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Best Water Park POS Systems

Best Water Park POS SystemsBest Water Park POS Systems

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About Water Park POS Systems

Water parks are huge entertainment businesses that require more than just a basic ticketing system. Water parks often have small restaurants, snack bars, gifts, and retail shops that operate in them, and having a different point-of-sale for each one not only requires a lot of work but can also be very costly; which is why you need one inclusive point-of-sale system that covers it all.

A great water park point-of-sale system should have some features that flow together, like the water park's fun slides. Some of these features include durable wristbands and cards, various ticketing options, gate and turnstile connection, a multiple sales channel, comprehensive inventory management, and more!

For example, your water park point-of-sale system should allow you to manage your entire inventory from all sales channels from one central location, and of course, be cloud-based, so your data is always synced and backed up online. You should also be able to receive real-time updates and remote access to your inventory and sales data without being on-site for it every time.

Water parks should also allow their customers to book and print their tickets online. Durable and scan-able wristbands and cards are also a vital component of your water park is a ticketing system, as they should be water-resistant and not so easily damaged.

Most importantly, a water park point-of-sale system should have special pricing categories, memberships, and group rates. In addition, many payment options should also be available for customers to pay with, such as PayPal, credit cards, cash, and digital wallets.

We have rounded up the best water park POS systems for you, so you need only pick the one that suits you best.

Best Water Park POS Systems


KORONA POS is one of the industry's best cloud-based ticketing systems and our top choice for best water park POS systems. Korona POS offers the most extensive features for water parks, including all that we previously mentioned and then some.

Such features include several ticketing options such as time-sensitive ticketing, promotional and discount ticketing, school and group rates, and quick and durable ticket printing. Moreover, you also get to customize access roles and levels for your staff's subaccounts to only access the parts of the point-of-sale system they have business with.

Korona POS allows you to manage all your water park inventory and sales data from one place, as well as all the insightful reports and analytics it provides you with. Moreover, Korona POS offers sophisticated customer relationship management tools and loyalty programs to build a great relationship with your customers and keep them satisfied.

Korona POS pricing starts at $49/month for its Core plan and $79/month for its Plus plan that comes with added benefits.

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2. Aluvii POS

Aluvii is our second choice for the best water park POS systems. Aluvii's software is feature-rich and packs all the capabilities you need to run the world's best water park. For example, its point-of-sale system has built-in HR and employee management tools. It also supports retail shops, snack bars, and restaurants found inside water parks, so you won't need a separate POS system for each.

Aluvii's ticketing system provides you with thermal and electronic tickets that you can scan for validation upon entry. In addition, you can also validate online purchases and print tickets at will-call. In addition, tickets can also be customized with variable expiration dates and day and time restrictions.

Moreover, turnstiles are also provided by Aluvii for enhanced security and professionalism, and so are self-service kiosks where customers can use to buy their tickets or purchase items or buy foods and drinks.

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3. Roller POS


Roller POS is our third pick for the best water park POS systems. Its point-of-sale system is modern and user-friendly and designed to provide your customers with an unforgettable experience. It allows you to sell all you need from foods, drinks, and merchandise all from one place.

Roller POS has an integrated inventory and table management, so you can keep an eye out on all your products and ingredients while serving them with ease to your customers in a timely manner.

Rollers allow you to manage online bookings and walk-ins to your water park with simplicity while also giving you the option to offer discounts on tickets and offer bundled items. In addition, its ticketing and guest management system keeps you in control of your capacity and allows you to customize ticket passes.

Another feature highlight from Roller is its guest experience insights, where your customers fill out surveys to rate their experiences and give your feedback on your water park's facilities so you can improve any area with inconveniences or increase staff on long queue days.

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