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Revolutionizing Retail: A Deep Dive into uniCenta oPOS

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Revolutionizing Retail: A Deep Dive into uniCenta oPOS
UniCenta POS: An open-source POS solution for streamlined management

Updated: May 16th, 2024.

uniCenta is an open source POS software designed to help businesses manage cash flow, inventory, employees, and sales. They offer cloud-based and on-premise solutions, which include a range of features to streamline point-of-sale operations for SMEs. Established in 2010, the company had one mission: to create free POS software that customers can own and use to build their businesses without limitations.

This review will cover uniCenta oPOS, including key features, scalability, hardware compatibility, benefits, drawbacks, customer support options, and user reviews.


Comprehensive business types
Multi payments
Intuitive interface


Restricted customer support
Limited troubleshooting resources


Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small and medium-sized businesses
Trustpilot Score
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Annual subscription
BBB Rating

uniCenta Overview

Initially conceived as a hobby project, developing a POS system led to the creation of OpenBravo oPOS in 2010. Two years later, uniCenta oPOS surfaced as a robust commercial-grade alternative, providing compatibility with multiple operating systems and improved functionality like ACH payment processing.

With over a million downloads, users in 150 countries, and support for 17 languages, uniCenta gained popularity quickly. Some primary features are scanning barcodes, accepting card payments, creating digital receipt layouts, and managing inventory.

Consistently ranked among the top 4 point-of-sale systems on sites like Capterra, the system has garnered distinctions, including the 2013 BOSSIE Award. Even though they are not Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, they have won reliability accolades such as the Software Informer Virus-Free Award in 2021 and the Crozdesk Quality Choice Award in 2024.

Features & Services

The uniCenta software offers a range of features that can be customized to suit the needs of different enterprises. Below are the system's key attributes:

  • Barcode scanning: The scanner notes the weight and price of the products and reads the most internationally recognized formats, such as EAN, UPC, and CODE 128. Moreover, users don’t have to worry about replacing their hardware since it is compatible with various barcode scanners
  • Multi payments: uniCenta accepts various modes of payment, including cash, cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, vouchers, coupons, and account transfers. This allows businesses to serve a wide range of clients without worrying about the system failing to process some payments
  • Cash drawer: The software is compatible and integrates with all major cash drawer brands, including APG Vasario and POS-X ION. The feature is valuable because employees can close each sale quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, tracking and previewing cash sales and inventory is made more accessible
  • Mobile POS: The software is compatible with 10"+ Windows and Linux tablets and any compatible smartphone. Rather than having employees work on a stationary system, businesses can simplify the process using the mobile POS function, especially in retail stores and restaurants, where service is not stationary
  • Real-time reports: Businesses can keep track of different taxes, depending on their industry and products. For example, businesses can get up-to-date VAT federal and state tax records. On the other hand, all revenue and expense transactions are captured in high-quality reports to quickly determine if they are making profits, losses, or simply breaking even
  • Restaurant mode: This feature has restaurant and table layouts, allowing cafes and restaurants to keep track of their operations. It eliminates the need to walk around the restaurant to confirm if all the tables are occupied. Employees can also use the move table and reservations features to assign customers to specific tables
  • Secure user login: Businesses can restrict authorized personnel access to specific areas of the system. This creates layers where particular employees are held accountable should anything go wrong. For example, you can customize privacy preferences and determine who accesses the system, whether by a card swipe, logon, iButton, or Dallas key
  • Voucher management: The uniCenta oPOS is handy for monitoring different transactions, including coupons and vouchers. It allows employees to input voucher and coupon numbers so it is evident who used them and for what. This way, every item is accounted for, whether paid for in cash or with alternative systems set up by the business
  • Remote/kitchen print: With this setup, businesses minimize the back-and-forth movement of staff, especially in retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, and bars. Whether the waitstaff is taking customer orders in the dining area or sales representatives are helping customers on the other end of the store, they can use their mobile devices to send a sales ticket to any printers on the business premises
  • Supplier module: This provider has a supplier module covering every aspect of the supply chain. The module includes supplier address, delivery schedule, transaction history, payment history, and product information. It also allows suppliers to keep a diary and track their inventory
  • Multi-terminal: Businesses that expand from a single to multiple stores can use the same system without worrying about incompatibility with the changing company structure. Users with stores in multiple locations can configure the uniCenta oPOS to mirror the changing business profile without migrating to another POS system

