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Error Code M7111 5059

Error Code: m7111-5059 Netflix VPN/Proxy Error

Error Code: m7111-5059 Netflix VPN/Proxy ErrorError Code: m7111-5059 Netflix VPN/Proxy Error


If you are a Netflix addict, then you might have run into the Netflix error code: m7111-5059, which is hindering your ability to watch your favorite show. However, you can rest assured as we'll guide you through how you can fix this error.

What Is Netflix Error Code: m7111-5059?

Basically, Netflix error code: m7111-5059 means that Netflix has detected you're using a VPN or a proxy in order to change regions and view different shows.

Netflix tries to prevent using a VPN/proxy because the license for shows they have around the world differ from one region to another, which means if they want to stream the show you are looking for in your region, they will have to buy a separate license to viewers in that region.

Netflix tries really hard to register the detected IPs from VPN companies to prevent the use of any proxies to view their shows.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code: m7111-5059

A few methods are available to try and fix the Netflix error code: m7111-5059 proxy error, the most efficient of which is using the right VPN.

Methods to unblock Netflix error code: m7111-5059:

1. Using a premium VPN

Among the VPN services, not all are well optimized for online streaming. The difference between one VPN and another isn't as simple as how fast the servers are or how strong the encryption is. A major issue is how well and reliably it can unblock geo-restrictions.

And even when they do, how often do they get blocked again, and how many servers in each country do they have for a better streaming experience.

Among VPN companies, ExpressVPN stands heads and shoulders above the rest when it comes to hiding the fact that users are viewing the service using a VPN.

ExpressVPN is advanced to the point that governmental block, such as the case in China (The Great Firewall of China), is often unable to detect and block its use.

In summary, making sure your VPN is streaming compatible is important and will make your life much easier when streaming online.

2. Change the VPN server

Even the best premium VPNs can run into a wall every once in a while, and while trying to access Netflix, you might still run into the proxy error. A simple solution, to begin with, would be to change your current server.

The way a VPN works involves masking your IP address as if you're using the IP of the server you're connected to. This means that parties on the receiving end of online interaction will view you as if you're in the location of the server's IP address.

Streaming companies such as Netflix try to register these ever-changing IPs in order to block users from using proxies and view the geo-restricted content.

A simple solution would be switching to a server in another town or area in the same country.

3. Clear cache and delete cookies

The cookies offered by websites aren't exactly meant for hospitality. Cookies are basically software that allows websites to track your visits and online activity; many websites use it to optimize advertisements to relevant topics you might be interested in. Others might use it to confirm your whereabouts.

A quick fix attempt you can try includes clearing your cache and deleting cookies; by doing so, websites such as Netflix will lose one method of spying on you. However, it's noteworthy that you'll need to relog into your account after clearing your cache.

A tip you might benefit from is to use incognito mode when trying to view Netflix, as the rate of bypassing geo-restriction becomes better.

4. Restart your apps

A few mysteries in life are still unsolved like, why hitting the remote makes it work or why "did you try turning it off and back on" works (it reboots the program code, which often fixes errors). However, the magic of restarting apps that instantly fixes stuff is not to be taken lightly.

A quick closing of all relevant apps, including Netflix, and VPN apps, followed by turning them back on, can work wonders.

5. Smart TV fix

An issue that many users run into includes the lack of VPN support on some smart TVs, in which case, it becomes hard to bypass geo-restrictions. However, there is a solution to this problem; it includes connecting to a VPN using your router, which will, by extension, affect your smart TV.

Recommended VPN

Table of content:
1. ExpressVPN
2. NordVPN
3. IPVanish

Different VPN services will differ in quality; some may be more optimized for certain functionalities than others.

Among VPN providers we tested, we made a list of the ones which were most capable of bypassing geo-restriction and had a higher than the average number of servers for users to switch between, in addition to high speeds when streaming.

Our list of VPN recommendations to bypass error code: m7111-5059 includes:

1. ExpressVPN 


ExpressVPN is the top contender in terms of speed, which is something you will want when streaming online, as it would be senseless to bypass everything while the stream keeps interrupting to buffer.

ExpressVPN doesn't fall short in terms of bypassing geo-restrictions. It has over 3000 servers spread over 160 locations in 94 countries, providing high reach across multiple countries and regions, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, and other streaming services, which was evident with our firsthand testing.

ExpressVPN has a high encryption level (AES 256-bit military-grade encryption) and has a kill switch. Furthermore, some countries like the UAE or China use a firewall (The Great Firewall of China) to prevent locals from using a VPN. ExpressVPN is one of the few that can bypass this geo-censorship. ExpressVPN provides RAM-based servers.

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, VPN out there. This makes it very suitable for torrenting and even streaming. Its price is on the higher end of the VPN price spectrum. Use ExpressVPN if your goal is to change your IP while using Tor, Torrenting, or streaming.

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2. NordVPN


NordVPN is a great choice to stream Netflix. As I tested it, NordVPN was able to bypass all forms of geo-restriction and went undetected as a VPN, allowing access to Netflix and other streaming platforms.

NordVPN has many specialized streaming servers, with high speed making it a great choice overall, and with the huge number of servers they have with over 5,400 servers spread across the world, you can rest assured you're getting the best quality out there.

NordVPN provides a high-end encryption level (AES 256-bit military-grade encryption), and price-wise NordVPN is relatively lower than ExpressVPN, giving it an edge in this section. Overall, it's very adaptive and useful for many different situations when considering how to hide your IP.

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3. IPVanish


IPVanish is another versatile VPN service you can use to stream Netflix online. IPVanish did great in our tests, as it could break through the geo-restrictions well enough.

IPVanish has 1500 servers spread around the world, many of which reside in the US, which is the goal destination for many seekers of VPN services who are trying to access Netflix.

IPVanish provides 256-bit encryption for users to enjoy their online activities safely. When it comes to speed, it's one of the best VPNs out there. However, it falls a bit short in comparison with the previously mentioned two.

That being said, it allows for an unlimited number of devices per plan and is less expensive price-wise, making its price efficiency its strong point.

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