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Cents POS Review: All You Need For Your Laundromat

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Cents POS Review: All You Need For Your Laundromat

Cents POS is an all-inclusive point-of-sale system for laundromats. Cents POS offers business solutions for laundromat owners to streamline their operations, grow their market, and understand it better.


Online training and documentation
Supports laundromats of all sizes
Free demo


Prices not transparent
Lacks 3rd party integrations

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small and large businesses
Customer support
Help center and live chat
Gift cards
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price

Cents POS is trusted by hundreds of businesses, as it offers all the services a laundromat owner would need, from in-store management to machine integration. In addition, cents POS can help you identify your store's strengths and weak points to boost your operations and cut the extra costs.

Cents POS is a point-of-sale system that has it all: hardware, software, business management, employee management, and last but not least, customer engagement management.

Who Is Cent Pos Most Suitable For?

Cents point-of-sale system is not for everyone, and choosing the right POS system for your store or business is crucial. So if you are wondering if Cents POS is the one for you, let us break it down for you.

Single-Store Owners

If you are running one laundromat or just getting started with one, having the right POS system will help your business grow and flourish with you. Cents POS is then a great pick for you.

Multi-Store Owners

As your business grows and you add more stores to your laundromat or dry-cleaning industry, Cents POS will help you connect them all and oversee their operations from one place instead of visiting each location.

It will also show you how to get the most out of your business and keep all your stores running at optimum efficiency.


Managing stores on a franchise level can be even more challenging. Cents POS will be right there for you. It will aid you in knowing which store and location bring you the most revenue and how their operations run from start to finish. Moreover, most importantly, it will show how to make your employees more productive and efficient.

Cents POS Features

Employee Management

The best point-of-sale systems always pack employee management features, and it is a vital part of keeping your business running on high efficiency. Cents POS does the same; its employee management will let you keep tabs on every employee's productivity, whether high or low.

It allows you to alter your laundromat's operations according to employees' productivity always to keep them doing their best. Cents POS customers have reported a 75% increase in employee productivity with its employee management features.

Supply Management

Having enough supplies is crucial for every business, and you would never want to run out of them, as it will harm your business and revenue and dissatisfy your customers in the end. Cents POS can help you keep track of your supplies.

It will notify you when you are running low on supplies and help you order more in time very conveniently.


Running any business would require you always to be making calculations regarding every aspect. So whether it's employee's payrolls, supply costs, or revenue, Cents POS will do all the number crunching for you.

Customized workflows and detailed reports will save you lots of time from doing the daily routines and calculations. There is also no chance for any human error, mistakes, or miscalculations with its POS automation. Every number will be exact to the decimal.


Cents POS has an extensive delivery network that offers affordable prices to your customers and at no extra cost for you. Whether it is one-way or two-way deliveries, with Cents POS, you can expand your laundromat's reach and gain your customer's trust to have their deliveries be punctual.

Customer Satisfaction

Consistent operations and services make happy customers. Happy customers spread the word to new customers. Cents POS promises to keep your customers satisfied with their favorite laundromat or drycleaners.

Increased Revenue

All of the features mentioned above lead to increased ROI. With increased revenue, you get to grow your business and afford the best for your customers and yourself.

How to Get Started?

Getting started with Cents POS is quite simple; you need only head to their website and request a demo. Cents POS lets you try their point-of-sale system for your laundromat first and then gives you a customized quote if you want to integrate it fully.

Cents POS is not transparent with its plans and prices, as it's all quote-based. Therefore, you will have to contact them or request a demo to know how much they would offer you their point-of-sale systems.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 to reach through live chat on Cent's help center. Its knowledge base is also there to help you with any issues or questions you may face along the way.

Cents also provides live online training for its systems and thorough documentation.


Cents POS offers great business solutions for laundromat owners; whether it's a single store or more, it will help them make the most of it. Its features all work together to provide your store with more revenue and make it grow along the way.


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