Additional features

  • Retail and supermarket modes: These are specialized features that businesses use because they have unique attributes, such as multiple lanes, that must be monitored independently. Users can create specialized store sales screens focusing on each lane and the items in these sections
  • Customer reports: This feature captures and retains all customer details, including their address and purchase history. Suppose the business has a membership scheme or loyalty program. In that case, you can quickly identify customers supporting the industry and those qualified to benefit from discounts or other aspects of the loyalty program
  • Product bundles: This POS makes it easier for businesses to create a bundle of a variety of product types by identifying the parent item and then combining component items for easy tracking and better inventory management. For example, if you sell electronics, you can have laptops as the parent bundle, then component items where you itemize each brand, total stock, and unit cost
  • Detailed reports: The uniCenta oPOS gives a comprehensive report covering every aspect of the business. The employee reports include their performance, while the customer reports cover different factors, including purchase discounts and how they have benefited from the loyalty programs. You can also get sales reports, taxes, close cash history, stock levels, and the supplier’s diary, streamlining workflow

Pricing & Plans

The uniCenta oPOS is free and available to all small and medium-sized businesses. Users can easily download and utilize the software in multiple businesses without restrictions. As the company initially intended, this is one of the features that has drawn many users to uniCenta oPOS.

Although the company provides this free software, they charge a membership fee. The base annual membership fee is £60 ($75), while uniCenta Plus is £136 ($170).

Whereas most other POS systems that charge a fee have it attached to specific features, the uniCenta membership fee is linked to customer support and future development ventures. Furthermore, members get feature guides, source codes, scripts, and exclusive access to the online customer forum.

They also get advanced access to some features, such as the remote order display, before they are officially released to all users. Additionally, uniCenta Plus members enjoy additional benefits, such as access to Beta, limited development support, and unlimited API access.


  • Extensive business profiles: The uniCenta oPOS is designed to work in various business projects, including gyms, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, cafes, bars, and supermarkets. The flexibility to accommodate different businesses is most likely one of the reasons why thousands utilize this system globally
  • Highly configurable: Users can customize the dashboard and features to make them relatable to their business profile. Understandably, businesses change over time, whether due to substantial growth or downsizing. You can still use the same system without migrating your database when this occurs
  • POS hardware compatibility: The software can be integrated with point-of-sale equipment, such as receipt printers, barcode readers, cash drawers, card readers, and scales. You don’t have to worry about getting standard hardware or losing money because you must replace the equipment
  • User-friendly interface: The POS has a simple, intuitive, and graphic interface that is easy to navigate, even for first-time users. Scaling is also easy, which is a plus for businesses since you won’t need to spend resources retraining the staff on how to use the system since you are already familiar with it
  • Free services: Since uniCenta is open source point-of-sale software, they are not tied down to a single vendor, and users can access a range of services at no cost. This allows SMEs to grow and scale their businesses without increasing overhead costs
  • Free updates: uniCenta oPOS has regular updates, and some core features are upgraded automatically. If you are not tech-savvy, you may not need to do anything to improve the user experience. Fortunately, the company lists the parameters after every upgrade, so you know whether you must complete their upgrade
  • Operating system compatibility: Since the POS is web-based, various operating systems are compatible, primarily Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux servers. uniCenta for Android and iOS is also available, but it is only available to uniCenta Plus subscribers


  • Limited customer support: uniCenta offers priority online support to members. Other users can get help, but they may have to wait. In the meantime, they must rely on the self-service guide, which covers installation, configuration, database setup, and upgrades
  • Few troubleshooting resources: uniCenta has been accused of neglecting users' common problems. Users have to dig deep to find troubleshooting information, which is sometimes unavailable. Sadly, customer support is not always available to address some issues
  • Partial translations: Although marketed as multilingual, the setup fully supports only three languages: English US, English UK, and French. The rest of the languages are partially translated

What Is the User Experience Like?

