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Streamline Accounting & Sales with AccuPOS

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Streamline Accounting & Sales with AccuPOS
AccuPOS Review:

Updated: May 22, 2024

AccuPOS is a software development company that aims to offer the best point-of-sale solutions to several business types, especially in the retail and food industries. They were founded in 1999 and headquartered in Worthington, Ohio.

The key highlight of this POS is their ability to bridge point of sale systems and accounting software. They integrate with popular accounting programs like QuickBooks and Sage, helping save time and money by eliminating the need to enter data into multiple systems manually. The solution also includes software, hardware, and support. But are they the best option for your business goals and operations?

By the end of this AccuPOS review, you can determine whether they are the right point of sale solution for you. We'll cover the company’s background, main features, pricing, advantages, cons, user reviews, and customer support options. Read on to find out.


Free demo
Accounting software integration
Multi-business support


No support for Apple hardware
Not accredited by the BBB


Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small and medium businesses
Trustpilot Score
2.2 out of 5
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Per month+ per additional station
BBB Rating

AccuPOS in a Nutshell

AccuPOS is a point-of-sale (POS) system designed for several businesses that require tracking sales and inventory. Their customers in the retail industry include department stores, specialty shops, thrift shops, and clothing stores. In contrast, the food industry includes restaurants, cafes, bars, grocery stores, and liquor stores.

The company was founded in 1999 to serve thousands of customers globally, but their headquarters remain in Worthington, Ohio. Initially, the founders viewed the existing POS systems as complex and generalized, so they wanted a solution tailored to certain businesses' specific needs that integrated seamlessly with accounting software. They developed a solution that includes point of sale software, hardware, and support to help customers make the most of the POS systems.

While they can cater to various sizes of enterprises, their focus seems to be on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that may not have the resources for complex enterprise-level POS systems. Regarding security, the company is PA-DSS and EMV-compliant, ensuring your customers’ credit card information is never captured or stored in the system.

AccuPOS System Features & Services

The provider offers several features to improve business efficiency, especially in sales. Here is an in-depth look at AccuPOS's key characteristics:

  • POS hardware: AccuPOS offers hardware bundled with their software, making them a convenient one-stop shop for businesses looking for a complete POS system. These devices include handheld options and screens. You can also get the software if you already have compatible hardware
  • Payment processing: The company’s system allows for efficient and safe payments via various methods, such as credit/debit cards, gift cards, and cash. They aim to simplify the process by keeping the user interface friendly and making transactions fast and efficient. Other payment-related features, such as discounts, split payments, and promotions, enhance their operations
  • Product inventory management: The software has a functionality called AccuCOUNT Inventory Management that allows you to scan deliveries, update the product counts, and manage the inventory for convenience.

In terms of organization, the software allows you to categorize and track your items in various categories like sizes, colors, product names, and more. This ensures accurate stock levels, reduces the odds of running out of essential items, and minimizes waste

  • Employee management: The AccuSHIFT Timekeeping add-on helps track employee shifts, manage schedules, record over time, and view staff reports
  • Analytics and reporting: If analytics and reports help to fuel your business decisions, this software allows you to get real-time custom reports for all your stores in the cloud. So you can adjust sales programs and inventory levels anywhere without visiting the store. The reports give insights into various aspects of the business, including client behavior patterns, sales performance, stock levels, popular items, peak hours, and more
  • Multi-store capabilities: With the Headquarters functionality, you can keep up with your shops at different locations or a franchise from one connected setup. This allows you to gather data and get reports from every store quickly
  • Gift card and loyalty programs: AccPOS allows you to attract and retain recurring customers with special offers and loyalty point programs to keep them returning. You can also create and customize gift cards with your own branding features
  • Access on any device: The POS runs on almost all Android and Windows devices. There’s also the option of cloud access, making it easier to manage from different devices. But Apple devices aren’t supported
  • Mobile POS: They offer Android POS software compatible with tablet and smartphone devices, allowing businesses to move around and serve customers anywhere on the premises. You can even lock your tablet or phone in “kiosk mode," which disables all other features unrelated to the POS service's functionality. This is also helpful in keeping customer data safe. Unfortunately, the mobile POS system isn’t available for iOS devices
  • Accounting integration: This is the company’s key selling point. The software is compatible with popular accounting software, particularly QuickBooks and Sage, which makes keeping tabs on a business’s finances seamless. It also reduces the chances of error and eliminates manual data entry
  • Electronic receipts: With this POS system, you can email receipts to customers, enabling you to create a customer database. As a result, it’s easy to retrieve receipts and market appropriately for repeat customers
  • Customization: The POS system offers customization options where you can add your branding, receipts, and emails with your logo to the interface
  • Third-party integrations: Besides the accounting program integrations, the system is compatible with other third-party ERP software packages and hardware, improving the overall functionality. The AccuPOS system is often compatible with the popular devices typically used in retail and food and beverage sectors, such as cash drawers, barcode scanners, mobile card readers, and receipt printers

Pricing & Plans

Like most POS companies, AccuPOS point of sale doesn’t provide fully transparent and detailed pricing options to help customers decide quickly if the solution will fit their budget and what the package entails. Instead, they state that the software pricing starts at $74 per month and $35 per additional station. This price is a monthly subscription fee that allows you to access the software and predetermined features. The problem is that you might not be fully aware of what features and within what limitations the amount will offer you.

