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Lighting Up Cannabis Retail: A Dutchie POS Review

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Lighting Up Cannabis Retail: A Dutchie POS Review

Published: March 28th, 2024

Dutchie is a payment platform and a cannabis point-of-sale provider that transformed the cannabis retail landscape by providing consumers with convenience and access to high-quality products. With their intuitive user interface, diverse product range, and effortless ordering process, The company has emerged as the preferred choice for cannabis enthusiasts. This review aims to explore the platform's features, plans and pricing, advantages, disadvantages, and customer experience.


Free demo available
Over 100 partner integrations
Supports multiple locations


Lack of information regarding hardware
Not compatible with many devices


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Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Dutchie has been a prominent POS provider for the cannabis industry since their establishment in 2017. With a network of over 6000 dispensary partners backed by prominent investors such as Tiger Global and Howard Schultz, the company has recently acquired Greenbits and Leaflogix. Beyond facilitating transactions, the company actively advocates for fair and sustainable cannabis policies, engaging with lawmakers and regulators to shape the industry landscape. 

Furthermore, the company doesn't just advocate; they take action. From optimizing delivery operations to implementing effective loyalty programs, they offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to modernize the cannabis shopping experience while prioritizing compliance and maximizing profitability.


All-in-one software: Dutchie POS software offers solutions that streamline transactions, track sales, manage inventory, and more. The platform ensures seamless operations, from basic functions like transaction calculations to advanced features such as loyalty programs and integrated payment processing.

Personalized homepage: The company empowers users to customize their Backoffice homepage, tailoring quick actions, key metrics, charts, and lists to their specific needs and preferences, providing a unique and intuitive user experience.

Flexible delivery settings: With Dutchie POS, dispensaries enjoy customizable delivery settings tailored to location-specific needs for both consumer and wholesale delivery operations, ensuring adaptability and efficiency in managing delivery services.

Compliance management: With compliance tools for age verification, ID scanning, purchase limits, and reporting, Dutchie enables dispensaries to adhere to local regulations and maintain legal compliance effortlessly.

Inventory management: Dutchie offers robust inventory management features, enabling dispensaries to track stock levels, manage product variations, and receive alerts for low inventory. This optimizes inventory and improves operational efficiency.

Customer relationship management: Dutchie POS includes CRM tools to help dispensaries build and maintain customer relationships, capture customer information, track purchase history, and send targeted promotions or communications for enhanced engagement and loyalty.

Reporting & analytics: With advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, Dutchie POS enables dispensaries to gain insights into sales trends, product performance, and customer behavior, facilitating data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

Integrated online ordering: With integrated online ordering capabilities, Dutchie POS seamlessly connects with online storefronts, enhancing customer convenience and streamlining the ordering process for a seamless shopping experience.

Gift cards: Dutchie partners with Birchmount to provide dispensaries with gift card solutions, facilitating easy setup and management of in-store transactions. While these semi-integrated gift cards are exclusively for in-store use and require specific back-office settings enabled, dispensaries can contact Birchmount for account setup and card ordering. The process involves configuring gift cards in the product catalog and collaborating with Birchmount to activate and redeem them. Activation and redemption are done through the Birchmount portal.

Loyalty programs: Setting up loyalty programs through providers like AlpineIQ, SpringBig, and Sprout empowers customers to maximize benefits by stacking coupons with loyalty points or dollars for substantial discounts. Within the POS system, customers have the flexibility to adjust their loyalty points and apply them to their purchases.

Plans & Prices

While they don't disclose their prices, they provide a free demo of their Dutchie register system for users to explore without any commitment. Their all-in-one system seamlessly integrates e-commerce and in-store point-of-sale operations. They offer flexible payment options that include cash, credit, debit, and Dutchie Pay—an ACH digital payment method designed for online and in-store purchases. Such payment methods either require hardware labeled under Greenbits or are recommended by Dutchie.

For larger cannabis retail operations, they offer the Dutchie Plus plan, a premium solution tailored to meet the specific needs of large businesses. This top-tier plan boasts a highly customizable online shopping experience, allowing companies to tailor aspects such as fonts and colors to their preferences. Moreover, the platform comes equipped with built-in features ensuring compliance with regulations, including purchase limits and delivery restrictions, while seamlessly integrating with other essential software. This plan streamlines the online ordering process for dispensaries with advanced features like analytics, efficient order processing, and promotional tools, even facilitating in-store ordering.


