectly secure for unlocking the ban on WhatsApp and Facebook Calling in UAE. 

Private Internet Access has the highest number of servers among VPN providers, with an extensive network of 35,000+ servers in more than 77 countries.

Their best plan is the two-year plan for $69.95 ($2.69/month). Although they don't offer a free trial, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to decide. 

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