As such, it’s crucial to communicate well with their sales team to confirm what features you’re paying for before subscribing. The company states that they don't charge cancellation fees and don’t have contracts for both hardware and software but require a support service contract commitment for 12 months for new clients. However, you can request a customized quote by filling out their online form or contacting them before committing.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Every POS company has advantages and shortcomings, and AccuPOS is no exception. Let us explore the good and the bad to help you decide if the solution will be worth the hassle for your business.


  • General pricing idea: While they don’t provide detailed pricing plans explaining what value the amount will offer you in terms of features and limitations, they mention the starting price of $74 per month, which can help you assess if the most basic option fits your budget
  • Mobile POS availability: AccuPOS offers a mobile POS that allows you to take orders from wherever customers are. You can also manage and run the business from an entirely different location
  • Interactive demo: The company offers an interactive demo that allows you to see what the software looks and feels like
  • User-friendly interface: The system’s user interface is generally intuitive, making performing tasks like payment processing and generating reports more streamlined
  • 24/7 customer support: The company claims to offer 24/7 support, meaning you will always get help when you need it the most
  • Integrations with third-party hardware and software: The compatibility with systems and hardware from other providers improves the overall functionality of the POS. For instance, the ability to import sales data into an accounting program automatically bridges the sales and finance departments and makes the work easier


  • No free trial: While the company offers a free interactive demo, you can’t compare that to a full free trial where you test the software on your business
  • Phone service-only support: The service technicians are available primarily via phone, making it difficult to find other contact options if there is a delay in response times
  • No support for Apple devices: The software is accessible only through Windows and Android devices, leaving out Apple users
  • Lack of full pricing transparency: The company gives an idea of how much you should expect to pay when using the software but doesn’t offer details of what that entails. As a result, you must request a quote to get a personalized pricing plan for your business

What Do User Reviews Say About Them?

AccuPOS received varying scores and ratings from popular customer review sites. The company is not BBB-accredited but has a BBB rating of C. G2 has given them the highest rating so far, 4.3 out of 5. Lastly, Trustpilot gives them a 2.2 out of 5.

Positive feedback

Most customers indicated that they selected the POS for their interesting concept of integration with accounting software and were satisfied that the QBO and Sage worked well with the system as they expected. Most past and current users also clearly indicate that tech support is personable, patient, friendly, and sincerely tries to address the problems presented.

Others also praise the integration experts who help with Quickbooks and Sage issues when they arise. Customers love security, affordability for small and medium-sized businesses, user design, good functionality, simple navigation, time-saving inventory tracking, touch-screen selling options for products that are not barcoded, and ease of learning.

Critical feedback

While most customers praise the amazing tech support team, some also noted that they never managed to fix the issues. Others find the overall look of the system outdated and challenging to set up initially without technical knowledge. They claim the company doesn’t offer manuals, so they must pay for tech support.

Another common complaint for this POS company is that there are often lengthy wait times for phone support, which can take up to two hours before they get hold of a staff member. Other problems that customers highlight include issues sending sales reports or loading inventory in multi-store set-up, less-efficient signature capture, poor follow-ups on problems with the program, software incompatibility with specific versions of Sage50, and a lack of certain functionalities they thought would be part of the POS system version they paid for. Some non-users also complained of unsolicited promotional emails from the company.

The company support team took a proactive approach to addressing most of the complaints. They thanked the customers for providing the reviews on several sites, apologized for the inconvenience, and promised to offer solutions. The non-users complaining of unwanted emails were removed from the mailing lists. For the rest, they promised to have someone from the support team reach out to resolve any outstanding issues.

Customer Services

AccuPOS customer support is available 24/7 via phone 1-800-906-5010. The response times might not be the best, but the staff is helpful and friendly. The number is usable for all inquiries and technical support issues. You can check out their social networks, such as LinkedIn, to learn more about them.

Wrapping Up

The AccuPOS system is designed to simplify the sales process and ensure the day’s sales are automatically imported into your accounting software (whether that’s Sage or Quickbooks), inventory is adjusted, and customer details are updated. The system works well with most accounting systems and software, helping users maintain their business finances without additional data entry into different software.

Friendly customer support wins the day for most users, although wait sessions can be longer than expected. A mobile POS system is also beneficial and practical for most retail and food businesses, as it helps serve customers anywhere within the facility without going back and forth. Accessing and managing multiple stores from a distant location is particularly helpful for franchises or businesses with multiple outlets.

However, customers find the technical support wait durations lengthy, while others complain about difficulties with initial setup, pending or unresolved issues, and less efficient signature capture. Due to a lack of proper initial guidance and clarity, some users also ended up with software versions incompatible with their accounting software or lacking certain functionalities they thought would be part of it, necessitating an upgrade. It’s, therefore, crucial for new customers to seek proper guidance from the sales team and ask the right questions to avoid frustration.

Ultimately, the best POS system for your retail or food business will depend on personal preferences and enterprise vision. If you would like to review more POS system reviews to ensure you get the right pick, visit our reviews page, then head over to our comparison tool to test your favorites against each other. Our blog page is also full of resourceful guides that can help you make the most of your POS system and your business overall.

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