Highly customizable

Dutchie POS stands out for the level of customization they offer for all businesses. Operators can change settings on data fields post-transaction to ensure seamless adaptation to evolving compliance regulations. This flexibility also aids in managing sales performance, team productivity, and growth opportunities. The user-friendly interface empowers budtenders to focus on customer service rather than navigating complex technology.

Supports multistate operations

Dutchie POS enables consistent pricing across all operational states. This allows you to access comprehensive reports to analyze dispensary performance and facilitates multi-location management while maintaining pricing consistency and compliance.

Supports multiple locations

Dutchie POS supports multi-location management, enabling users to oversee dispensaries across different locations effortlessly. Switching between locations at the POS systems and leveraging robust reporting capabilities for insightful analysis is made simple.

Over 100 partner integrations

Dutchie effortlessly integrates with more than 100 partners, significantly expanding their product portfolio. This ensures effortless integration and data management, simplifying operations for retailers, cultivators, and brands of any size. Their POS integrations cover many functionalities, from popular systems like Treez and Greenbits to payment processing options and loyalty programs like AlpineIQ and Springbig.

Free demo available

Engaging with the free demo provides insights into how Dutchie simplifies the process of buying cannabis products and efficiently manages deliveries. Additionally, the demo showcases the platform's features and functionalities, including seamless integration with Point of Sale solutions, customizable online storefronts, and order management systems designed for speed and simplicity.

On-site POS training

Dutchie provides comprehensive on-site POS training for dispensary staff, ensuring a seamless transition and effective system utilization. The comprehensive training covers a range of aspects, from front-house functionalities to e-commerce, inventory management, and traditional retail operations. It's designed to cater to the specific requirements of different roles within the dispensary. As part of the training process, an Implementation Strategist is assigned to guide customers through onboarding, which includes tasks such as data migration and system compatibility checks.


Lack of information regarding hardware

While Dutchie provides guidance on hardware setup and recommends suitable options for their web application, their website lacks detailed information on proprietary hardware specifics. The platform offers hardware through subsidiaries like Greenbits but doesn't prominently feature or advertise such systems openly on their website. Instead, users must navigate through various pages and online inquiries to discover that the company actually provides POS products through a website called Connection.

Not compatible with many devices

The platform's compatibility is limited to a select range of hardware. This limitation stems from the platform's necessity for device compatibility to guarantee smooth operations and integration. Furthermore, the Dutchie POS + VeriScan ID Scan integration guide underscores how certain integrations are tailored to function with specific hardware setups.

User Reviews & Testimonials

While a limited number of reviews discuss Dutchie’s services, some of these customer opinions can be found on platforms like G2, which holds a 4-star rating, and Software Advice, which rates it at 4.5 stars.

Positive feedback from these reviews emphasizes several key points. Users appreciate the platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. Many reviewers commend the abundance of preloaded templates catering to various needs and customizable compliance features tailored to all states. Additionally, customers value the option to personalize their menus with a wide array of choices.

However, amidst the positive feedback, there are notable points of criticism. Some users find the extensive compliance options overwhelming, especially when certain features fail to be disabled automatically based on state regulations. Others expressed disappointment over the absence of essential features like order history and abandoned cart tracking. Several users report frustration with inaccurate and outdated content within the library. Additionally, there are occasional complaints about software bugs, and the lack of SEO features to enhance the search process.

How Do I Contact Dutchie?

If you need to contact Dutchie, there are several simple ways to reach out. If you have a question or need information, try their Help Center by typing your query into the search bar. If you can't find what you need there, you can send them an email at For more immediate assistance, give them a call at (866) 838 8244. They also offer live chat support; just click the chat icon on their support website to connect right away. And if you want to stay in the loop, make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


In summary, Dutchie, headquartered in Bend, Oregon, stands as a prominent POS provider for the cannabis industry With a network of over 6000 dispensary partners. Their all-in-one software offers streamlined operations, personalized features, and robust compliance management, catering to dispensaries of all sizes. With flexible pricing plans, including a free demo and a premium Dutchie Plus option, the company accommodates diverse business needs. While praised for their robust customization features and multi-state support, the platform faces challenges such as limited hardware information and occasional software bugs, as noted in customer reviews. Nevertheless, the company remains committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, offering multiple avenues for support and communication, ensuring a seamless and efficient cannabis retail experience.

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