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AccuPOS Review: Seamless Accounting Integration

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AccuPOS Review: Seamless Accounting Integration

AccuPOS is a great restaurant and retail point-of-sale system that builds a bridge between your POS and accounting software. Its crown jewel is its seamless integrations with accounting software, which gives you a close eye on your finances.


Easy to use
Free demo
Accounting software integration
Multi-business support


No support for Apple hardware
Not accredited by the BBB

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small and large businesses
Customer Experience
Support center, faqs, and knowledge base

AccuPOS is an all-inclusive POS system that provides several business types, the best POS systems, and solutions. Its best features lie in its integration with accounting software, which it claims to be the first point-of-sale system to implement.

AccuPOS has award-winning Windows and Android POS systems that offer a wide range of hardware and advanced software features. Its POS software is known to be affordable, accessible, fit almost any device, and last but not least, enterprise-level security to encrypt sensitive data.

AccuPOS Supported Businesses

  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants & Food Service
  • Bars
  • Small Businesses
  • Grocery Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Thrift Stores
  • Apparel & Clothing Stores
  • Dispensaries
  • Counter Service
  • Clubs & Member Organizations

AccuPOS Features


AccuPOS is compatible with most business types and stores; it offers advanced features and hardware that keep running 100%. No matter what devices you run with, AccuPOS promises its dedicated POS systems will run with you.


AccuPOS offers a state-of-the-art Android POS system with wireless hardware, which gives you the ability to move around your store or restaurant and take orders on the fly. In addition, you can have access to your point-of-sale system from anywhere without having to be on-site physically.


Your business’s efficiency will improve drastically as automated processes will save you time, whether it is in doing calculations, conveying orders to the kitchen, or doing the payroll. Human error is also less likely to occur with automated calculations.


With AccuPOS, you get to add your business’s branding to your point-of-sale system, which includes the system’s interface, receipts, and emails.

Real-time reports

AccuPOS allows you to create standard and customized reports about your business’s data, so you can get all the insight you need about any corner of your business.

Loyalty programs

You can perk up your recurring customers with special offers and loyalty point programs, so they keep coming back for more and bringing more along the way. AccuPOS also allows you to customize gift cards with your own design or from pre-built templates. Moreover, reloadable gift cards provide you with better control over your sales and can save you money on reorders.

Multi-store management

Even if you have several locations for your stores or restaurants, AccuPOS will let you keep tabs on all of them from one place. Not only that, but you can also access your point-of-sale system from your mobile from the comfort of your couch.

Additional features

Additional features also include employee management, menu/table management, and retail management, each customized to your point-of-sale system’s needs.

Accounting Integrations

AccuPOS accounting software integration is the icing on the cake. It is compatible with full integration with the best accounting software that builds a bridge between your point-of-sale system and the finance department. In addition, accounting integration can give you detailed line item reports on every sale with the ability to easily export any sales data.

AccuPOS is compatible with the following software:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Sage 50 US
  • Sage 50 CA
  • Sage 100 ERP/MAS
  • Sage BusinessWorks Accounting

Accounting integration allows you to create your inventory catalog in your accounting software and seamlessly synchronize your customer list with your point-of-sale system. As it does so, the accounting software will automatically report what was sold, and to which customer, and for how much. It will also automatically adjust your inventory as sales are made, in addition to auto-generating reports for your dashboard.

Sage and QuickBooks’s integrations are an award-winning service and are highly praised by customers for their friendly interface and robust features.


AccuPOS offers a variety of resources to help you around their point-of-sale systems and accounting software integrations. Their knowledge base includes user manuals for their systems, general information regarding the initial setup, and release notes for every new version of their software.


AccuPOS offers its advanced POS software and systems starting at $99 per month with an additional $35 for an extra station. You can get a customized quote by filling out their online form or by giving them a call.

You can also try their point-of-sale software for free by requesting a demo, and then you can decide if AccuPOS is the right POS for your business.

Customer Support

Customer support is available for contact 24/7 for technical support or general inquiries. You can phone their team at 1-888-265-4767 or submit a ticket through the helpdesk on their website.

In some cases, an AccuPOS support member may provide you with a RescueAssist ID key, which you can use to join a remote support session with one of their experts.

Last Thoughts

AccuPOS is one of the top-rated point-of-sale systems that offer seamless and full integration with accounting software, and it brands itself as the first POS system to do so. In addition, AccuPOS provides a variety of great features suitable for every point-of-sale system for all business kinds.

AccuPOS is easy to install and use and promises an increase in sales and revenue as it saves you time and effort doing the manual work.

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