UniCenta oPOS earned 4.5 out of 5 stars and an average score of 70 out of 100 in the Crozdesk Point of Sale (POS) category. This score was based on user satisfaction and press buzz. Unfortunately, uniCenta oPOS hasn’t received Trustpilot ratings and lacks BBB accreditation.

Positive reviews

Users have praised uniCenta’s flexibility in handling transactions, especially those with different tax schemes. Another user pointed out the variations in price codes and how easy it is for the system to tally weight and price without human interference.

Some reviews pointed out the ease of use and the convenience of compatibility with multiple devices, including the PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Other users praised the interface and how everything is within the frames, so users can easily input the details without worrying about more information that may be out of view.

The ease of use was also one of the positive user reviews, especially for businesses that get new employees. The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for new workers to familiarize themselves with the company and how the system works.

Many users mentioned the software’s compatibility with third-party vendors, such as e-commerce platforms and multiple payment gateways, as a plus. This makes it easier for businesses to have all their processes in one system.

Negative reviews

Although many users have had a great experience using uniCenta oPOS, there have been some complaints. For example, some users feel that the upgrades do not occur as often as they’d like.

In the earlier versions, there was a minimum of six to twelve months between upgrades. The latest upgrades were completed more quickly, with some enhancements released within weeks of each other and others within three months.

Some users have also complained about the lack of support, even for users who have paid the membership fees. They claim that priority support is non-existent or, at best, unsatisfactory. Some customers struggled to set up and operate the system when first used, while others claimed installation failed, even though they followed the recommended setup.

One user wished that all the system updates were integrated with third-party vendors so that the entire system undergoes an upgrade simultaneously, saving users time trying to get all the systems functioning optimally.

Company response

The company is active on different forums and willing to listen to users' challenges. Regarding the delayed upgrades, the company’s representative said they are carried out as needed and do not necessarily follow a specific schedule.

The business has stated that many users who need assistance are overwhelming their small team, which provides priority support. However, they still reach out to members who have asked for help, but it sometimes takes longer than anticipated.

To minimize these issues, the company offers exclusive guides to members to help them navigate the system quickly and conveniently. Members also have access to help guides that other users do not.

The company also stated that they aim to introduce additional benefits for members in the future, hoping to assist disgruntled members who question whether they should pay subscription fees if they don’t receive the promised support.

Customer Support

All uniCenta POS users can contact customer support via email at or on the unsupported Sourceforge community forum.

Users who have paid subscription fees get priority support via email and on the customer-only forum, exclusive to those who have paid the membership fee.

To minimize the number of calls for help, uniCenta provides comprehensive user guides to subscribed members. These guides cover all aspects of the software, including installation, usage, and troubleshooting tips. Users without access to the forums and guides can still email customer support.


The uniCenta oPOS is a comprehensive business solution that addresses all aspects of a business, from suppliers to consumers. The wide range of features allows businesses to maximize their available resources to meet current and future demands. The solution also includes industry-specific features, such as a restaurant module with components like table mapping and reservations and a supplies module for inventory management.

Some point-of-sale software offers limited features in the free version, and as businesses grow, they often have to pay to access more advanced features. However, as a free POS, extensive features for various business types are available.

Nonetheless, this POS also has some drawbacks, as mentioned in user reviews. Many users find it challenging to access customer support and struggle to resolve issues without this support when glitches occur. As a result, some users choose to pay the membership fee to get the necessary support.

Despite their shortcomings, uniCenta has received positive ratings for ease of use, value for money, functionality, and customer support.

However, it is important to note that user reviews, both positive and negative, are subjective, and there is no guarantee that you will have a similar experience.

If you are unsure if uniCenta is the right POS for your business, check out our other POS reviews to learn about what else is on the market and how similar or different they are from uniCenta.

You can also conduct a comparison analysis to determine which system best suits your business. If you want to learn more about industry-specific POS systems, we post comprehensive blogs to help you choose the most suitable POS software.

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