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uniCenta POS Review: A Commercial-Grade POS

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uniCenta POS Review: A Commercial-Grade POS

uniCenta POS is a commercial-grade point-of-sale system that built its presence and user base on casual distribution through its own site and open source channels like Sourceforge. UniCenta POS now has over a million downloads in over 150 countries and has grown to become a competitive POS system in the market.


Relatively cheaper than other POS systems
Windows, Linux and Mac compatible
Inventory and supply management


May be a little difficult to use
Unaccredited by the BBB

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
All business sizes
Customer Experience
Support center, guides and forums

About uniCenta

UniCenta POS has won several awards over the years, such as the #4 most popular POS by Capetrra and the prestigious BOSSIE award. uniCenta's popularity and growth are entirely organic, and money was not a motive its existence; its model is "Download It, Use it, Own It."

UniCenta POS can be used for several businesses such as retail shops, hospitality, special and mixed businesses. Mixed and special businesses include museums, gyms, launderettes, lottery shops, venues, sports centers, and many more!

UniCenta offers quite a few business solutions and features with its software, such as a complete set of reporting tools, offline transaction capabilities, inventory management, and much more. UniCenta POS is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Apple devices.

uniCenta POS Features

UniCenta offers a multitude of great features with its point-of-sale system; it comes with an intuitive dashboard and gives convenient notifications, in addition to a secure and affordable payment processor and much more! You can host your databases locally, through a central shared server, or on the cloud on a remote hosted server.

One of uniCenta POS's top features is its customizable GUI and customer display. More features include:

Operation and Interface Suit

The operation and interface suite provide a variety of tools that streamline managerial tasks, such as digitally registering and logging in data. You can register any scanned barcode and display its price.

The user interface can be customized to the retailer's needs, which allows them to add fields such as tax rates per location, language, units of measurements for items, and well payment methods. In addition, the uniCenta dashboard can be installed on several devices and accessed from anywhere.

The interface comes with three modes for restaurants, retails, and supermarkets. You can add menus, seating, and prices per meal in the restaurant mode. The supermarket model allows you to add prices per item and price per measurement. Last but not least, the retail mode focuses on price per package or single item.

Inventory and Supply Management

Inventory and supply management helps you keep track of your available merchandise; you can segregate your inventory into merchandise, making it faster to access merchandise and sell them. Moreover, you can also adjust the minimum and maximum inventory levels for each stock item, and the system will display stock levels in real-time.

Employee Directory

This feature is basically employee management, which allows you to track your employees' performances and provide restriction levels depending on their positions and roles. You can also retain your employees' information for evaluations.

Customer Management

Customer management tools allow you to capture and store your customer's information, in addition to creating an account in their name where they can deposit money and use it to pay for their meals or products. You can also assign a fixed discount percentage to a customer's account.

Supplier Management

You can manage your product suppliers by creating accounts in their names and recording their delivery and transaction history. Your inventory count will automatically be updated as soon as supplier deliveries are made.

Sales Management

uniCenta POS provides you with thorough sales management tools. For example, you can provide customers with many payment options such as partial payment as a deposit into their account, split receipts, layaways, and mixed payments. You also have the ability to edit receipts, split them, and offer your customers discounts on the go.

uniCenta Plans and Prices

Base Plan- $78.42 per year

This plan is more suitable for small or medium-sized businesses. For this plan, you will get uniCenta updates, user guides, source codes, and access to the uniCenta expert online support and knowledge base.

uniCenta Plus- $178 per year

This plan is more suited for specific large businesses, and it offers all the capabilities of the base plan in addition to priority forum support, rate discounts up to 15%, and limited developer support.

Customer Support

uniCenta has a free support community forum and self-service documentation. You can also send your messages through a form on their contact us page on their website.

Final Thoughts

uniCenta POS is a commercial-grade POS system that grows with its customers. It offers great features such as inventory management, barcode scanning, and customer and employee management capabilities. It can also streamline managerial operations, and it's one of the most affordable retail and hospitality POS systems.

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